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  1. List of BTS video for this drama, looks like everyone is having fun off screen too What a great ensemble and team work! Survival kit demonstration (?) https://tv.naver.com/v/9123113 JJH X LJH X SSK's BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9425960 Ep 1 BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9021901 CYH's introduction of the Blue House https://tv.naver.com/v/9337526 JJH, LJH's BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9103911 LJH, Blue House gang's etc BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9261564 Miscellaneous BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9581868 Final BTS https://tv.naver.com/v/9590264
  2. Anyone knows where can I find the full OST, including the instrumental tracks? Going to miss 3 of them, funny bunch off screen
  3. I'm not sure if this was posted before. I will delete it if it had been https://k-popped.com/2019/05/exclusive-lee-yo-won-and-yoo-ji-tae-from-different-dreams/
  4. Clean water and dream of African children campaign The Sea of Itami Jun's narration - opening on 15th August
  5. @titania1000To be frank, I have no idea how muay thai is like hahaha The only thing I know about it is that it is thai boxing Thanks for the tip It works! WB and Nam Ok is my favourite pair. I love the absolute trust they have for each other, and how they needed each other to fulfill a common dream. Each seemingly being the missing piece for each other And their first BTS I sure hope he is able to gain more recognition and attention for his work He doesn't do indie films as an actor other than a few in his early years of his career I think. I'm not sure if Bye Jun is considered an Indie. You should watch One Fine Spring Day if you have a chance to, it's a great movie, and a co-production of Korea, Japan and Hongkong. I miss him in such work that has less action and more emotions And this is great work in Goodwife I kind of miss the shouting match between the husband and wife in here hahaha it's like an acting competition between them and its enjoyable to watch.
  6. @titania1000 Yes, the music that was used suit the MV very well. You are so right about that. He does have the intention to go international One thing for sure, his build is comparable to the westerners It's a pity that DD doesn't even garnered enough attention to have forum on dcinside. The kfans are good at making fanmade images, MVs and posters.
  7. @titania1000Thanks for sharing the MV. It's great work! The only scene I remembered with English word is in the episode where he is discussing the escape route for Kim Gu, using the one single English word 'escort' I don't think he is able to speak English fluently. My guess is he may be able to speak very basic English. Here's the speech for Deauville Asian Film Festival. You may judge for yourself He had loads of English lines in the tenor
  8. @titania1000 Age of Shadows is about independent fighter too, with KWB (using a different name in the movie) appearing as cameo in there, played by Lee Byung Hun. One thing I noticed in DD is that the scriptwriter gave KWB a few English words in his lines hahaha I have one complaint about the direction though, the camera shakes too much..
  9. Welcome to the thread too @ThomasHowards1 @titania1000I do know that he does Muay Thai, boxing (heard him mentioned it previously, but I'm not sure if he's still in it). So, I guess fighting scene isn't that difficult for him I have seen him doing muay thai on instagram. Ok, I'm not sure how to insert image here. Google photo link doesn't seem to work. He seems to do a few random narration on and off over the years. Recently, he did the narration for JBL ad, Kia K7 ad, the movie The Sea of Itami Jun. But I have to say, even though I don't understand Korean, I thought he has a great and expressive voice WB supporting Nam Ok's indie movie back in April this year He seems to be an avid supporter of Indie movies.
  10. Jitae doing dubbing work for an animation. I have no clue which animation is that Looks like he is back to work from his vacation in Hawaii. Let's hope he will pick up a proper project soon, while he completes his latest webtoon (and hopefully into a movie) "The man who can only be seen by me".
  11. @titania1000 I don't think all of them are and I'm not sure how they are selected to be on stage They are reciting the declaration of independence I think, based on google translate. Lee Je Hoon is probably there because of his part in the movie Park Yeol, who is also an independent fighter. I'm not sure if anyone has shared this previously from Park Hana's instagram
  12. 100th anniversary of the 3-1 movement, messages from the 2 leads from DD OST cover for DD Cheongbang's leader back stage
  13. @titania1000 yes, the scene by the river with him was great. We can feel his immense pain when he spoke about the people who lost their life in the capture. It's really sad. It really break my heart seeing Nam Ok and him in the 2nd last episode. I still remember him saying in the Manchuria episode that Nam Ok's support is the reason why he is able to be so reckless in his action. DD is probably the drama that requires the most action scenes he has ever done YJT is indeed a big man. It will not be easy to find someone of such build. I saw his double in the BTS videos. Nonetheless, it does seem like he did most of the action scenes himself I guess I can share this here? Found another link to his movie back in 2008. This is the official channel for all the movies, short films and MV that he has directed so far https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKjC2xW6qo4iYBerxprVZGw The latest being this MV
  14. @titania1000 I think he said in his past interviews that he would like to try all genre in acting. So, after doing so many films, he would like try dramas now I didn't manage to find or finish all of his movies either. Svaha : the Sixth Finger is available on Netflix, Split is available on Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Split-Yoo-Ji-tae/dp/B071F39H8C) . His part is minor in Svaha, but the character is interesting. I was curious about your expectation on him after your return hahaha You should stayed till the end for Goodwife Yes, to KWB, fighting for independence is his everything, be it YJ or his own life, I think, is secondary to him. But he tried to minimise the damage done to other people in his reckless fight. He's also a man who uses his heart more than his brain. Taejoon is the opposite, he uses his brain more than his heart WB would have died if Hiroshi's aide didn't forcefully dragged him out of the club. I have watched another version of KWB in Age of Shadows, he's more a planner instead of an executor of the plan, which I thought will be the case for DD, and expect for the time period to span across 10 years or so over WWII.
  15. @titania1000 Thanks for sharing the video. It's great He's more of a film actor than a tv drama one. He's done 5 dramas in his more than 20 years career You can catch a glimpse of some of his movies here Taejoon is a bad guy in the drama world hahaha But I believe that his love for his wife and his family is true and real . He could easily be an anti-hero if the scriptwriter digs further. But well, as the title suggested, it's about the good wife, not about the bad husband or prosecutor life. You should stay till the end, who knows, it could turn out to be different from what you expected Maybe you should try Mad Dog or Healer instead. He doesn't have any romance in Mad Dog, and had a bit in Healer. Star Lover which was aired more than 10 years back is all about romance. His characters differ, so I guess it's bit hard to conclude which is better hahaha. KWB is probably the strongest character that he has ever done on tv and the one with the best visual. As a matter of fact, he was the bad guy in his recent films. It's getting too repetitive for my liking. Hopefully we will see a change soon.
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