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  1. I'm not quite sure about the theme of this vid...so I'll just say the production quality is excellent. cr on vid
  2. I have to be honest...that outfit and the one ZZS was wearing were my least two favorites..the wine overcoat with the fur..and what was Ah Xu wearing...??? I'm a realist...those didn't work for me...but considering the number of costume changes they had in the series..not liking two isn't bad...!
  3. This was great !! And apparently, ZZH was live on Weibo for a moment yesterday.... It takes an amazing amount of control and strength to pull this off....a man after my own heart !!
  4. I think that stylist doesn't have a job anymore and maybe the director of that shoot for letting that slide....using a safety pin ? that's what Mom's do...seriously !!
  5. Yeah and I really laughed out loud...It's obvious, that the commenters have never seen a man get dressed...you would know what is a bad fit...and what is not....ZZH is too professional to allow " slippage there are things you check before you head out...the whole suit was poorly made...and except for the rear which was skin tight....the front was bunchy from fabric. but hey ! Fan see what they really want to see...whether is there or not...and most of the time it's not... but I'm not going to spoil the Illusion...they seem to need this !!!
  6. Without some demonic influences it's still Wuxia - the edit is nice but it's still Wuxia. Some of us are petty about genre's...
  7. Someone needs to tell the creator that WOH is Wuxia not XianXia..very different genre's...
  8. This is one of my fav outfits...the construction is amazing especially the sleeves...a lot of workmanship and skill went into the design and assembly
  9. Perhaps...I'd challenge the math on that- the angle of descent is quite a bit off !
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