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    Counterattack, Love Sick season 1 & 2, Be here for you and more, but that's my fav trio i can watch, re-watch again and again! So LBC just joined this magic trio to become a magnificent quatuor!

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  1. TTTS should be a LBC sort of sequel that i should be glad to follow, however, i have three big problem with the serie, which have name Gulf and Mild, that made me nervous each time i see their face on screen. And as third part of this trio, why use LBC "old" actors into brief cameo appearance, and use new actors for a few? I don't talk about each "work of art" as actor, it's just Gulf and Mild made me a little nervous (it's like i get bitten by a mosquito, so itching!), so i must admit it's not the best way to appreciate the serie! The plot could and should be interesting and i was patiently waiting for, so how disappointed i'm for now. I appreciate the nice introducing work you have made (as usual), so can you ask to making team to change Gulf and Mild with new less irritating actors, please! It should be great and it would be more comfortable to me to follow ep after ep! TIA! You welcome!
  2. I guess this is the reason why he still pair with Drake and have been selected into the cast!!! The best thai neutral actor! Wôôôw! Second 2020's half! Frank have lot of time to have actor's lessons at Actor's Studios!
  3. You killed me by laughs! So everyone isn't laughing by now in UK, as my younger brother living there which brexit is like a pain in the a.. for some. He wanted to sale his house (with large garden), use the money to buy a new one in south of France (home, sweet home!), unfortunately, pound sterling lose 25% since the result of the vote! It is not difficult to forsee he will wait for better days, if they will one day!
  4. I think it is the best answer in this way, no?! . BTW, thanks a lot for the trailer, for now, i am already hooked with it! So if it's good to see again this "couple" (Drake/Frank), newbies are greatly welcome. Just hope Frank improve his acting cause i remeber you were not "tender" with him into "My Tee" series. Do you when it will be aired exactly? Maybe they actually are still filming?
  5. Not too bad a series, if we except ending of last ep, which is, in my opinion the worst part of the ten ep's! We were high on emotions (lot of thrills) during 9 ep, plus the main part of the tenth, unfortunately (for me), the last part is an hollywoodian one in the classic ending: "ils vécurent heureux et eurent bcp d'enfants", they lived happy and made many happy children!!! I needed something more dramatic!!! A good lesson for season 2?
  6. Woowww! First ep got of to a flying start! Even there is not yet eng sub, images speak for themselves! Have just watch a few minutes (i prefer to wait for subbing). October (and next) will deeply monopolize our attention! So i'm ready for!
  7. I will wait for the eng subbing before to watch it! BTW, thanks for the up-date!
  8. Your vision on those words and mine are different. You need to marry both as an union/association, i didn't! I didn't said moral and rules cement together, i just said "moral and rules" in a specific way. If it please to you to see both as inseparable, it's up to you. If to be more clear, i can change order and write "rules and moral" ha ha ha (and add: "which are two different things") Don't hesitate, if you have problem, to ask for more explanation, i will be pleased to help you! Par Le Figaro Publié le 26 juin 2019 à 08:17, mis à jour le 26 juin 2019 à 08:33 You welcome!
  9. Where have you seen i mix both? 1: moral, 2: rules! Is it enough clear? Moral is based on institution, rules are made through vote. Un sondage Ifop publié ce mercredi indique notamment que 85% des français jugent l'homosexualité comme «une manière acceptable de vivre sa vie». This june 2019 report into Le Figaro newspaper show for 85% that peoples accept homosexuality as "a fair way to live a gay life"! Things have change since you have put an eye on it! (Le Figaro is a newspaper with a conservative tendency). Ha ha ha, UMP/LR have been annihilated at last president election! Decidedly, your France's vision need a serious up-date! Following some big corrupted affairs, ex-president Sarkozy changed the name for a more "innocent" one: Les Républicains... So every opinions are welcome, including yours!
  10. After HICTM, so good to see again Ohm Pawat, he is so handsome now! Thank for the post.
  11. Am glad to see again into Dark Blue Kiss serie, the twin AJ Chayapol Glutamat, heuuu Jutamat, which is an actor who made a good work into My Tee the series, He is coming to me and a handful of others! Do you know how to make an easy difference between him and his twin brother JJ Chayakorn?
  12. Good sum up! I guess it's a money problem for the release, or something not yet well managed with sponsors or producers. It is obvious movie is not yet ready in the box! Chiang Maï is so far from BKK! BTW, a few years later, things moved a little. It's better than nothing!
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