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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Panda Report 3: Observations by Yours Truly who has finally received her own set of Panda Documentary 1) Panda couple chit chat plus group chit chat - the body language and communication between our P

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

Wonderful weekend! This time next week, we’ll be watching ‘backstreet rookie’ episode 2! 

Our couple both busy working hard and promoting their drama and magazines respectively! Kudos guys! If you’re being you should proof your worth you both are worth the money!



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Hello chingus that are still reading the posts on this ship! We are not able to link IG posts of other people on Soompi forums! Just that people should know though, all of my IG posts have been approved by the owners. I usually ask them since they are chingus on IGs. 
Now onto our guy’s JCW new drama, ‘Backstreet Rookie’ what is this that I am reading on IG that some knetz are asking for cancellations! They must be kidding right?! We all know the details of the drama from the ads and all the information put out before the broadcast, so now what’s the point of going against it. The romance doesn’t begin till the ‘fictionary’ girl is an adult! I believe that they are just threatened by our guy and the drama that it might be better than their bias!

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Watch "[RARE BTS CLIPS] Healer ChangMin Couple Love Scenes Mix FMV | Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young" on YouTube


Still down with this ship, his chem with Pmy holds different not as playful as with other costars but really careful and just in awe of her. Who can blame him Pmy is a literal goddess, still remember his heart fluttering interviews about her and her about him. 


Based on the last interaction at the Asian artist awards in 2019 its fair to say they still keep in touch and are comfortable with one another. Even if they are not in a relationship I still hope they can work together, any scraps they send my way I'm down for but something like flower of evil would be amazing. 

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