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  1. Yeah good thing I back read the rest of the posts... I wouldn't know it was you QSD. Too bad you weren't able to use your old account... you had so much posts in there. Yep. I just checked it from this old QSD fan page from FB. AwwI wish I could watch it too.
  2. Hello. It's been so long! I had a lot of trouble login in and gave up lol. Good thing I am able to login now. It's so nice to see LYW being active again. Can't wait for the drama to start airing. Also I have heard that they are showing QSD in Philippines again.
  3. Finally I get to login lol. I was surprised that the "Odd Family" is actually about zombies. Seeing the teaser reminds me of Train to Busan, I thought it was a parody though. So it was the opposite of what we were all thinking. Just done watching the first episode of Fiery Priest... I heard the rating was good although I am still not much into it... we will see. It's so nice to see that KNG is appearing more and more lately unlike before where it's almost so hard to find anything about him.
  4. I agree! he do look fresh unlike what he looks like in his FM ... a bit similar to how he looks like during in 2015 for the movie Shameless. Glad that he looks fine though, seems that he was able to get enough rest.
  5. QSD is my no.1 favorite drama of LYW. Next is 49 days ( I actually feel like rewatching it again when I have the chance.) Although I do not think I can remember a lot of scenes from 49 days the way I can remember the scenes in QSD ( I will need to rewatch in order to remember them ahaha) but I was able to recall some of those scenes from the GIF's you guys have posted.... awww too bad I wasn't able to join the game. Awww why? You find them boring? Then does that mean you haven't seen Avenger's social club? I don't rewatch most of her dramas as well because a lot of them are too long or too heavy... and I rarely re-watch dramas though unless I really got addicted to it.
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