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  1. Just hope (eventually) if there's s3 (as last LBC2 image suppose), the season will be managed better than the last one! With s1, we constantly were into it, while s2 let us perpetually wait for something that never comes! Have wait 13 eps for finally see a smile on Ae's face, woooowwww, don't do it again, please!
  2. Maybe they obtain a discount for use it twice? nota: my observations are often made with a certain dose of humour or ironic point!
  3. LBC 2 Tin's house 1 MGAYG Paï's house 1 LBC 2 Tin's house 2 MGAYG Paï's house 2 Same place, same house, this time the rich version (no dust on fence)! Is P'New have budget problem? (may be Tin and Paï are sibling? )
  4. Two different series with two different main roles lives in the same house: First serie is LBC2, with the Can's house: LBC2, Can ep 6, 06:11 (look at the red spot), same dust stain on gate metallic door as for second serie My Gear And Your Gown with Itt's house: MGAYG, Itt ep 6, 11:54 Again same dust stain, they don't repaint it for the new serie! A way to save money or not enough time for let new painting to dry between two filming? Other similarities: -same ep number -both scene filmed by night -both have same "63" number I
  5. Ep 9: the most erotic scene between Tin/Can: It seems Cantaloupe started to appreciate what love include!
  6. For those who don't yet see ep 7, WARNING! You can be shocked! Before: After:
  7. Sawarintr Kuncharone (the singer) havn't the Boy Sompob vocal possibility, nevertheless, this is an usual love song that well suit with the serie! No particular moment in it but listenable!
  8. At last a good ep 6, where things becomes to be more precise (it is the right time because we are theoretically at half of the serie). I don't say more i guess some don't yet saw it! I just regret one thing: each ep is so short! If you remember LBC 1 offer about 45mn, while LBC2 just gives around 30mn. Each time, i'm surprised i have to wait one week more! It is strange that the only moment he have a smile on his face is when he is alone, on second pic, he have a twisted one, third pic he seems to be tormented, and fourth he look as to be not very happy! Straight love is not an
  9. I agree that old LBC1 viewers can be desoriented, because if you didn't saw Mame comments about the beginning of LBC2, some scenes can be look like distorded ones! I think the reason comes from the international success of the first season, that spread over the whole world, and in consequence, brings a lot of new viewers. It seemed to writer (it is my opinion only) as a necessity to do a sort of summary for newcomers, And the best way was to incorporate new and old moments for the first eps. The only thing Mame forgotten is the missing message to inform old LBC1 followers for the trick, t
  10. As original "My Bromance" thread is closed and archived, we can't post into it new info, so excuse me if i use this one for do it. BTW, nevertheless it is related through Fluke Natouch:
  11. I don't remember if to keep warm genital's pair is good to have babies or not! So i'm more affraid for an ear raping! As i am not able to read wishes HB's page, i need to send my best wishes to Tul trough Soompi page!
  12. If you want to watch immediatly (outside from free 7 days trial), you must pay. Even it is a cheap cost, i think it is the best way for peoples to watch the series with illegal links! I agree investing companies who do that must be paid, the problem comes from international viewers which are used to watch BL series for free! And immediatly! I guess those who use this way won't last much longer. We already have a few exemples!
  13. Lyrics MV : If lyrics are BL classic, the song melody is just so so, however, Boy Sompob voice is still so enjoyable! I'm still admirative for his vocals possibilities, what a great singer he is!
  14. Is it Boun and Prem that really sing? If yes, this sad song is into the sadness musical canon that will made down some teardrops to couple's fans! (so nice voices for both in case of...)
  15. Something i will try to forget as strong as possible! Perth show us his own personnal music style is made with something based on more "rock" music, this dance music is just (to me) an easy way for him to harvest money!
  16. Ep 3: i love this particular scene: An hilarious moment among river of sadness!
  17. The star for season 2 are Can/Tin ("cantine" in french), so i guess he will not be too much on screen, BTW, each presence is appreciate as long he is emotive. Sometimes, only a few secondes scene can save a whole episode!
  18. Have seen both (ep 1 + 2), and the less i can say is i immediatly re-found out the LBC 1 atmosphere! Perth is so good as actor, maybe better than before. He didn't talk a lot on both ep, but it is not necessary because just look at his face made me have thrills! Plan & M34n offer a close similar quality. Some comments doesn't understand the timeline used for the first s2 eps, so Mame herself said she deliberatly decide to modify the novel, if we compare with s1. Can is still a "too much" talkative person, always hungry, but so frank and human, while Tin is still arrogant (but so true), con
  19. All depend of personnal taste and feeling and how you receive the viewing in the way it will give you emotion or not. Yes, lot of drama have school/UNI as background, it becomes to be boring (for me), hoping novel's writers will soon discover there is not UNI/school uniquely into youth life, nevertheless, there is series which are a lot better than others, able to cause/create our/mine interest, for one reason or another. 2Gether the series was the perfect exemple of series that let me more cold than an iceberg. After viewing 1st and 2nd ep of Still2Gather , i'm not sure to continue to watch i
  20. Original version (without subs) is perfect because we concentrate on actors.Nevertheless, when we know what they talk about, it makes things more easy to comfortably follow the story! So i appreciate both!
  21. Sometimes, i can watch a serie (BL or not) just only for one actor. Fast forward button is not deliberatly for the dog!!!
  22. Agree with this idea! Maybe because there is not yet important new series? Personally, Still2Gether didn't attract me because i get that feeling i already seen it. And maybe covid era made BL addicts return into their own shell? I will test ep 3, and see if they win to reconcile me with it?
  23. Thanks for the news and to Lazy S. for the subs! It's good to know Can will not immediatly fall down into Tin arms! Some tear drops to come!
  24. The title says: "Five years later"! One teaser show us that the truth is now know that he is not dead five years before. We can obviously see the story will re-start five years later!
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