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[Drama 2016] Vampire Detective 뱀파이어 탐정

Go Seung Ji

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[Eng Trans] Vampire Detective Character Introduction


- Yoon San (Lee Joon) / The detective turned vampire

“I have to find out. Solve the case before the tragedy.”

From a rich environment, with the intelligence to be admitted in the police academy, bright personality, even a beloved girlfriend... A man who has everything with no exceptions.

But then during a routine undercover investigation, he loses all in one moment. Even the one he loves. 

While he struggles with severe injuries and shock, a former investigator asks him to work together in his newly set up detective agency... Hoping to be able to solve the case from before the tragedy, Yoon San agrees to become a detective.

- Yong Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se) / Former investigator

“Who says I won’t meet my destined woman in a crime scene?”

Never knows when and where he might meet his destined woman... Never knows if he won’t meet her even in a bloodbathed crime scene... Therefore, he’s a man always armed with the perfect plan. However he’s been solo from the womb.

Although he sucks at variety, this bachelor detective is an investigation veteran!

When Yoon San is is still badly hurt from the accident, Goo Hyung helps him return to everyday life by offering him the job of a detective in his own agency.

- Han Kyeo Wool (Lee Se Young) / An aspirant of rough nature

"Pickpockets, thieves? That's for beginners. Now I'm preparing to be an expert. Illegal hacking, financial fraud, smuggling!"

Though she has a healthy body and a refreshing and gentle expression, she enjoys wearing a boyish jumper and ripped jeans the most. 

With the tough speech and the deceiving ways she learned in the alleys, her personality is like a ping pong ball you never know where it’ll bounce to, but she has deep feelings in her heart and a warm side to her. 

Other characters

- Yona (Lee Chung Ah)

Veiled mysterious woman. 

- Kim Tae Woo (Jo Bok Rae) / Yoon San’s mate in the police academy

Together with Yoon San and Yoo Jin, they were called the elite Three Musketeers. Always sticking to one another and competing with each other they built their school days memories. 

After graduation, Tae Woo, Yoon San and Yoo Jin were assigned to an undercover investigation which resulted in a big accident. 

- Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Hye Yoon) / Yoon San’s first love and police academy mate. 

As well as being classmates in the police academy, with her bright smile she became Yoon San’s first love.

- Investigator Park (Ahn Se Ha) / Advanced investigator, Yong Goo Hyung’s junior

An investigator for whom solving cases is as important as eating. He’s the elf of the police world who finds out the truth of life in food. 

He often gets advice from the detective agency to solve unsolved cases. 

- Dr. Hwang (Kim Ki Moo) / Tattoo shop owner

Yoon san and Goo Hyung’s helper who also runs a tattoo shop. 

Being a former doctor, he takes care of Yoon San’s health and provides analysis for the clues to the accident. 

- Sera (Jei) / Dr. Hwang’s assistant

The beautiful assistant working at Dr. Hwang’s tattoo shop. Gets a henna tattoo depending on the mood of that day. She knows a variety of tricks, like make up, flower arranging, dancing, etc.

From http://program.interest.me/ocn/thevampiredetective/8/Contents/Html?h_seq=4 

Cr : @iamoutoftime (twitter) 

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So I am so excited for the drama that i made some signatures out of the teaser captures.
Feel free to use them!
If there is a little space left it would be nice if you link to Deviantart account @Kristinco :) 


other versions of this signature:





other versions of this signature:






I think I'll make more bc I have so many photos I like from the teasers.
But later when I have time.

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Lee Joon makes hearts drop in 'Vampire Detective' teaser

February 28, 2016


Welcome back Lee Joon!

The talented idol turned actor Lee Joon is making his comeback with OCN's upcoming drama, 'Vampire Detective,' showcasing a much more mature and charming side of Lee Joon we've all been waiting for.

The action-filled teaser gives a brief background of Lee Joon, who appears in the drama as a confident, and very good-looking, vampire detective who throws himself into dangerous situation because "Just suck blood isn't fun."

First episode of 'Vampire Detective' will air on March 27.

Check it out above!

Credit : http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/02/lee-joon-makes-hearts-drop-in-vampire-detective-teaser



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