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  1. @chi13lou calling for new chant for ML to be on Netflix! We can quote any other dramas except ML... as though ML needs to be forgotten. I love SoSoo and JoonU because JG looks so happy recently and JE is glowing. Let's look forward to 6 May!
  2. Wow simply love his latest ig post. Is our wish coming true? The future is unknown, who knows Hae Soo may cameo as a make up artist in foe?
  3. What to do when we are flooded with so much love and ice cream...will we grow fatter? We need more chants.
  4. Yes I have watched it live but without subs. I'm gonna watch the subbed version of Ep 12 tonight. What a bittersweet ending... with all the characters achieving their own small happiness. Be it Jae Seon, Sol Ah, Doo Shik and Ji Eun… they have grown in their own ways. And of course Hong Jo helped all of them in his own way given his limited time. Myungsoo's message to viewers is for viewers to love their pets and of course have a pure heart. I really love this drama!
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