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  1. I watched the press conference of Spring Night and I don't understand korean but personally I still feel that Pretty Noona who buy me food press conference was more heart fluttering and the chemistry between JHI and SYJ was very sweet. No matter how, I think at this moment I am still not ready to watch Spring Night ..
  2. SYJ just moved to 1st place for the Seoul Award 2018 1st - Son Ye Jin - 45.93% 2nd - Park Bo Young - 44.68% We need more votes for SYJ~
  3. SYJ is getting closer to the 1st place in Seoul Award 2018 1st - Park Bo Young - 46.36% 2nd - Son Ye Jin - 43.38% https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d4PSWsXUbnSs_f8b2fY0NSqIju0HvyOP
  4. I had just installed the Seoul Award apps in 2 phone, only managed to watch 40 apps (200 points) after work... and will continue to watch more ads later. I had voted for SYJ~ Hope she can win.
  5. Why there is no photoshoot with JHI and SYJ together .. really hope they will have commercial or magazine shoot together See this Instagram photo by @sonyejinonly
  6. I came to this page everyday after work... love to read the shipper comments... I think when you dislike a person whatever he does also irritating .. whenever you like a person, whatever he does also lovely. Those people that hates JHI will find his smile burdensome and insincere because he does smile very often. If you likes him .. you will find him nice .. he even try to smile with his tired face when he was back from New Zealand for the commercial shoot. When you are famous and in spotlight, you sure have haters and cant expect everyone to like you.... Thus, I hope everyone and our INJIN couple will stay strong and brave... Same goes to SITR .. we love SITR very much but I read comments from online, not all love it. Some constructive feedback/Comment are good for improvement. It is okay to not to like JHI/SYJ/SITR as we do but I hope haters don't leave too hurtful comments... It is too sad to read it Of course, I hope JHI + SYJ will end up together soon...
  7. If SYJ make a guest appearance for even 15 mins in JHI fan meeting will definitely make INJIN shippers go crazy
  8. YESSS... I agree... @thi2018 Undeniably that I believe JHI admires SYJ. I feel there must be still some lingering feeling between these 2... SYJ is running away from facing the reality... LOL What it needs, really are the courage and acceptance from both of them. I really hope JHI will take some action to be with SYJ ... Both of them are introvert, so I really hope they wont miss this opportunity when the love feeling is still burning...
  9. JHI Fans Meeting in Manila ..Q & A ... He answered fans's question on ideal woman, ideal date, possibility to appear with SYJ in fans meeting..
  10. @thi2018 I understand that sad feeling when there is no news about SYJ.. I think we miss them very much . this should be the latest volvo xc40 car launch where JHI make appearance as brand ambassador today. I really hope both jhi n syj will have some collaboration together in photoshoot, brand ambassadors .. advertisement. Miss them too much
  11. JHI at Dior Homme Fashion show, paris Some photos --> http://www.zimbio.com/Kim+Jones+Jung+Hae+In/pictures/pro
  12. Happened to see this video ... So chaotic and so many fans were there when JHI arrived at HK... JHI is such a famous person nowadays and for him to be in a real relationship will not be easy .. I hope he won't get sasaeng fans..
  13. @ghia I can't read chinese words but I can understand mandarin/cantonese....therefore I am not able to fully translate JHI's reply which in Korean and screen display in Chinese subtitle. I will try my best... probably there will be some kind heart people to correct my translation ... hehe... However, regarding the JHI reply in his ideal type, he said he likes hardworking, generous and someone who is honest with her feeling. Summary of the Q and A 1. Snow Kiss vs the sexy beer kiss at home JHI - Snow Kiss, the most memorable kiss scene was the last scene where JH and JA noona decide to love each other again. I feel particular memorable 2. Older sister vs younger sister JHI - Older sister 3. What is the age difference that you can accept? JHI - 12 years 4. Soju vs Beer JHI - Beer 5. What is your alcohol tolerance level? JHI - 500ml large can 6. Dim Sum vs Street snack JHI - Dim Sum 7. What kind of dim sum do you like? JHI - Dim Sum that looks like 'Xiao long bao' (Steam bun) Emcee - We know that JHI will be coming to HK in june, do you have any early words for your fans? JHI - Due to 'pretty noona' project, I have opportunity to meet fan in HK, I am very excited and nervous. I hope to see you soon. Emcee - Lastly, in order to allow JHI to communicate with HK fan, let's teach him a bit of Cantonese. - "Very delicious" in Cantonese JHI - repeat "Very delicious" in cantonese Emcee - "You're very beautiful" in cantonese JHI - repeat "You're very beautiful" in cantonese Emcee - Bye Bye in Cantonese JHI - repeat bye bye in cantonese
  14. JHI seems like having alot of young fans ... Found this fan meeting video quite touching .. so I will translate this video but is a bit chaotic because it is fancam. I am translating this from the translator in Cantonese. I will cover the main points.. JHI – I sincerely thank everyone,... I won’t cry. The translator passed him a tissue. … I missed this part … JHI – When I am tired, I will miss all of you and when I am in acting project I will also miss you all. I know you may have happy time and when you have bad time I hope you will miss/remember me because I was able overcome my struggle due to 'all of you'. Fans scream… JHI – I will respect and love you all and will in stay touch forever Fans scream… Emcee – I would like to request JHI to post for a very big group photo, fans - let’s get ready the light stick??? to take photo. Would like to invite JHI back facing the fans. And also would like to request the stage photographer to get ready for this important moment.
  15. @thi2018 Here is the translation for the 3rd video . Personally, I feel this session was not as funny and cheeky compare to the Pretty Noona conference with SYJ Question1 - This is your first time in HK, do you have any place that you would like to go? JHI - Actually, I saw there are a lot of beautiful places in HK, firstly I would like to enjoy HK night view and would like to walk around to enjoy the scenery. Question2 - Is there in food that you would like to try in HK? JHI - I would like to try wanton noodles and HK dim sum. Question3- Since JHI has been in fan meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, is there any unforgettable experience there? JHI - During the fan meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, I received a lot surprise gifts from fans and to me it was unforgettable. Question4 - What was the reason that you accepted to film Pretty Noona and do you foresee that you will become so popular? JHI - Actually I do not know that this drama will become so popular. This drama has make me become popular and be able to be at HK to meet everyone which I am a bit shy but very happy. Question5 - What do you think is your most attractive/appealing asset? JHI - I don’t have any special features, probably that is attractive... Question6 - In the drama, SYJ did drink for real. Do you also drink to calm the nervousness? JHI – I also did drink for real. You can see in the drama that my face is slightly red and that was not because I was shy Question7 – In coming future, is there any character that you would to challenge/interested in? JHI – Actually I acted in few different characters and genres before but I have never acted in modern action film/drama. If there is opportunity, I would like to try. Question8 – In HK, we have action film and drama, do you have any interest to film with HK artist? JHI – I also like to watch HK film especially Tony Leung and if there is opportunity I would like act along with him Question9 – After complete this fan session in HK, what will be your next project plan? JHI – After complete tomorrow fan meeting, I hope I will be able to meet fans soon, I will work hard and I will prepare for the next project soon and hope all of you will like it. Ending – JHI said thanks again for coming for the press conference.
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