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  1. Love those positive comments under this post. We have many fellow shippers out there. Nice weekend !!
  2. I think main reasons are, they look so so good together and match perfectly, then they were caught in a supermarket for home cooking (normal friends dont do that in general). To be honest I was about to believe they are a couple in love. BUT, when they denied for the second times, I feel safe. Huyn Bin used to confirm his 2 past relationships even when there was no image ( just rumours only) and the time of these scandals raising was when he had new projects soon to be released. Now, This time is free for him to confirm, no effect at all. But he denied. About SYJ, though she used to refused her love scandal before due to no evidence, but I dont think she will deny this time if it is true, because they were caught. But she still did it, denied again n again. They are both veteran actors, they are old enough, they have for themselves concrete position in the industry. I cant find any reason forcing them to tell lie. SO, I am still in this JHI SYJ ship
  3. Now, I can breath Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin Deny Dating Rumors For The Second Time Celeb Jan 21, 2019 by D. Kim Hyun Bin’s agency has once again denied rumors of him dating Son Ye Jin. They were previously reported to be spotted together in the United States earlier in the month, but their agencies denied the reports. Then on January 21, photos were released of the two grocery shopping together. In response, Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment commented, “We checked with him personally, and the dating rumors are not true. He heard earlier that Son Ye Jin is currently in the United States, so they met up together with acquaintances and went grocery shopping together, but it seems like this was misrepresented. There were other acquaintances with them at the grocery store.” The agency continued, “The misunderstanding seems to have occurred as the two are close friends of the same age, and it was magnified more because Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are famous figures. The dating rumors are not true.” Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin previously co-starred in the 2018 film “The Negotiation.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1296173wpp/son-ye-jin-hyun-bin-deny-dating-rumors-second-time
  4. He is going to L.A for a photoshoot. Last week, when the dating scandal came out, we knew that SYJ also was in L.A. Now I understand why SYJ came to that city, not any other Usa interesting ones
  5. yeap. HB n SYJ quite a perfect match, to be honest. BUT the perfect is always not a perfect thing or creates a perfect result. So I choose a less perfect but most loved one . we all see that. Even if she is not in love with JHI, I'm sure that she is more comfortable with him than other male co-stars.
  6. agree. Though I dont want them to reunite due to the concern mentioned before but really look fwd to the drama and appreciate PDnim' talent. I've watched his dramas such as Heard it through the grapevine, Secret Love Affair, very impressive. after all, whatever SYJ n JHI decision, I will support and keep the faith
  7. Knets (some but not all) always be so cruel, I think. Seems that it 's easier for them to type negative words than positive ones
  8. Actually I dont like them to reunite on screen. That may mean the chance they could be off-screen couple is lower (we can see only close friends do that hic )
  9. They post what they think is the truth. On or off screen couple, depends on viewers' mind
  10. Yeah. Agree with you.in the past, Huyn Bin used to confirm his relationships even they were on a very early stage or no paparazzi images. So this time I believe in his deny
  11. just a fake news but makes me a little bit nervous https://www.soompi.com/article/1290563wpp/son-ye-jins-agency-denies-rumors-traveling-hyun-bin Son Ye Jin’s And Hyun Bin’s Agencies Deny Rumors Of Them Traveling Together Celeb Jan 10, 2019 by D. Kim Updated January 10 KST: Hyun Bin’s agency has also released a statement regarding rumors of the actor traveling with Son Ye Jin. His agency shared, “Hyun Bin went to the United States for business and his personal schedule. It is not true that they are traveling together.” Source (1) Original Article: Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have been swept up in dating rumors. On January 9, a post on an online community claimed that the actors are currently traveling together in Los Angeles. The post said, “The two are affectionately traveling together, and I spotted them eating together with her parents in the United States.” In response, Son Ye Jin’s agency commented, “This online post is not true,” and explained, “Son Ye Jin is currently traveling alone. She usually enjoys traveling alone. The agency added, “Son Ye Jin’s parents are also currently in Korea, so it does not even make sense that they ate together in the United States.” Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin previously co-starred in the 2018 film “The Negotiation.” Source (1)
  12. SYJ often organizes big birthday parties in which many of her friends are invited. I bet she will do the same this year. And JHI, one of her friends ,will be there hehe
  13. A month later, when JHI and Yoona paired up at an opening ceremony, so many fans shipped them. Then, at AAA awards, though they sat next to each other but did not dare to talk much haha. SYJ is close to both so quite akward for them
  14. The last one in the drama some shippers found out that the crocodile toy appeared in JHI's fan meeting was in a box of stuff in SYJ's house (via Master in the house Show)
  15. He is too busy so he needs some help. She is willing to do so. And then he lets her do what ever she wants with his house hehe. And he cant live alone 'cause he used to live in a big family. And he gets married to somebody to cure his lonely life. That's their story I imagine
  16. JHI received 3 awards last night Artist of the Year: Jung Hae In with many other actors Asia Trend: Jung Hae In ( YoonA also got it) Best Emotive: Jung Hae In (Junho, Lee Sung Kyung also got it) https://www.soompi.com/article/1270675wpp/winners-2018-asia-artist-awards Congrats JHI!! But to be honest, too many actors were awarded
  17. Dont worry too much. SYJ has many hot scences in her career, she understands deeply how hard for actors acting that. No jealous at all. For sure
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