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  1. Have got all eps, but n°9 is still not subbed! Any idea?
  2. Thanks for open a new thread! Beautiful artistic pics for the cast! Just hope the series will be in the same quality level! So trailer gives envy to see more! I appreciate this special atmosphere created by images! Another serie which moves away of usual UNI world!
  3. My fav actors (except Tul & Max, of course) in this series are: Great Sapol Assawamunkong (as inspector) Putter Jarukornapiwat (as Surawit/Sorn) Ep after ep, this serie is more enthralling (far from the perpetual school/UNI world) and have lot of different quality that made me appreciate it! Thanks to clon-105 to maintain the fire alive!
  4. We got the drama with ep 4! I waited this point for so long...
  5. Ep 2 raw (high quality): Things are more precise, nevertheless less than next ep!
  6. Just hope (eventually) if there's s3 (as last LBC2 image suppose), the season will be managed better than the last one! With s1, we constantly were into it, while s2 let us perpetually wait for something that never comes! Have wait 13 eps for finally see a smile on Ae's face, woooowwww, don't do it again, please!
  7. Maybe they obtain a discount for use it twice? nota: my observations are often made with a certain dose of humour or ironic point!
  8. LBC 2 Tin's house 1 MGAYG Paï's house 1 LBC 2 Tin's house 2 MGAYG Paï's house 2 Same place, same house, this time the rich version (no dust on fence)! Is P'New have budget problem? (may be Tin and Paï are sibling? )
  9. Two different series with two different main roles lives in the same house: First serie is LBC2, with the Can's house: LBC2, Can ep 6, 06:11 (look at the red spot), same dust stain on gate metallic door as for second serie My Gear And Your Gown with Itt's house: MGAYG, Itt ep 6, 11:54 Again same dust stain, they don't repaint it for the new serie! A way to save money or not enough time for let new painting to dry between two filming? Other similarities: -same ep number -both scene filmed by night -both have same "63" number I
  10. Ep 9: the most erotic scene between Tin/Can: It seems Cantaloupe started to appreciate what love include!
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