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(Official) ❤️ Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In [PRETTY NOONA WHO BUYS ME FOOD]


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On 6/22/2018 at 4:27 PM, Cedric Ong said:

A costar praised Jung Hae In for his kind char. And leaked some trivia....his parents run a hospital? As in managing or working....or actually owning?




His dad owns Jung Ang St Mary's Eye Clinic in Ansan.



His mom is one of the director in Sungae Hospital in Seoul.



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1 hour ago, katty27 said:
How do you think :w00t::wub:


It’s not very clear what brand SYJ wear. But according to the pictures aside, they both come from famous Vacheron Constantin Swiss watch overseas models. They are slightly different overseas models but look similar. They do, however, like couple-watch :thumbsup:

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JHI's popularity is skyrocketed. He has so many endorsements and events to attend every day. He barely has time to sleep, I think. SYJ is hiding so well. There's no way to find where she is. I could not find any news about her lately, whether she is back to SK or reviewing another project. It's quite sad not knowing what she is up to :(

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@thi2018 I understand that sad feeling when there is no news about SYJ.. I think we miss them very much :).


this should be the latest volvo xc40 car launch where JHI make appearance as brand ambassador today.

I really hope both jhi n syj will have some collaboration together in photoshoot, brand ambassadors .. advertisement. Miss them too much :wub:


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Just for fun.


It's cute how he look at food before eating in an enjoyable manner. Multiple pics, pls slide.



Thus from her instagram (also multiple pics)....haha. That was her last official pic since 8 days ago.

 Kid loves his hug....went for second...haha.


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We choose JHI for sure :love:


So Ji Sub v. Jung Hae In smackdown: Who would you pick?

by whatakdrama on Tue, Jun 26, 2018

8 0

Actress Son Ye Jin had the best of both worlds, and filmed with So Ji Sub in Be With You and Jung Hae In in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). Let’s take a look at each celebrity couple’s on-screen chemistry!



Chemistry between the celebrity couples play a huge role in a drama’s success. Son Ye Jin attributes much of Something in the Rain’s success to her synergy with Jung Hae In. “I hoped my partner would be someone I could fall in love with, and he was … After reading the script, I had an image of my partner in my head. Strangely, he was exactly how I’d pictured Joon Hee to be,” she recalled.


As for Be With You, Son Ye Jin immediately thought of So Ji Sub when she read the script. “I wanted So Ji Sub oppa to play Woo JIn from the get-go … So Ji Sub oppa and Woo Jin had a lot in common. After So Ji Sub oppa confirmed to star, I thought we could say we'd half succeeded,” the actress explained, adding that, “It rings true for all films but especially for melodramas, chemistry between the main leads is so important, because the audience paints a different picture depending on the actors.”


On a last note, what’s the likelihood of these celebrity couples actually dating? For Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In, everyone thought they were going out in real life. “I’ve even heard, ‘I know you guys aren’t dating, but I wish you were.’ It felt good knowing that our performance had great delivery,” the actor recalled. Son Ye Jin speculates everyone’s wish came from the romantic kiss scenes in ‘Something in the Rain.’ “Many fans found it relatable when Jin Ah and Joon Hee whispered the talks of love [and kissed] in front of each other’s house, in the elevator, and such,” she explained.


Son Ye Jin doesn’t view marriage as the ultimate expression of love. But if she were to view So Ji Sub as a marriage material, she would go for it. “I wouldn’t dislike living with a husband with So Ji Sub’s personality,” she said, to which So Ji Sub replied, “I haven’t even imagined what you’d be like as a wife.”


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Things are bit quiet here. Thank you  @katty27 your last post got me to look up @aksaninc's IG account. LOL...got addicted over there.:love:   My gratitude and Credit to @aksaninc: I loved their analysis and detective work! I don't have an IG account but I viewed her IG postings. Wow! wonderful shippers there...sorry I can't participate or hit the likes but really appreciated going through their findings. Not sure if she is on this thread...I found a few I wanted to share here...my apologies if they've been posted on the other thread...perhaps I'm late in these findings of theirs.

InJin are too cute...I think JHI gave himself away here. :joy: I didn't catch it before it was pointed out.

This one too LMAO...good eyes....credit to and thank you @aksaninc again!!!! 

Too much fun and us shippers get to watch it unfold:glasses::lol:






Maybe when JHI made the statement he hopes to still be close to SYJ a year from now, it could be his thoughts on the timeline for an actor's popularity to make his mark (ton of cf offers) after being thrust into the limelight? :relaxed: Another popular actor said something similar about his big year and then wondered who next year's big star will be? JHI is aware of the ent biz since he commented that he knows this kind of popularity may be like the foam on beer. It doesn't always last so he wants his acting to speak for his talent. Please don't misunderstand...he definitely can last much longer and perhaps surpass his current popularity to even higher greatness. It may be his personal timeline where InJin are concerned (My own hopes :wub:). He also said he wouldn't mind acting with SYJ 10 years from now (referring to PN part 2). This is such a deja vu to another popular couple. I hope he's hinting at the same meaning? kkkk. He plans to be with her a year from now and in the future. OK, my delulu...SYJ is traveling and I'm having my own delulu when JHI went to Paris they had an evening rendezvous kkkkk.  What would be awesome is if SYJ guest appears on one of JHI FM whohooo!

Hopefully we'll get some crumbs from the Harper's Baazar Korea July interview SYJ did recently. :grin:

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@sscllccrazyyeah, I  think the same as you do. SYJ n JHI gave many hints but not so much clear. Sometimes I wonder whether we are just "see what we want to see".  We are so optimistic, arent we ??? :sweatingbullets: But most of time I still keep hoping for a happy ending. I dont want to compare them to a very famous celeb married couple (we all know who they are), but to be honest they have so many things in common haha:love: leading us to a bright hope.


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