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  1. All of the OST's are so emotional, sad and sentimental..i can feel the sad ending's vibe now.. this one will make me gloomy and heartbroken all week maybe months and can't move on from it..my heart, please brace yourself
  2. I still can't move on and keep coming to this thread. I miss the trio. I hope there is news for season 2 soon
  3. Now i want to watch season 1 too.. i better start now.. thank you for the recommendaton
  4. Do i need to watch season 1 to understand this story? Is it related? Where am i when season 1 airing? Duuh..a lot to catch up..
  5. I'm excited for the next episode. https://www.soompi.com/article/1220483wpp/watch-ikons-bobby-b-bigbangs-seungri-sunmi-play-truth-dare-running-man But I'm more interested with Lee Elijah. She so beautiful. I'm looking for her thread in soompi forum but so far there's none yet. I hope someone makes a thread for her. I want to know more about her
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