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[Drama 2019] Different Dreams, 이몽

Go Seung Ji

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I also didn’t know he’s an idol till I saw the number of views, likes and comments.

Some kind soul posting a complete list of OST here.


Aside from the songs, some of my fav instrumental pieces are these 3 where the soundtracks playing in the scenes.




Fierce Life

Young Jin running from Matsuura.






Blood Scent

Young Jin on the ship going to Shanghai.


Right Over is in the teasers.  Can't really remember where in DD.

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This is my first time and probably the last time I'm gonna be writing for this thread. I just completed watching this drama. It took me three days to watch it from Episode 1 till the last episode. Watching it for 3 days seems like a marathon. The story is well written. It is a fast paced drama. The actors and actresses were very good. The location settings were very good. Above all the story ending although predictable is the best. I really thought the ending was the kissing scene in Manchuria and I was about to be disappointed. Good thing the Director injected the assassination of Matsuura. Bravo for this drama. All I can say is this drama will be on my A-list together with the Mr. Sunshine and Jewel In the Palace. I'm an addict for historical drama BTW.


To the maker of this thread. Thank you so much.. 



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19 hours ago, titania1000 said:

Welcome to the thread!:)

I think it was in episode 1: Esther didn't appear in ep2. 

Could you be more specific like adding at which time of the episode it was. During this part, different BGM were used.   

Few BGM have been posted by @QSD in this post (just click on the arrow in the right corner, it lead you to her post).

If the one you search is not among them, try to find the timing and i will give you the links to the others (i can't post them all).



i do have the BGM tracks (OST 10) but i don't think it's in there? i still have to recheck it to make sure.

as for the track timestamp, i'm particularly looking for this part (EPISODE 2, 52:06)

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13 hours ago, titania1000 said:

@kingkong72 The end was the cherry on the top with the final twist! It was really fitting to end the story on their fight and not their romance.    

I wasn't a fan of historical dramas but this one made me change my mind and i will look for more works set in the same period!  


In the final twist It would have been better if the she pulled the trigger and the camera followed the bullet until it hits Matsuura. I would love to see his facial expression when he gets hit by the bullet. I know I am a horrible person watching him die but I really hate his character. Hahahaha.



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I just finished watching this series and I am so wanting a Part 2 or Season 2 
Just when Prosecutor Fukuda decides to join the Kim-Lee team...that's when the real excitement kicks in...
I love the look on Prosecutor Fukuda face at the very ending when Matsuura was being targeted from a far distance by Lee Young-Jin... That smile on Prosecutor Fukuda face is so fantastic and i was waiting to see what's happening...
AND that's the end of the series...
I was close to screaming "NO NO NO"
Please can there be a continuity to Different Dreams 2 because Matsuura is only targeted and the bullet did not go right thru as yet

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