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  1. Did she actually abandon a case till now? All we saw is that she using real cases to polish the police's image (as in ep1) or postponing a case for further great result. To her, she believes she will jail the assemblyman's son after they are done with debate (we know in reality it is not going to happen but that is what she intends for now). Let's not forget his crime is doing drugs , and it is very common for VIP's to run free with drug convictions (remember YJ saying drug dealers don't tell their VIP's names). Even if he gets arrested, he will most likely not be convicted from prosecut
  2. Indeed, as you pointed out, This whole series is about trying to not cross the line of good and bad, which keeps getting blurrier the more complex the situation gets. Usually people cross this for either logical reasons (like the bigger picture for CB), or for human emotional weakness (like the wealthy couple who wants to save their face in ep 1). In SM's case, his lacks of emotions means that he probably doesn't feel jealousy, desire for power or wealth, insecurities, anger and affection that the rest feel. That's why, his judgment of things never gets cloudy with feelings, whethe
  3. Haven't logged in for more than a year, but couldn't resist not commenting on this extremely well written script (and which I already feel surpassing S1) Regarding the conversation between CB and YJ, it seems many of you think she was threatening YJ about whistle blowing, which didn't sound like that to me. Here are some quote's from the conversation: CB: "I can't stop you from doing what you think is right. Go for it". After a pause she adds "Intelligence police reports are confidential. Whoever the new Director is, I have to act as one until they com
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