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Lee Yoo Young ♥ Yoon Shi Yoon [Onion couple ♥ Gravity couple]


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I'm rewatching again the kiss scene, I was thinking the writer is really talented to come with some love unrelated concept like gravity and make into a so chessy and sweet line.



So I was wondering if So Eun's story is true?? is this story?


Astronauts say that combining parenthood with space travel is like being subjected to opposing forces. Looking at Earth from space and knowing that your family is there is a pull stronger than gravity. 



Maybe? who knows! still it's a beautiful line :wub:



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Above all.. i really like their common but yet exciting 'love play in the office'. They really acted it well. Who hasnt 'eyeplay' with their crush in office/school before? Hahaha. So common, so relatable, and so efficient. No need extensive 'skinship' to get you all excited. The 'imagery' is enough.. perfect partnership LYY-YSY!

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14 hours ago, allythefangirl said:

Finally! A thread for my current favorite drama couple! I love how good they look together. I love their kiss scene as YSY seems like a total gentleman. I need to see the bts clips, though! LOL! 


We are all waiting to see the bts! :lol:


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I think the writer and PD have a lot to do with the comfort levels of our OTP.  They allowed the onscreen relationship to progress slowly and organically.  So much so that when they got to the kissing stage, it just felt like a natural progression of a very real relationship.  They could relax into their roles and just run with it.  I love how writer incorporates just normal everyday events (office eye play), dining out at takeaway, karaoke, playground scenes, playing laser tag (?), lunching on park bench...I feel like these are things both LYY and YSY would actually enjoy doing normally (so they wouldn't have to pretend like they are having fun...they actually ARE having fun?).  LYY loves swings...the fact that the build up to that kiss was in a place she felt totally at home in was just genius.  No wonder that scene was just so beautifully done.  Confessions on a swing set, where the rhythmic innocent squeaking of the swing helps to contrast the very serious nature of their confessions.  Sitting on a swing soothes you and lulls you into a 'safe' childhood place of innocence thereby making deep and meaningful conversations easier to conduct.  It will go down as my favourite kissing scenes of all time...the swings, the sweet kiss, the single tear and then that hauntingly beautiful breathy song Home playing in the background.  Perfection :wub:


And I love that they talk all the time.  The key to a great relationship is communication and these 2 do it all the time on screen, discussing cases, talking justice and moral decisions.  They push each other to think differently and to become a better person as a result.  They connect on so many different levels.  I think that's what makes it totally believable.

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