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  2. My love from another star: That kind of ending is still happy but for this drama sucks!!! Writer till now was awesome about the characters and plot, yeah i would have seen more kisses, i know i'm a lonely shipper of Hye-ri and Ki Yong but i don't think we'll get a sad ending or an open ending. Hope the writer will not screw everything up, it's not an option
  3. They cut the main sequence of bed scene that we saw in BTS of ep 13-14... when Dam kiss him very hot and they went to his room. BTW these bites we watched in ep 15 are very hot so i'm happy for now! I'm happy with DJ and Hye Sun kisses!!! She was very bold and kissedhim passionately I need subs but all i could understand is that WY said something about LOVE to Dam when he gave her the necklace. I need to see them HAPPY ASAP because their interactions killed me softly in each episode!!
  4. OMO OMO!! OTTOKKèèèèèè i want happy ending for them!!! I need to know how is the end in webtoon!!! MY HEART BREAKS!!!
  5. @orion00 @Archey Thanks a lot for the pre-released previews!! Hope to see her call him Oppa BTW i'm curious about him become human. I want to see Dam to graduate and their life together in the near future! She want to be a curator so i guess we'll see her in a museum!! Tomorrow seems so far away...
  6. Ehm... i think i saw Dam ON TOP in bed scene, i mean in the preview for next ep SHE WILL BE ON TOP then HE WILL GET THE LEAD so i think my pervy mind now is on fire!!!!
  7. We'll have a heart attack I'm so happy they didn't troll us @suziebee I'M HAPPY TO SEE DAM LIVE HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM OUT IN THE OPEN!!!! I'M SO PROUD OF HER CHARISMA AND I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!
  8. Hope to see bed scene tomorrow but i'm afraid Tvn will troll us... in ep 13 preview last week there's a scene missing in tonight episode so i guess that will be included in tomorrow's episode! WRITER PLEASE, WE NEED TO SEE THAT HOT KISS BETWEEN OTP ASAP!!
  9. Well guys i think tomorrow my Replay button will R.I.P... Super happy for Hye Sun and Jae Jin, i really liked how writer made their story so lovely and sweet!! BTW Hye-ri nailed this role and her chemistry with Ki Yong is off chart!!
  10. Thanks a lot @syahirannsyakirann! Hye Sun is one of the best character i saw in a while. She is there to help both WY and Dam and i think it's time for WY to understand more about a human life. Dam will make the deal and i can't wait to see their reconciliation!!
  11. YES i think they are very close right now after shooting this drama... in tvn interview Hye-ri is so comfortable with him and she cares for him, as a friend obv
  12. Based on preview we'll get over the red string and the marble-teacher-thing in ep 13-14 so i wonder what will see as a final conflict in ep 15? Maybe the defeat of mountain spirit? In webtoon Dam will give a kiss of true love to WY who will become human. I guess in drama we'll see that in ep 16. BTW i don't think there'll be a bedscene, maybe others hot kisses nothing more. Or a hint of sex with them together in bed as we saw in It's okay to not be okay drama. I trust Ki Yong and Hye-ri acting, they kissed hot and with a great potential. In the last BTS they were so comfortable with each
  13. So based on this preview she will reconcile with him but i'd like to know how they beat the mountain spirit in webtoon so we'll see if drama will follow... BTW Dam loves WY and viceversa so at this point it's better for SW to find another love interest... In conclusion we'll live for ep 13 to see them together again!!! HURRAY!!!
  14. Thanks for the spoilers. I'll watch later ep 12 but i don't mind this break-up point as far as i know they'll get together in next ep from preview!! So fingers crossed
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