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[OFFICIAL] Shin Hae Sun ❤️ Kim Myung Soo (#SooSunCouple or #DanYeon)


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MS IG post:

So happy to spend wonderful time in Taipei.

See you all again the next time.

Xiao zhu zhu!!  (signing off with his nickname in Chinese "Little Pig Pig" His chinese name "Soo" has the same pronunciation as pig in mandarin).


PS: Saw in one YT videos that he wanted to take off the halo hairband for this group photo but his fans objected to it. So in the end, he put it back on.


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One of the missions was to do an impromptu CF using one of the props (i.e. magic stick, handkerchief, mineral water, halo hairband).

His fans asked him to use mineral water.

Before he start to drink, he said "There is a very pure and clean water in this world"....and end with "Myung Soo".

And here is his impromptu CF.



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-outfit on drama usually prepare from wardrobe staff in the drama team. nothing special about it. :blush:


-his headband just annoying me. i dont know why. :D


-his have a lot of fans in taiwan. so next fan meeting in which country?


-he look skinny. but i love it


p/s: i also have one black polkadot shirt like him :lol:

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