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    Counterattack, Love Sick season 1 & 2, Be here for you and more, but that's my fav trio i can watch, re-watch again and again! So LBC just joined this magic trio to become a magnificent quatuor!

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  1. As i never read the novel, i didn't expect anything from the series (to be close or not), i just want my emotional dose, made as life is, from bad and good things. The worst and the best can alternatively succeed (as it was into LBC series) when there is an equal balannce and i appreciate it because it is my main pleasure source: high emotions! When actors are good, it's like a luxury gourmet degustation! I have no problem with bad/happy ending, because i first respect the serie's director filming way, and in second, i don't want always same ending (sad of joyful) which can made me boring before the end of the series. I also appreciate open ending which gives to everyone, to find out the possible end needed at start! As you, i'm glad to see again Earth, who deserve his presence as a true actor. Just hope the new cast didn't include a few trouble-makers to constantly tease him (as lot of LBC BTS show us in the past)!
  2. I discover Off first with Sotus 1, and i was thinking all the senior's team was naughty boys, that made me misjudge their talent level, until i saw they well play what the serie needed from them. Off was doing his job, as all others actors, not more. With Puppy Honey, one step further was made that made me appreciate more his acting. And this progress is constant, so the OffGun pair (what a couple) become part of my Top 2 BL couple. It seems a new level have been made for Off and i'm sure this new serie will prove it!
  3. Sh * t, it is not a watertight cellphone!
  4. Well, this is the series i wait (for two reasons), primo because after LBC ending, other series didn't offer same quality level. Secondo, my other favorit couples have a lead role, including a love affair. This trailer (thanks a lot to LS for subbing) opened my appetite, so thanks to mellialuna for post it! Don't you think it is necessary Off must be "stretched", if we compare his size with Gun's one?!!! Maybe Gun will have to wear platform boots or use a ladder for kiss his (futur) lover!
  5. No just you, each time there is a look from the monk to Met! Maybe (surely, for me) it is an error from actor playing monk that forgot to not watch/have a look on "ghost"!!!
  6. I think by regards on last election results there, and what kind of outcome to follow from, same-sex marriage have to wait "a little more"! (certainly not a priority for military caste)
  7. For me, it is boring since the first EP, and certainly the worst serie i have seen since years! Some good actors, but appaling story, some fillers, a (very) bad director, all ingredients to forget it just after last image! Of course, this words are only valuable for me! Hopefully, just 8 ep! Maybe a miracle for the last one?!!!
  8. The tiger's claws can gently caress the guitar's neck!
  9. That's the essential point, i don't like, however, i can watch for ''esthetic'' reasons!And one (Ohm) is able to unite good looking and good acting that led me to watch the serie!
  10. I like a lot this Noh "get off my cloud" attitude! It reminds me the best LS2 hours!
  11. I think it is well played (and a good thing) for MAME to manage his creation, and be well-advised to try to make money with it, it's pure (in the clean meaning) business. Tonight, i have watch some TEMPT 2019 fanmeeting vids, and the less i can says is the boys have fun on stage. It is rare to see some smiles while they are dancing. Yep, music and choregraphy is not at all my cup of tea, but the fact to watch they have some pleasure to do it help me to made abstraction of what i have to listen! It's fun to know Perth is more into Metallica and have a musical background similar to mine, and dance on this kind of music. So the vid you post show they are able to made something more listenable to me, even inevitably it have an amateur side and i hope they will continue into this way. For LBC2, i remember Saint and Perth (and other boys) told they are ready for. As you said, it will depend on how long they'll have to wait and their busy schedule. That's why i lost any hope!
  12. I suppose it means ManPregnant? Why not, it will be into the same line of believing into any kind of belief, it is just enough to think it is possible, one day or another! Of course i understood what you said (and i didn't ignored it), however, for me buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy, which are stranger to supernatural. Based on reality and human psychism, it have nothing related with fiction. It is related to wisdom and to lead to annihilate all desire, explaining the solution is inside every person. For me, buddhism rituals (created by religion) as seen into the series are similar to all those that made part of other religions. That why i think fiction/supernatural belong to rituals and not to current of thoughts. As you said, believe in it or not is not the problem, it is just complementary chapter(s) into a novel. So, i let free any other point of view. For back to the series, bouddhism current of thoughts/rituals and miracle can't cement together, but it can create (to me) interesting BL's series including my fav actors, which is a very positive current of desire/pleasure!
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