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  1. Hello guys! Please vote on this poll! I managed to nominate our couple in all certain nominations here, but only one was counted. And it was for Couple of the Year! Just scroll down and you can see the poll, click their names and click vote. I think it's unli-voting so you can just click "return to the poll" and you can vote again! The voting will end on Dec.25, let's create a solid lead! https://koreanupdates.com/kua2019/
  2. I'm dropping this real quick, but please if you have time vote for our #DanYeon Couple in the link below! I believe you can still vote without making an account (refresh page after voting, 10x vote per day), however it's better to make one for voting MS and YS separately in different polls on the site. Idk how legit it is, well there's no harm in proving they are the BEST KDRAMA COUPLE right? Please scroll down until their icon shows. They're against HPL and TYH CP. (actually also my other otp's haha but not rly rn) https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=569 The current legit poll I know is Soompi Awards and Korean Updates. I mean KBS should give them an award HAHAHA
  3. Hi! On the other thread, it was suggested to trend a hashtag for them. It's a nice idea and if we want to have high percentage of trending it at least Worldwide/SK Trends, the hashtag/tag must be decided as early as possible. And then spread it on twitter (but refrain from using it until the last ep) and also youtube! There are a lot of international fans that are commenting on youtube. We must target them. Regarding to our OTP, I just want to say that their kissing scenes were so raw and natural for me. (AND HOT TOO) i'm hoping that they can attend KBS Drama Awards in December since L will be enlisted next year!
  4. THIS IS SO FUNNNNNNY the second part though, is he going to tap HS knee? Him being comfortable at this level is screaming something to me HAHAHHA Come to think of it, perhaps INFINITE members are laughing at MS situation with HS. This woman is a certified INSPIRIT! They're so whipped with each other, their body isn't syncing with their minds hihii Is someone subbing the full radio guesting of them? May I also know the link of the chinese interview? Thank youuuu
  5. Thank youuuuuuuu! I hope we can tell them that there are international fans who are willing to support it We must have a lot of demand survey to fill! It's easier since we have awesome translators! Wait, does DOTS have subs on their commentary or is it fansubbed? Another thing, we need FANFICS and AU's for these two!
  6. @jakey09 Thank you! So here's the link for the cafe : http://cafe.daum.net/danonelovedvdblueray/ And the new post from the maker of the cafe: http://cafe.daum.net/danonelovedvdblueray/ojUp/2 @meechuttso @immorethant There's a new update, I think it will start next week? I can understand some words and it lead me to that conclusion. Hope the both of can help us! Only 3 members signed up to the cafe as of now. To access the cafe, we must log in to daum and join the fancafe afterwards. Hmmm, maybe that person have a insider LOL But those shippers, they're really persistent. Lucky them HAHA
  7. Maybe they're still contacting the prod team that's why the demand survey is not yet available. Of course it is! There's only 8 eps left *coughs* so we must double our efforts!
  8. I also read this thread but I reckon it's not them hihihihi But that clue hmmmmm, is it @TheAnonymous who first replied on the top of this reply?
  9. The survey form for HPL was released days after ep 8. So I was assuming it's the same with ALML but I forgot this is KBS HAHAHA It's better if they will give us the survey before the drama ends. The production team deletes the footages if there is no demand survey.
  10. Regarding with the dvd/bluray, there is a daum fancafe for that. But there is no form up until now. I guess, the production team for ALML still has no response on this. There is post on the cafe, but I can't understand korean huhuhuhu. But I did sign up to be a member there. My last successful filing on the form for the dvd was to the drama HPL. And the recent update is that the production team still hasn't decided to push it. However, I hope we can have enough orders/forms to fill. If we want them to do commentary we should do all that we can.
  11. Thank you! I'm actually stalking you on twt LOL hahahah With all of the things that is happening to this cp, it's impossible not to ship them! My take on this is that if it was a weekend drama, I can say the possibility is high for them to date. Remember LJ and JSM? Even the guy went to military they still continue their relationship. Idk what's the recent news for them but, I can use this as a comparison for SooSun. I'm actually debating that they might actually seen each other when they were young since they're in the same neighborhood. That thing alone is the key for yah know.......
  12. Uhmm, hi? I am one of those silent readers on the another forum. Truthfully, I can't express more of my sentiments since the people there are so articulate I just agree everytime in my head *insert MS eung eung clip*. It is now my 3rd to ship a kdrama cp this year. YIN & LDW, PMY & KJW and lastly our SooSun CP! I am reluctant to jump into this ship. Didn't have successful ships that has sailed aside from SongSong CP but I was not rly fond of shipping them. I just let it go HAHAHHA Probably all of us know our limitations and we will respect their decisions I guess I will be present more often here. Happy shipping!
  13. I learned it from TYH fans. But i don't know if i can share the process here since it's their tutorial. Anyways copyright from @tyhbluray on twitter. https://twitter.com/tyhbluray/status/1102094093134442496?s=20 I do hope this works. Daum didn't send any code for phone verification though.
  14. It is prohibited to say the exact number. I know the people who has signed up to demand survey can see it. No sharing of the number publicly. YES! That's the main reason hihihi. And if the main cast has time, they can do documentary too!
  15. Did you guys sign up for the HPL Demand Survey for Director's cut (DVD/Bluray)? As far as I know the goal is to have 1500 demand quantities to push the production to print it. I do think all of you know what it means so please share it too! Anyways i did cry on the confession scene. I hate that it remind me of something (personal life HAHAHAH). Looking forward for the BTS since the angles on the kissing scene was 3? So they obviously have a lot of takes to make it. Hmmmmmm
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