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  1. No what I mean is... the word that comes to mind is virilitas...the scene had it all
  2. This...this right here...this scene... @Kim Soo-Lee know what I mean ? it tapped into memories..and water even fell from my eyes..briefly.
  3. Yeah he had that title...he flounced off...in the quintessential dq way.. LOL that was the best part of E12... I was expecting a full on beat down...maybe that's next season when Pha discovers who is really pulling the strings...I expect Cake to go hard....
  4. I'm sure they had to do it several ( many ) times...you know what they say, kissing makes the heart grow fonder... and other such things...sleep well my bro...sleep well.
  5. and thank for this....no rainbows or unicorns...just lot's of " T " ...it feels like gift !
  6. and I think that there is the source of confusion and misunderstanding. Bed positions do not equal wife in a same sex-relationship. It's just a choice...and not the only one (TWM is closer to reality)... Here's where I also think the authors lack the lived experience or they wouldn't write these Cirque du Soleil types of "interactions". I still hope that Beam man's up and pushes back on the "wife " . WE don't know why Forth left pissed..was it because what was said or because Beam yanked his hand away ? There's some editing in the clip...guess we'll have to wait...2 more days...
  7. as it should always be...and it's what makes for a good husband !!
  8. Yeah..it is a dream statement. I just don't think that authors or directors are ready to give up feminizing one member of a same-sex male couple. Maybe oneday... Call me a wife...and your day will look differently than it began... It has happened and it hasn't been pretty...for the other person - it was a teachable moment for them !!
  9. And now... My dream monologue would be...Beam saying.. "i'm your boyfriend...not your wife...i can never be your wife...but if you want a wife...go find a girl and make her your wife"
  10. Dude, I'm scared of you !!...but I'm sure...the make up is worth it....
  11. Thank you for the word fix !
  12. I dunno I kinda love the glasses ! We all know or have known that one guy that is slightly off the grid..awkward but nice - the only thing funnier would be white tape holding the nosepiece together...
  13. Guess she never ...and ( the way they write it ..it's more like science fiction - something suitable for Ripley's believe it or not ! ) this makes me laugh out loud !!
  14. Health ? Pfft...Only Frame in MIR. There's this bank Ad here where the tag line is " What's in Your Wallet ? " For most guys the answer is:" more than my credit card..." You have to remember that the writers of 99.9% of BL are women - ergo no lived experience only imagination of what it could/should/must/might be. The use of a condom would interrupt the fantasy, the in the moment, although, .you would have thought Dr. Beam, and Dr Pha would have said holit let me get...So I'm not sure that it's part of thing original thinking in the novels or productions. Although in the novel, the Beam/Forth interaction was dubious consent (little "r") but Forth did think about the lack of...for a nanosecond . Yeah it did have the " taste " ( they used to mark it wrong in school when I put the " u" ..lol) Great song and yeah that's the sentiment of Forth. He's near the line but not over the line... I think it's more about how to write a novel based on equity rather than dominance whether in personality or role in general and especially between same-sex. ForthBeam are the closest...I see ( when I squint) two guys trying to find balance and make the relationship work. It's the sense of reality - and in this case I think it's more of the director's vision than the book in how we see them. I've only read one author who writes brilliantly from a male same-sex POV... she slips every now and then...but for the most part nails it on ALL levels. I don't know if Thai BL novelists will reach that level ever considering the target audience is still looking for the husband/wife construction.
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