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  1. So i just got a bit of time to watch kdrama and decided to watch this and after watching 4 episodes I'm absolutely in love with this..drama.. Just started reading some insights in here by @bebebisous33 and @briseis as usual I love all of them... ( I especially liked where they brought out about water being the ELEMENT and those references in drama ) I really loved Shin hye sun's acting in this scene and she really delivered the emotions to the point that really shocked me as a viewer. cr : idleminds Now that there is no one for yeon soo to lean on or trust I want to see how she will trust on dan and how will she accept the fact that he is an angel?( Like towards the last episode we him saving her right so that means either she can see the wings or she may not see them? I'm confused myself )
  2. Hi everyone ! Kinda new to this thread... haven't been in soompi for ages... but i am so excited for this drama!! the long teaser already piqued my interest.. ( plus the fact that boyoung and ahn hyo seop are in it also hehe) so glad to see some familiar faces here so we're gonna get to see drunken boyoung again?! lol
  3. AT LAST,IT HAS ENDED THIS WAY. This week's episode was intense. I felt so bad when i saw mi rae crying in rain.
  4. good here and there my seniors irritate me other wise its fine. -2
  5. 554 @Sejabin lemme ask you something did team subtract go till 0 and come here or did team add did really good job from 200 to 554?
  6. 326 @dotonly is team sub! nice lol so we can reach 0 soon
  7. @USAFarmgirl Thank You! 444 wait isn't this the number? IDK -2
  8. 448 yes it is not too cheesy but right amount of sweetness. EVEN other characters including otp are so sweet that you keep liking almost all characters.. From CEO to the housekeeper..
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