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  1. Yes, in one of his interviews he say that he likes to visit NY & SOHO district is ones of the thing on his bucket list.. hope some lucky fans live in NY run into him.. be so cool.
  2. I just finished watching " Josee" Japanese version on Dramacools. Its very different vibes for me... is not my cup of tea.. but I understand as an actress always a challenge to play different roles. Best wishes for her new project.
  3. Why it is a secret ? don't they wants media to know so the movie can be successful ?..
  4. on IG fans account I saw photos of HJM with ( girl friend )or fan..maybe.. wearing green shirt ... then the same friend with green shirt also taken photo with JHI the back ground is the same place...in both photos.
  5. Yes..that why I love OSN because even with their kiss & bed scenes are very tastefully done.. you can watch it with your family and not having to cover your kid eyes haha. I also agreed with everyone that JHI's taking very good care of HJM ..he have lot of respect for her, when they play Jenga seems like they have so much in commons with how they perceive their value in life style... Soul Mate... Wishful thinking..
  6. Yes.. I am also getting tired of see so many of their photo shoots its over kill...and is looks likes they pose to be sexy.. but they just looks like sibling in most of them..even JHI say it in ones of his interview that his parent say it too..haha.
  7. Yes ... I agreed with you on the poster of the female lead.(.wasn't very attractive and I still think that way + now she seems arrogant.. sorry that is my opinion only ) I love JHI works especially with HJM.. love...them. And you right again its all about promotions ... went back and look at all the old work promotions... Its a Show Biz..
  8. OMG.. I hope its ok for me to post this... because you say" that he will say same thing on his next project." Have anyone in our group see " A Muse " the movie that KGE in it 2012..and won lot of awards for it.? (if that in the US I think is it consider a soft child porn..) Holy Molly... and it directed by the same person, Korean a lot more morden than I though... wow talking about 18 +++ rating there. I just wonder if JHI ever watches some his leading ladies works ..at all. Sorry I can't watch any of her promotion with JHI ...because I could get pass the images of her in that movie. I am too old fashion.
  9. Its made me very sad ...what he said about OSN.. I love OSN, I love the chemistry between him and HJM, its on my permanent rewatch list ...but now every time I wants to watch it again I will think how much hard time that JHIssi go though ...it take out all the joy that I have for that drama. I wish that he didn't shares that second time around in his interview.. on the same subject.. Especially when he is promoting his new movie.
  10. Agree, its getting quiet ... MBC is not doing good job of promoting this Drama..and only 3 weeks away.. there is so much competition out there.
  11. The last award that they attended ... she hugged him and he responded... I think most of fans can feel the love...or special bond between them... They seems very honest with their fans. I always fear that timing is not right for them. I wish them the best of luck in love and career.
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