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  1. 190811 Coke Summer Event Sharing with everyone my video and picture
  2. @gumtaek sorry I didn't go for any of his fansigns before but I have done 5 hi touch with uri Bogummy and passed him my letters personally on 3 occasions and each encounter with Bogummy makes me feel that he's really good to fans. What I wanted to highlight was when I passed him my letter at the airport, he was really very careful not to drop any letters from fans and he would handle all letters with care. There was one instance at Taipei airport where it was so messy, I was worried he will drop my letter after I passed it to him from the back but when I watched fancam, I saw him grab the letter tightly and I was so touched. So anyone that tried to make a profit from Bogummy please think twice. I seriously condemn such behaviour. He always give away things that are precious to him and also he knows that probably it's good if everyone gets to go home with a signed item so he did it. Can u imagine him signing 1620 times? Even in other countries fan meet, he gives such generously. With such sincerity, how could some people really do such things make me bewildered.
  3. Yes why did the camera block our handsome clone face. I'm just speculating something but may not be true. I noticed a line on Bo Gum right nose bridge during the 8th anniversary talk event. Not sure if he cut himself while filming. Because I've never seen a line on his nose bridge before.
  4. Again and again this behavior has to stop. At first the cafe put up a notice saying not to go to his filming sites, yet now Bo Gum has to come up to explain to fans personally. If they are really his fans, they should understand that this behavior makes it very uncomfortable and inconvenient for him and the crew. @gumtaekis Encounter aired at 10pm on weekday nights? The ratings look really good! Translation on letter size for Bogummy.
  5. Yes it was taken at Sofitel in Manila. It was after the press conference. I heard from my friends who saw him there. It was really hot but he put on a suit. Means he had planned to do this anniversary celebration very early.
  6. @gumtaek too bad I was sitting at the sides but I saw 2 friends in row 1. I love it when they showed the fans expressions when bogum was singing. New video by D'Amant.
  7. Yes it was a closed door event so naturally the guards are more strict than usual. But I took many videos of Bo Gum which I've posted on my You Tube during the Coke Event. Thank you my friend. I'm really blessed to see Bo Gum for 2 consecutive days and to really experience his warmth and kindness. Let me try to find time to pen down my thoughts about the 2 days properly.
  8. The concert in busan is bts 5th muster in June and only for bts fanclub fans. Yes the guards asked people to leave when they caught them taking videos or pictures. I was seated at the side, the guards were beside me. I didn't want to risk being asked to leave as I flew all the way to Korea.
  9. @gumtaeki was really so touched when I knew everyone would get one item. It was so unexpected for me. Bo Gum really treasures his fans a lot. Even the hi touch was a surprise. Balloon in the sky video. Look at how childlike he is.
  10. Caught Bogummy here after the talk event. Bo Gum did not only sign the postcards, he signed 810 items such as poster, mouse pad, coke bottles, shirts for all attendees. He really made me feel like crying. How could people capitalize on making a profit. I'm really mad too. The talk event was really strict, we were not allowed to video or photo. Those that photographed were sitting in the centre where the guards had lesser control. The girls in front of me got their cameras smacked by the staff. Everything is in Korean so I could only understand keywords. I just landed, will update more. Sorry ladies I'm having very bad BG withdrawal symptoms now.
  11. Sharing with everyone my videos of Bogummy at Coke event.
  12. Sorry ladies the connection to enter Soompi is really bad in Korea plus I was at Pentaport which is another update. I'll update when I leave Korea. Leaving 2 videos from Pentaport. Bo Gum special performance full version.
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