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[OFFICIAL] Shin Hae Sun ❤️ Kim Myung Soo (#SooSunCouple or #DanYeon)


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MS said he he has shown someof his character in Dan's character.

MC asked him to show an angel expression or say a liner.

He asked how to show it.

MC said  “I am your angel. You’re my angel too.” And he was so embarrassed.

He said he will try his best in future to be their angel :kiss_wink:



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The translator was explaining why MS choose the ost STAY as his opening song.

MS welcome his fans attending the FM today.

MC said he is good at being MC.

MS said they should do a fighting cheer together.

MC suggested why not he be the MC and she sing instead and she sang "You are my angel, You are my angel"

Then she asked MS if she is more suitable to be the MC instead.



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The first mission was to mimic a cat's "Meow".

MC asked if he is ok to dance and do aegyo according to the song.

MS said "No problem".

He asked for the song to be replayed as he was not familiar with it the first time.

He was so shy doing the dance and Meow.

He said he tried his best already and it was very tiring as he had to sing and dance at the same time.





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Keep the updates coming! 

I want to know his comments when the BTS were shown during the fan meet..

Thank you! 

Actually i have watched many K-dramas and yes, ALML has the most kissing scenes!

Maybe the director realized that so that's why they just shared a sweet but tight hug in the last scene when dan became human...

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