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[Drama 2016] Vampire Detective 뱀파이어 탐정

Go Seung Ji

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'Vampire Detective' crew praises Lee Joon for performing his own stunts!



The crew of upcoming OCN drama 'Vampire Detective' had endless praise for Lee Joon, who has so far performed all of his own stunts!

During the drama's first day of filming, Lee Joon is reported to have performed professional Judo moves flawlessly, earning cheers from the crew and staff. In addition to Judo, the actor will be performing numerous stunts himself as a vampire with inhuman abilities. A crew member from the drama revealed, "Lee Joon's flexibility as a dance major allows him to be flexible and agile for fighting. He has so far performed difficult stunts perfectly by himself, so expect great things." 

Way to go Lee Joon! Check out his manly still-cuts below, and catch 'Vampire Detective' this coming March 27!


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so many updates....

Thank you  for stills, posters, characters poster, instagram photos, and character intro.. photos, and articles.  @joonahlisa_89@eyjooniesh,

Thank you for videos and teasers, @joonahlisa_89, @plappi, @eyjooniesh

Thank you also for the Character introductions in English translations, @joonahlisa_89

Love Lee Joon's different color eyes.. So happy it's coming this month!

Good news!  DramaFever has already licensed it for us! Smiley   


Vampire Detective releases a pack of teasers featuring its seductive cast



Vampire Detective, the upcoming OCN series that's a spinoff of Vampire Prosecutor, recently released a big batch of trailers featuring its seductive cast members Lee JoonLee Se Young, Oh Jung Se, and Lee Chung Ah, and the results are mysterious, sexy, and humorous all at the same time! 


A part-time detective and full-time vampire (Lee Joon) must maintain his secret identity as he solves cases using his unique abilities in this spin-off of the popular Vampire Prosecutor series!

Trailer 1


  Trailer 2

Character Teasers





Doesn't this drama look like a lot of fun?

Vampire Detective premieres on DramaFever on March 27. Add it to your queue now!

Please thank DramaFever on their blog, and click on "Awesome" button.


  ***Footnote**  I only included the teasers that were subbed by DramaFever.  I did not want to repeat what  was already offered on this thread.

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[Pic] VD Character Introduction!

Yoon San ( Lee Joon )




Yong Goo-Hyung ( Oh Jung-Se)




Han Gyeo-Wool ( Lee Se-Young)





D-21 ->VD Ep.1!!! super excited!! :lol:


<Vampire detective > with detective trio. Please look forward to the first broadcast March 27 a lot a lot ~ (Google trans)

Source : OCN http://m.blog.naver.com/ocnblog/220645369731



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Vampire Prosecutor (Min Tae-Yeon) vs Vampire Detective (Yoon San)!


첫 번째로 <뱀파이어 검사> 민검사님의 나이는 30대!

반면 <뱀파이어 탐정> 윤탐정의 나이는 20대!

한층 젊은 나이의 윤탐정!

더 영~ 해진 뱀파이어의 등장, 기대 만땅!



제목에서 알 수 있듯이 두 사람의 직업

각각 검사 탐정으로 다르답니다!

검사인 민태연은 명령에 의해 상부에서 내리는 사건을

공권력을 사용해 수사한다면,

탐정인 윤산은 의뢰인이 의뢰한 사건을 법의 테두리 안에서

인적 네트워크와 지식을 사용해서 해결한다는 점~

사건을 맡게 되는 경위와 해결 방법은 다르지만



그리고 뱀파이어에게 가장 중요한 피!

민태연은 죽은 자의 피를 마셔

그 사람이 죽기 직전 겪었던 일을 볼 수 있었죠!



반면 윤산은 피를 보는 순간

그 피가 흐른 이유를 알게 되며 사건의 단서를 획득하고,

에너지를 소비한 후 피를 흡입해 체력을 보충합니다!



또한 너무나도 다른 두 사람의 패션!

민태연 검사는 검사라는 직업에 걸맞는 수트!

기승전 수트! 캐주얼이라도 자켓은 꼭 입는 쎈쑤!


그러나 윤산의 패션은 젊은 나이를 반영하여

가죽자켓이나 점퍼 등 캐주얼하게 마무으리!

(남자의 완성이라는 수트도 가끔 볼 수 이쏘요-)



그 외에도 미묘하게 다른 두 사람의 액션!

뱀파이어인 만큼 액션이 빠질 수 없지만

민태연의 액션은 섬세하고,

윤산의 액션은 민첩하고 날렵하다는 사실!

(슉슉- 슉슉- 이거슨 입에서 나는 소리가 아니여)



이런 두 사람의 액션을 표현하기 위해

<뱀파이어 검사>에서는 액션을 슬로우로 표현한 장면이 많았고,

<뱀파이어 탐정>에서는 와이어 액션 등 공중에서 펼쳐지는

역동적이고 날렵한 다양한 액션이 등장할 예정입니다!


하지만 두 사람의 능력치는 비교 불가!

둘 다 넘나 대단한 뱀파이어이니까...


Other characters..VP vs VD..


두 사람 모두 비밀은 무덤까지!

뱀파이어와 의리를 지키는 의리남이지만

황순범은 민태연의 부탁을 순종적으로 들어주는 반면

용구형은 앞에서는 틱틱거리며 싫다고 하지만

결국 윤산의 부탁을 다 들어주는 이 시대의 진정한 츤데레!



그리고 수사팀의 어여쁜 홍일점!

단아한 매력이 돋보였던 유정인과

거친 매력의 소유자인 한겨울!

스타일은 전혀 반대지만 두 분 다 너무 이쁘십니다요.


Source : OCN http://blog.naver.com/ocnblog/220648228594


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Min Tae Yeon from Vampire Prosecutor drinks blood of the dead, and get to see what happen before the victim dies, I wonder what Detective Yoonsan will do to investigate and survive, is it the same as Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon?

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Here is an article in English with the imagery posted by @joonahlisa_89 and @eyjooniesh


"Vampire Detective" VS "Vampire Prosecutor", the differences


Some new vampire stories are headed for OCN.

"Vampire Detective" is about a private detective named Yoon San (Lee Joon) who becomes a vampire one day and solves various cases. At the same time he looks for answers for the mysteries surrounding him. This is the first vampire detective story in Korea starring Lee Joon, Oh Jeong-se, Lee Se-yeong, Lee Cheong-ah and Jo Bok-rae.

"Vampire Detective" is another one of the vampire series like "Vampire Prosecutor" which started in 2011 and rated as high as 4%. However, there are differences and similarities between the two.


First, we take a look at their similarities. "Vampire Prosecutor" and "Vampire Detective" are fantasy action investigation stories in which the main characters unexpectedly become vampires and use their powers to solve crime. "Vampire Detective" is presented by CJ E&M's director Lee Seung-hoon-IV who also helped direct "Vampire Prosecutor" and "Vampire Prosecutor 2".

The biggest difference between the two is that the main characters of the story have different jobs: one is a detective and the other is a prosecutor. In "Vampire Prosecutor", Yeon Jeong-hoon uses cases given to him by the superior office to investigate, while in "Vampire Detective", Lee Joon is a private detective who uses his various networks and personal abilities to solve various cases for clients. Also, in "Vampire Detective", Lee Joon is younger blood so there are going to be more stimulating actions scenes. The comparison between "Vampire Detective" and "Vampire Prosecutor" on the OCN official blog also stands out; age, job, the usage of blood, fashion and their helpers.

CJ E&M Lee Seung-hoon said, ""Vampire Prosecutor" brought on a craze as the first vampire investigative drama in Korea. "Vampire Detective" is the pride of OCN and uses only the benefits of a detective drama to present entertainment".

Meanwhile, "Vampire Detective" can be seen on the 27th at 11PM.




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Still cuts ~


함께 진지하게 고민하기도 하고


서로를 바라보며 웃기도 하고



무릎 꿇고 앉아서 의상 체크도 해주며


Source : http://blog.naver.com/ocnblog

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another action-packed filled investigative drama to look forward too!! im soooo excited for this!! :) i hope its good and i hope they'll make the cases interesting!! love this kind of drama...i also watched vampire prosecutor and got hooked on it! this reminds me of that. 

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