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  1. Episode 1 is out! Although I'm not sure if there's English sub or not... https://www.facebook.com/HauDueMatTroiVietnam/posts/330256204414640
  2. Honestly I'm so disappointed with the subbing for this drama. Literally every recent drama including Ruyi got engsub despite not being as popular nationwide as Yanxi. Why?? Is there anyone dedicated to subbing it? Coz I'm not seeing anything anywhere aside from that ep1 on YouTube and that's it...
  3. In 2018, Vietnam bought the rights officially to the Kdrama hit, Descendants of the Sun, and is now in the process of remaking it. Descendants of the Sun (Hậu Duệ Mặt Trời in Vietnamese). TRAILER CHARACTERS Doctor Hoài Phương starred by Khả Ngân Captain Duy Kiên starred by Song Luân Staff Sergeant Bảo Huy starred by Hữu Vi Lieutenant Minh Ngọc starred by Cao Thái Hà Doctor Quang starred by Trần Phong Corporal Thắng starred by Đinh Minh Quân Sergeant Đức starred by Lâm Minh Trí Doctor Hà starred by Xì Xù Xu Nurse Linh starred by Vây Trương Staff Sergeant Trọng starred by Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE Release Date: Unknown
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