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  1. I am happy with something he never tried before.. just a new fresh role please. Our wishes come true if he does a drama indeed. But I really want to see him with Suzy. Ah I'm greedy right.
  2. I met Leaudhiver at the coca cola event. She is pretty in real life. I saw lots of them at the coca cola event. But the reality of taking beautiful pictures is a lot of hardwork and running and chasing. Just the huge lenses alone is my arm length. How did you recognise Beauty Bai? I love her pics and her angles. The dslr allows them to take pictures in poor lighting. But amazing is how did they take the pics during the event. A lot of them appeared because it's probably first time he appear for event for a long time. I need another Asia tour again!
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt his screen time was little. Was it the same in previous years? I was watching the live stream on and off and glad I caught Bogummy at the ending. It was a good speech. It has been so long since I've seen Bogummy... Feels good to hear his voice again. I need another Asia Tour again.
  4. https://twitter.com/BOGUMMY/status/1202123588381233154?s=09 Tweet by our dear Bogummy. Don't know why it didn't show. Thanks all for enlightening me on the pin. To think that Bo Gum had been silently doing this makes me go weak. Really. Words can't describe.
  5. Could you please enlighten me on this badge thing? After reading what you wrote above, I think it must have been a hard decision indeed. If he said no and then agreed, he must have thought through a lot. I am confident that his Japan fans and BTS fans will be there for him. And I'm really happy he gets to hangout with V again.
  6. He looked into the Fan's camera! I was waiting for his airport pictures and they are all here. I am just wondering if he accepted it because of his friendship with V. Sorry I'm being shallow but I was secretly happy.
  7. Wow I saw this on my ig and wondered what event is it. Thanks ladies for updating this thread! He's not so good with the chaptek.
  8. His updates in the cafe are not supposed to be copied out actually. In the past, the early joiner do not need any Korean line to join the cafe. So we just signed up and joined. Bogummy just posted.
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