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[Drama 2016-2017] Hwarang 화랑

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Currently on episode 15, I cannot believe just how annoying Ah Ro has become. Ever since her brother came into her life, she almost did nothing but to get in danger and be saved, cry in almost every episode and frown and pout when she's not. I do not know anymore what else is her use in the story except for the love triangle which honestly is no longer as interesting. I used to ship her with dog-bird but even that became so boring, cheesy and annoying. At first it was tolerable but now it  came to a point where I often skipped scenes with her unless the whole hwarang is on it. I liked her at first but now... just seeing her makes me annoyed already.


The worst part so far was when they were in the Baekje and she got in danger again, which of course got them in trouble and made the hwarang all run to save her - never mind that they were sent there for peace talk and that a war could broke out because of them. The princess was right by telling them that they all went there to help her but now what? they got in trouble.

They were trying to save Ah Ro's character by making her do things that seems useful only to ruin it again.

The only thing that kept me from dropping this series is because I wanted to see what happens with the hwarangs.

I watched this series knowing fully well that this is purely fiction but still I thought they will do a better story showing us about the hwarang but argh! most of the focus was on the love story.
Park HS is very handsome but I am slowly losing interest with his character, especially with how he kept on wooing Ah Ro.

As of now, the character that interest me the most is Banryu and honestly speaking - his love story with SY was much more interesting than the main couple and their love triangle. I just hope that it his character and love story wouldn't get too cheesy as the main love story.

I like seeing the Princess more than Ah Ro, so I just hope her character wouldn't become annoying as well.

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