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  1. good here and there my seniors irritate me other wise its fine. -2
  2. 554 @Sejabin lemme ask you something did team subtract go till 0 and come here or did team add did really good job from 200 to 554?
  3. 326 @dotonly is team sub! nice lol so we can reach 0 soon
  4. @USAFarmgirl Thank You! 444 wait isn't this the number? IDK -2
  5. 448 yes it is not too cheesy but right amount of sweetness. EVEN other characters including otp are so sweet that you keep liking almost all characters.. From CEO to the housekeeper..
  6. 522 I'm back! stuck up in clinical roations so will come and go lol Team subs fighting!
  7. @abnoch and @kokodus Hwaiting!!! 670 To team Add :
  8. Thirty But Seventeen and My ID is Gangnam Beauty are licensed by viu so I guess you can watch that. 618
  9. 598 LOL I got too many too! OK I can tell you one thing about but 17 it is not serious drama . I mean we got this scene.... open below if you want to see spoilers
  10. 580 (I am back the occasional visiitor )
  11. 856 I had the problem to log in too thought it was just like my usual net issue
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