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  1. Soooo this is a gift back for fanmeeting,isnt it? Wowww can you remember this scene? KH asked SE about her bf and thats so cuteeeeeee. Who can translate korean on that gift for us please.
  2. I just read cancelling of pre survey DVD director cut Dear Judge, the company doesnt intend to do that. So calm down and wait for cheer up next project of YSY and LYY. I do believe that the gravity will lead someone to be together, let us wait and see!
  3. Wowwwww i love it, thank you for sharing. I think she is busy for shooting Diva so she cannot join any programe about DJ wrap up party and movie activities /Wonderful ghost. And now Shin min ah goes to Paris and LYY can join movie activity. Maybe she has a free time for these days She is so cutieeee, hope she will have a brightly smile everyday from now.
  4. @rachelyun Thxxx so much for update news; maybe The wonderful ghost LYY is not the lead. I will wait for Diva, synopsis is interesting so much. Maybe next year i miss her already!
  5. I just finished last ep with subtitle. Full of tears!!! beautiful storyline, the writer made the reason to make sense and clear. Im glad that they added the story about her sister SoEun and family to remind SoEun to understand KangHo, his liar has happened coz just wanna be with SoEun only. And the ending is so impressive, just walk beside together, holding hand. Thats enough and romantic for me.
  6. LYY is strong woman, she will work hard to leave everything that make her suffer. Thank you her to join with YSY in DJ and did their job well. Gravity couple will be always in my mind.
  7. Im already miss this couple, and i would like to see subtitle about bts! They talked together all the times!!! haha
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