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  1. Yesss!!! on SJK's best actor nomination. Elated for him! This is an overdue consolation of not getting his fair due in arthdal chronicles.
  2. Also wwwsk haha aired on TVN haha, hopefully all this wishful thinking manifests. Weirdly I always ship couples in shows where there's a romance subplot rather than a pure romance show, wwwsk is an example despite the hot scenes I find vinc/cha young's chemistry more explosive even with the limited skinship. But I still want their explosive chemistry to be milked to the fullest, for that just one hot scene should be a must.
  3. I don't see why not lol , k drama's especially within the last year (with shows such as world of the married, FOE & lovestruck) have been very bold with their steamy scenes.
  4. Happy belated birthday to the thriller queen. Island can't come soon enough!
  5. Not ashamed to say that I replayed the kiss scene countless times, took me a while to finish the episode haha, I hope there's a steamy bed scene next (gosh I'm such a pervert lol),thankfully there's still a few episodes left, enough time to squeeze in sexy time. Also this EP gave me matt/elektra vibes (the last fictional couple I was obsessed with). Sometimes I have a tendency to skip scenes in shows with some irrelevant side character, but here I find myself appreciating all the characters.
  6. Haha true in a western drama we would've had an explicit bed/kissing scene. But I appreciate that this is not the norm in kdrama's, I feel like without the build up of chemistry/electricity it adds nothing. But here I'm appreciating the slow burn it adds to the sexual intensity and when they do finally make out you'll feel the tingles/fireworks. For the time being ofcourse I can't wait for their kiss scene but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying their collaboration and witty interactions, lol I'm easily pleased.
  7. Loving that she's focused on music for the time being but I also miss seeing her on screen, seems like she filmed the "dream" movie with PSJ a while ago but there's barely any updates just a one still of PSJ.
  8. Loving how much darker the shows getting. Also the cinematography is top notch especially as the episode ends. Love that we got some mafia action too makes SJK that much hotter (neither found him that attractive before) now I can't wait for my weekly dose of him in his fine designer suit wearing self, he looks even sexier with a gun (yep I sound messed up) . And Mr Tak! :0 haha did not expect that at all. And as always loving the crumbs we're getting from our couple, their sexual tension is at an all time peak.. and now cha young is whipped too how cute was she when she tried to
  9. OK with these recent bts's, Im trying my best not to ship them.... but then again they know what they're doing lol so I'm deeming this harmless!
  10. Agree perhaps an unpopular opinion but I also felt like song songs chemistry in dots was bland/dry and seemed more sibling like. There was also more effort from SJK's so maybe this could be attributed to SHK's mediocre acting. There was definitely more chemistry with SJK and kim ji Won characters loved the playful vibe they had. Acting with SJK sadly does come with its burdens I remember in Arthdal chronicles press, SJK was asked how SHK feels about him working with Kjw... imagine the awkwardness I think during that time he was separated from SHK but it wasn't official.
  11. It'd be good if Kang Hanna was lead in this, quite sad how she's playing second fiddle to mediocre actresses. He's gonna play opposite Song Hyo Kyo in his next role, who I find to be a meh actress but she's a big name atleast.
  12. Agree. Eventhough, she's not an A lister, she's a proven skilled actress(she was amazing in be melodramatic) . In this role she's supposed to be ott, it's annoying how her critics don't get that. She's basically the comedic relief of the show, without her it'd be kinda bland imo. Haha that scene was hilarious. It's endearing how Vinc is warming up to her quirks lol, hes totally whipped now.
  13. Cha young owned this episode. Its good that theres more to her than she let's on and that her weirdness is a facade . This facade though does sure come in handy. And her chem with Vinc just keeps getting, the sexual tension though damn.
  14. She's the absolute cutest! These days she radiates peace/happiness and it shows with her glow.
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