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  1. yeah Richard has been around for a while...years even.. I just forgot that unless you spell in hieroglyphics ...Richard is always there - dancing
  2. Well, absolutely fabulous is a wonderful phrase as well and the title old British Comedy show... I can't say it's the descriptor I would use ( speaking for myself ) to describe him. " HAF comes with a bit more earthiness than describing a brunch that was absolutely fabulous ! oops sorry ...I forgot Soompi knows how to spell...no worries it won't happen again...
  3. We could but I think it would start an international conflict...Ninja = Japan. Think I'll just wait for them to get their just desserts !!! Revenge is always sweeter with a bit of sugar !!
  4. Well the Board may not allow evil to win...but could they shorten up how long we have to look at it....Sometimes, I think, couldn't we have taken them out sooner... like after they lied, stole, cheated, killed, and manipulated the ML and FL 's and the King/Emperor/Prince ? The daughter, father, and Prince in this series..geez...I think there is a bit too much of them and their obsession for Power/Love.
  5. I only caught that on the 2nd watch...the jump from...to the end made me go huh ? Cause you know in most cases there is a " plan" to make that happen. I literally had to rewatch35/36 for it to make sense...I don't know if it was the editing or the story telling...and yeah...the size of my sympathy was equal to the size of his action...
  6. Agreed ! Town was more fun ! The palace became "tropey" and predictable - the usual Palace drama. It took a second watch of the last two eps. I missed a key transition point and editing didn't help much.
  7. You know, Xiao Xian and Li Zhao deserve a reality show of the own...Life Styles of the Obsessed and Petty ! Seriously ! But we ( need) those characters for angst ( for what is a CD without angst ? ). Qing Liu finally grew a pair and spoke his truth...so it's gonna get pretty interesting here on out...
  8. Very true...it's like saying " only talk to pretty people because they are worth it "...very shallow thinking. Not every actor can be hot...and not every hot actor can act...so I always go with the drama first...but hey it's entertainment...so if folks need what looks good to entertain them...then go for it !
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