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(Official) ❤️ Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In [PRETTY NOONA WHO BUYS ME FOOD]


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Son Ye-jin
Son Ye-jin 2014 (cropped).png
Son Ye-jin in July 2014
Born Son Yeon-jin
January 11, 1982 (age 36)
Suseong DistrictDaegu, South Korea[1]
Occupation Actress
Years active 1999–present
Agent MSTeam Entertainment


Jung Hae-in
2017년 11월호 Marie Claire Korea 정해인.png
Born April 1, 1988 (age 30)
South Korea
Education Pyeongtaek University
Occupation Actor
Years active 2013–present
Agent FNC Entertainment
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)[1]
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Jung Hae In Says Filming With Son Ye Jin Has Been The Happiest He Has Ever Been During A Drama

“This is the first drama that has made me realize that I can be this happy while filming.”

DAILIAN | Published April 26th, 2018
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Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin have been receiving a lot of love from viewers of Something in the Rain for their special chemistry, and it appears Jung Hae In agrees they have something special!







The drama has reached an incredible amount of popularity thanks to its realistic portrayal of a real-life couple, where Son Ye Jin’s character falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother.



The couple’s petty fights and small expressions of love are something that most viewers can relate to. The chemistry between Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin also played a big part in its success.





Both actors expressed that they were extremely happy while filming the drama and these emotions were most likely reflected in their acting to make the drama feel more realistic.


In particular, Jung Hae In revealed that filming Something in the Rain with Son Ye Jin has been the happiest he has ever been while filming.



“I’m enjoying filming the drama with thanks and happiness each and every day. This is the first drama that has made me realize that I can be this happy while filming. It is also the first time I watched a drama in the perspective of the audience.” ㅡ Jung Hae In. He confessed that it was awkward in the beginning, but they now have incredible chemistry and can even afford to improvise.



“It was a little awkward acting the romantic scenes in the beginning but the awkwardness portrayed the relationship between the noona and dongsaeng very well. Now, we just have a lot of fun filming since Son Ye Jin takes good care of me and makes me feel comfortable. We have really good chemistry so we can even improvise comfortably.” ㅡ Jung Hae In

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin also expressed that she was very happy and thankful to have Jung Hae In as her partner.



“A lot of women have been envious of me. It’s the first time I’ve received this much reaction from viewers. I’m extremely happy that I’ve become the object of envy thanks to Jung Hae In.” ㅡ Son Ye Jin


With both actors only having good things to say about each other, they apparently have been feeling much regret as they draw near the end of their filming.



“This is the first time I felt sad thinking about the end of a drama. I’m having fun filming every single day and it’s truly a blessing as an actress to be able to experience something like this.” ㅡ Son Ye JinAs for the audience, however, viewers can look forward to seeing more of Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin’s beautiful love story as there are still more episodes to come!



Source: koreaboo.com
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11 hours ago, ShmilyPolaris said:

Looooovvvveeeee your posts :heart: thankssssss

I especially love how he holds her hand in press conference... like he did under the table :wub:




And the way JHI locked his hands is so natural as if he is comfortable to have skinship with SYJ. When JHI held her hands, SYJ became shy. She just brushed her hair. Aigooo! These two... :flushed:

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10 Sexy "Something In The Rain" scenes that turn up your jealousy radar



Hoàng Anh Phương, Drama- 16-06-2018 10:00:00

Korean drama "Something In The Rain" is a one of a kind romance.
Instead of leaving viewers hanging until episode 10 for that one special kiss, they delivered highly anticipated love scenes within the first few episodes. By episode 5, the audience is certain Yoon Jin Ah and Seo Joon Hee are madly in love, and we can't help but get a little jealous.

Whether you're single or been in a relationship for years, these Something in the Rain moments are sure to make you covetous of this fictional couple.

1. Transitioning from childhood friends to lovers isn't easy.

They were both unsure of each other's feelings when they reconnected after a few years. However, Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye Jin) made the first move by holding Joon Hee's (Jung Hae In) hand to reassure him of her feelings. She was completely invested in their relationship from day one!


2. What better place to share their first kiss than by the water?


The serene backdrop make for the perfect romantic moment in time.

3. Their sexiest moments happened at Joon Hee's place.

One of the best steamy kisses they shared was at his kitchen counter, even though it was interrupted by his sister's surprising call.


4. In the early stages of their relationship, they wasted no time getting intimate.

As soon as Joon Hee's sister went on a trip, they spent some quality time at his place.




5. Jin Ah went home later that evening.

However, she returned to Joon Hee's place a little later so they could spend the night together. It's obvious they were head over heels for each other.


6. Jin Ah meeting Joon Hee's friends turned out to be one of the best decisions she made.

Not only did Ji Ah form a great bond with them, she and her new beau weren't afraid to flaunt PDA.



7. Snuggling up with your significant other during a break from a business dinner is the best!

Jin An's boyfriend unexpectedly showed up at the same restaurant she was meeting a co-worker, and she gave him the warmest greeting possible.


8. As their relationship became more public, the pair felt somewhat comfortable with PDA.

They started with kissing in a glass elevator.



9. Playing in the rain was the best way for this couple to make up after a brief argument.

Following Jin Ah's awkward blind date and her mom's strong disapproval of their relationship, they needed to wash away their worries.


10. After a shocking break-up and long separation, these two rekindled their romance!

Of course, the rain can take all the credit for bringing them back together.


source: kpopline

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Even though I like JHI after “pretty noona” drama, but I see that a lot of people bashed SYJ for her unlikeable character and even commented that JHI was the one that saved this drama. I feel very unfair for her. JHI’s acting is not bad at all, but SYJ is way better. Her character was more complicated. She led all the scenes, while JHI was just following her. He gained so much popularity as you can see how many fans liked his IG postings compared to SYJ’s. I like them together as much as some do, but I feel she will get a lot of haters too. Some may not like my opinion, but JHI is too busy to date. He still need to establish himself in this entertainment industry. SYJ may not like all the haters for being with JHI and she is ready to settle, the timing is not right for these two. I think the only way they can be together if JHI insists it but he will probably lose many fans. He seems more confident when he is outside of Korea. Locally, he doesn’t look confident at all as you can see he always tries to bow way too many times in front of reporters and fans during VIP movie premiere and fan signing event. I doubt he has enough confidence to date SYJ. Also, some hardcore SYJ’s fans do not like JHI because, theoretically, he is not matched her level. She has established herself and is the frontline of Korean entertainment. She needs someone who she can rely on for their future and JHI doesn’t seem like one right now. Rather, he is taken care by SYJ instead.

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5 hours ago, thi2018 said:

Even though I like JHI after “pretty noona” drama, 

What u mention about their differences....is rational/realistic....which i understand. Actually i'm abit more into the chemistry btw their chars in the drama.


But i feel for the purpose that this thread was started....what u mentioned perhaps be more suitable in the drama or the actress thread? 


Like many shippers threads....esp for idols or from WGM...being realistic/rational is one thing..we know very hard to date...but such threads are just meant for their shippers.

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@Cedric Ong I agree with you, their chemistry in the drama was at another level. I haven’t seen any male actors looking so loving and caring towards any actresses like JHI towards SYJ.  He was also so gentle with her. Their kiss and hug scenes were portrayed so real, no forcing at all. They didn’t look like fiction and lies like JHI said in his interviews. Believe me, I have been watching all their BTS and following them since the drama was ended. I honestly ship them in real life as well. That’s why I ended up in this thread. This is also my first time doing so. I have seen his previous drama with other actresses but his chemistry there wasn’t the same as with SYJ. He didn’t seem to enjoy being with other actresses as much as with SYJ. Because I like JHI and SYJ’s chemistry a lot, I don’t want to have too much expectations in real life and I will end up with a broken heart. 


On the other note, do you guys know if Korean celebrities often to use same security agency? Many people noticed SYJ and JHI use same security agency. I thought it’s quite strange. Maybe they are more than just colleagues.


「SHARING IS CARING」so the fact is i and my lovely friend @tikatetchan noticed that there is 2 familiar Bodyguard *I posted one of them 5 hours ago.  Yejin used them in 2 Missha's event. When yejin took a break she lend her BG to her bf. Hahahaha . . @holyhaein  @yejinhand ”#손예진 #정해인 #윤진아 #서준희 #junghaein #丁海寅 #holyhaein  #sonyejin #孫彦眞 #prettynoonawhobuymefood #丁海寅#prettysisterwhobuysmefood #밥잘사주는예쁜누나 #밥누나 #예쁜누나 #레드카펫  #somethingintherain
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JHI is very famous lately... 
Flying all over for fans meeting, volunteer activity, VIP premier.

While SYJ is on holiday in France.


Press Conference in HK before the fan meeting






If anyone want to have the translation on the Q and A, let me know... I can help since this interview is in cantonese :) 



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2 hours ago, lsemun99 said:

JHI is very famous lately... 
Flying all over for fans meeting, volunteer activity, VIP premier.

While SYJ is on holiday in France.


Press Conference in HK before the fan meeting

  Hide contents




If anyone want to have the translation on the Q and A, let me know... I can help since this interview is in cantonese :) 





Oh that would be so awesome if you could translate for us. We really appreciate your precious time :wub:

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This is my first time to be a shipper though i've followed Soompi for years as silent reader. I love this couple so much as well as the drama. Thanks very much for create this thread. Together we bless them to be real life couple  :blush:

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Hi everyone! It's been a while. And I am so glad to read your thoughts. Well, I am just glad for the chemistry of JHI and SYJ that is why I created this thread. I hope this would not cause any misunderstandings with you. I am just a happy shipper but I am not expecting that they would date. I hope that JHI and SYJ would reunite with a project because their chemistry is indeed one of the best. 

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@thi2018 i think that pp may not like SYJ  character but not herself. And they also praise for her acting skill (the talent cant be denied). About JHI, the reason why he bows all time in SK is due to their culture, not bcause he feels uncomfortable. But in other coutries with free style of greeting, he acts properly

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@thi2018 Here is the translation for the 3rd video :). Personally, I feel this session was not as funny and cheeky compare to the Pretty Noona conference with SYJ



Question1 - This is your first time in HK, do you have any place that you would like to go?

JHI - Actually, I saw there are a lot of beautiful places in HK, firstly I would like to enjoy HK night view and would like to walk around to enjoy the scenery.

Question2 - Is there in food that you would like to try in HK?

JHI - I would like to try wanton noodles and HK dim sum.

Question3- Since JHI has been in fan meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, is there any unforgettable experience there?

JHI - During the fan meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, I received a lot surprise gifts from fans and to me it was unforgettable.

Question4 - What was the reason that you accepted to film Pretty Noona and do you foresee that you will become so popular?

JHI - Actually I do not know that this drama will become so popular. This drama has make me become popular and be able to be at HK to meet everyone which I am a bit shy but very happy.

Question5 - What do you think is your most attractive/appealing asset?

JHI - I don’t have any special features, probably that is attractive...

Question6 - In the drama, SYJ did drink for real. Do you also drink to calm the nervousness?

JHI – I also did drink for real. You can see in the drama that my face is slightly red and that was not because I was shy :blush:

Question7 – In coming future, is there any character that you would to challenge/interested in?

JHI – Actually I acted in few different characters and genres before but I have never acted in modern action film/drama. If there is opportunity, I would like to try.

Question8 – In HK, we have action film and drama, do you have any interest to film with HK artist?

JHI – I also like to watch HK film especially Tony Leung and if there is opportunity I would like act along with him

Question9 – After complete this fan session in HK, what will be your next project plan?

JHI – After complete tomorrow fan meeting, I hope I will be able to meet fans soon, I will work hard and I will prepare for the next project soon and hope all of you will like it.


Ending – JHI said thanks again for coming for the press conference.

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