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8 hours ago, ssv910 said:

Baba is in Malaysia?! Wow! I hope some lucky Malaysian fans can see him or pictures can be taken. 


I wonder if Baba is approachable. Cause for me personally, I can probably gather courage to approach Dayu but I think I have to be a bit tipsy first before I can convince myself to approach Baba. I will be so nervous and excited and scared I might faint.


IDK, that is just me. I am just wondering:D

Qing s actually a warm n happy boy like yuyu both are nice ppl n are nice to fans too u can see in fetching plane fancam so i think qing s also approachable

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I am not gg to be bothered by some ppl nonsense or how ppl look at me as a peace spoiler in here or whatever it s

I have clearly put a full stop here

If i see any nonsense from someone  again i  will just take it  as a clown doing n laugh at nonsense one-man show

I will not be bothered by sm ppl dont even know what s right or wrong doing


Happy with ur thread

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6 hours ago, gogole mongol said:


As Dayu always get back Qing clothes, i ask myself to know if this is the same thing for Nike, and they are same shoe size! :rolleyes:

ps: wear clothe's bigger size is possible, however, what about shoe?:D

I think Baba has a bigger shoe size. He he...the height difference. But it's also possible that Dayu wears Baba's shoes...IDK. 

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20 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:


Good insight! However, this new urban sneaker hype/culture must be dangerous he you suddenly have to run to avoid some danger! :lol:


Only if you're not wearing them at (a) home...or some safe place:rolleyes:


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