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Lee Yoo Young ♥ Yoon Shi Yoon [Onion couple ♥ Gravity couple]


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2 hours ago, vvan23 said:

@nrllee, thanks, your post help me understand better.. :)

hope they keep in touch after DJ and we can see them together again.

I think members of 2d1n see LYY differently compare to his previous co star.. 


Don't thank me. Thank @blackberrypie - she

translated it all. I'm just her messenger from the underground  :lol:


Wrap up party pics are appearing 


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5 hours ago, allythefangirl said:

^:( Is she still recovering from the injury she got while filming?


I hope 2D1N will do the girlfriend special again and hope YSY will bring LYY. Although it seems far fetched. But I would love to see them interact in a variety show.


Don't know.  She could be filming Diva still.  She works way too hard...:mellow:


Not sure she will do any variety show.  She's been asked in an interview once about going on a variety show and she said she is too shy/intimidated...she feels like she can't think on her feet quick enough to say things (interesting things) on air so chances are she won't be in a variety any time soon.  She strikes me as the shy introverted type.  I think that's why YSY went out of his way to be nice to her because she is genuinely naive and nice and an easy target for bullying (even she acknowledged that in the same interview, that she just gets caught out all the time and is the brunt of jokes constantly).  He knew that so he curbed his sarcasm and teasing to a minimum.

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I think it's quite difficult for her to be in a variety show, she's a strong woman, but I think variety shows might  bring painful memories, do you know she was filming Running man the day the tragedy happened, poor LYY my heart always aches for her :tears:

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My gravity couple! :wub:



I don't get tired to say they are best, I'm so happy they both accepted this drama, I enjoyed a lot!! As a long time YSY fan for me LYY is the best partner he has had, the best chemistry, I think it's because she's the only one that can equal and surpass his acting, she's really talented and made him to become a better actor, his best performance so far! She realliy brings out the best of him! :wub: I love both! I already miss them so much! Hopefully they reunite soon :relaxed:

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I just finished last ep with subtitle. Full of tears!!! beautiful storyline, the writer made the reason to make sense and clear. Im glad that they added the story about her sister SoEun  and family to remind SoEun to understand KangHo, his liar has happened coz just wanna be with SoEun only. And the ending is so impressive, just walk beside together, holding hand. Thats enough and romantic for me. 

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LYY's post drama thoughts 




And final BTS




I love how Knetizens are loving her acting and her portrayal of SE's character"





I have translated that article 


Actor Lee Yoo-young (29) who recently finished the drama "Dear Judge" (SBS) expressed her heartfelt feelings after.


"Thanks to the many viewers who loved and supported the drama "Dear Judge," LYY said on Sunday, "I was able to do my best and act well thanks to the response."


"There were some difficulties in acting and portraying my character, but I always felt great after every scene," she said.


LYY said, "In my mind, I wanted to play an everyday weak young girl who was innocent, but with strength of conviction and passionately fights against the world of injustice presented to her.  There was also scope for melodrama and I pushed myself to explore those in detail as well."


In "Dear Judge," which ended 20 Sept and was consistently number 1 in its time slot as it aired, LYY  played the role of Song So-Eun. After reuniting with her lost sister, SE regained her happiness, at the same time learning the whole truth of the Han KangHo (Yoon Si-yoon) which signaled a fresh start with him.


In "Dear Judge," which claims to be a court melodramatic genre, LYY’s presence shone. Based on her excellent ability to interpret the characters she plays, LYY was outstanding in portraying her character's growth through the drama. In addition, she was able to express her affection for Oh Sang-chul despite having to refuse his advances.  And also with her older sister, Ji-Yeon, adding depth with a multi-faceted performance.


LYY, who is rarely in the home theater kDrama scene, continues her screen performance in the big screen next.  In her upcoming movie "Wonderful Ghost," (Soul Mate) which is scheduled to be released on Sept 26, she plays the character of the lover of Tae-jin (Kim Young-gwang). She is currently filming the movie "Diva," which was set up with Shin Min-ah where she plays the role of a diver.


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@nrllee I heard it was a long padding jacket, for the upcoming winter! :lol:



Like I'm having a LYY thirst lately :wub: I just can't stop thinking about her, I found this interesting interview for the movie ""Remember me" from earlier this year.



I just pasted some parts that caught my attention. Complete interview (https://movie.v.daum.net/v/ouvZf5b6tY)


My acting was terrible (laughs.  Every time I see my acting I feel sorry. It seems to be because of my desire for acting.    


Recently there has been a " Me too movement " and the overall atmosphere in society fits with the mood in the movie, which makes me feel pressured.


I tried to choose a character with a double story by looking at the proposal, but seems I was attracted to this character without knowing it. When such an immoral situation is encountered, responsibility seems to be pouring out.


...I I recently filmed a TV one act drama, with a bright tendency. I realized that "doing works affects emotions"  When I play a tough role, I try to forget the feelings, so I quickly forget <Remember Me>, but the one act drama was so good that it was hard to forget. (II wonder if she would forget SE soon?)


In fact, "Remember Me" is a part of social contribution. I thought that it would be an issue if an actor starred in a work of a public interest theme, and I promised to contribute to society through acting. My next films, Herstory and Bad Police have that significance.


So I had a part time job and I wanted to be independent. In fact, before that, I had a timid personality that I did not like to say a word. I could not even look at the eyes.

It's a 180 degrees  change now. When I saw the pictures of my childhood, I felt like I was really flaky. (laughs) But over time, I had a desire to express my inner face. 


My goal is not to be a sparkling star but to be a long-lasting actress. 





Btw I don't remember SE and KH got manicure together??


Then it was LYY and YSY???:lol:




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No way @rachelyun!!  That's evidence that they have been together outside filming?!  Whoa...be still my shipping heart :wub: :lol:  Now all we have to wait for is official confirmation that they are dating in real life :lol:


Wait and she dated it 19Sept so that's like on Wed... They would've finished filming already... No reason for them to have a manicure together other than purely to meet up... that's even better than photos of them at wrap up party together.  :wub:

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