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[Drama 2016] Vampire Detective 뱀파이어 탐정

Go Seung Ji

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@bebebisous33 Gap Dong was what introduced me to Lee Joon too. He was just brilliant in that one. Still goes down as the best psycho performance in my book. I never finished HTTGV, it was the # of eps that seemed daunting. I don't why because there are US shows I've been watching for over 10 years, 30 yrs for my soaps but there is something about kdramas, that when I see there's so many eps my eyes start to glaze over the number. I don't think you will have any problems during your probation.  I'm dying too to see the first official trailer too. Hope we get some pics from the filming soon. I'm excited to see what kind of role Lee Chung Ah has.

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Vampire Detective: To suck or not to suck  


Please don’t suck! The first teaser for OCN’s new Sunday night thriller Vampire Detective is a bit more literal about the question, and puts our titular hero in a dilemma over whether or not to suck blood. Um, does he really have a choice in the matter? I thought that bloodlust was one of those unquenchable things that just comes with the territory.


The new series from OCN stars Lee Joon (Heard It Through the Grapevine) as a prickly ex-cop who suffered a major setback on the job that left him scarred. He went on to set up a private investigation agency after leaving the force, and one day suddenly becomes a vampire. The drama is about him taking on a variety of cases for his clients while digging into his own past. If the premise sounds familiar, that’s because it is — the show comes from one of the producers of Vampire Prosecutor, which had two successful seasons on OCN.

Oh Jung-se (The Lover) plays a trusted sunbae who works alongside Lee Joon at their P.I. offices, and sticks by his side even when Lee Joon turns into a vampire. He’s an innocent character who’s completely inexperienced when it comes to love. Lee Se-young (Trot Lovers) is the last member of the team, a young woman with the skills of a con artist who unexpectedly comes to work for them after an incident brings them together.

The supporting cast also includes Lee Chung-ah (Riders: Catch Tomorrow) as a mysterious woman in Lee Joon’s life; Jo Bok-rae (Yong-pal) as Lee Joon’s old partner who vanishes during an undercover operation;Kim Yoon-hye (Flower Boy Next Door) as a love interest for the hero who’s also involved in a triangle with Lee Joon’s ex-partner; Kim Ki-moo (D-Day) as a doctor who runs a tattoo parlor and does illegal surgeries in the back; and Ahn Se-ha (She Was Pretty) as a detective who’s friends with Oh Jung-se’s character.

The teaser has Lee Se-young and Oh Jung-se taking turns whispering into Lee Joon’s ear: “Suck. Don’t suck. You can just suck a little. You can’t suck! Just suck. Stop sucking. Suck. Endure. Don’t suck. Suck.” In the end he drinks the blood anyway (duh, he’s a vampire!) and declares, “It’s no fun if I only suck blood!” Okay, you can suck literally, just not figuratively.

Vampire Detective premieres Sunday, March 27 on OCN.

Source : http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/02/vampire-detective-to-suck-or-not-to-suck/


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Lee Joon to Play a Seductive Vampire


Lee Joon will transform into an alluring creature in OCN’s new drama ‘Vampire Detective’.


In the show, he will personate Yoon San, a private detective who suddenly became a vampire. While solving various cases requested by his clients, he will also discover the secrets and mysteries around him.

In the trailer video, the actor’s strong appearance draws the attention of the viewers at once. His golden eyes and cold facial expression create charismatic and attractive image. His character’s eyes change in color, from the common dark brown to marvelous gold. Lee Joon is much anticipated for playing such a rare role. Particularly, his line “it is boring to just suck on blood” brings curiosities about how he will solve cases.


Moreover, other casts add expectations to the show. Yong Gu Hyung, plays Oh Jung Se, an old friend of Yoon San, and Lee Se Young, takes the role of Han Gyeo Wool, a woman who works with the two guys in the detective agency by chance.


Lee Seung Hoon, the producer of the drama said “Lee Joon focused on making the character with the writer and the director because he wanted to play his own definition of vampire, not just any other cliché. Lee Joon added details to vampire Yoon San, like the heart-breaking experience from his past, his charisma and cheerful character. Please look forward to it.”


‘Vampire Detective’ was created as a sequel of ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ which ran for two seasons from 2011. The drama brought sensation to the viewers. According to the production company, Lee Seung Hoon, a producer and director of CJ E&M and the creator of the series, prepared for the upcoming drama for two years. Lee Joon, Oh Jung Se, Lee Se Young, Lee Chung Ah and Jo Bok Rae were casted for it.


Meanwhile, the drama will premiere on March 27 at 11pm KST. (photo by OCN)

Source : http://m.bntnews.co.uk/app/news.php?nid=28554



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