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  1. Well, it is a fact I think that anyone from their "team" will check on the feedbacks and for sure, they check here. Who knows? Maybe, even herself, right? Minyoungsshi? I just finished watching ep. 2 and thank God, with english subs... is getting better... and I think I it's getting interesting... Why do I i get the feeling he has some resemblance with PSJ or is it only me seeing that? But #ParkPark or #Bubi couple is still the real thing.
  2. what about clearing way on strict stipulations??? Oh please do not get me wrong...lols I just thought of that... just thought of that ok? About the video in the premiere night (right?) If you know Minyoungsshi well, you would understand her action was comfortably done with people around them. So, it did not have malice at all. I cannot sense anything more than friendship in that touch on the shoulder. And the way, he looked at her, was normal too. Isn't it her bff in the drama is close to psj in real life?
  3. Well, I have watched it and tho' I cannot understand what they're saying (no eng subs yet) nevertheless, I think it will pick-up as time goes. It is still ep. 1. I do not know how the webtoon is but I would not dare criticize it as early as now and I am not for that anyway. I want to watch and I will. I trust the director, crew and of course, all the artists. Just one thing, and just saying, I did not feel yet that chemistry between the two main characters. Or maybe, not just yet but it will show in ep. 2.
  4. Just wanna share ... https://myasiantv.to/drama/her-private-life/episode-1/ waiting for eng sub ... Also uploaded in viki... and eng sub there is quicker...
  5. Hello there! Silent for months but from time to time checking on what's going on in here. Am happy that this thread is still going on tho' I never doubt. I am looking for an upload of the HPL ep 1 but cannot find one yet. And how Minyoung sshi is. No question about how beautiful she is.
  6. Good day to all shippers or not or are PPC Supporters. Just a reaction and point of clarification to a post I just read Each of us have our own busy lives to live >>> work, family, etc. And i believe not because old familiar names are not seen here posting nor commenting nor actively participating in the discussions means they do not read nor are updated about PPC. (Like me?) I think they are just around the corner...you know. PPC Shippers and supporters are numerous and scattered in many places. PPC are so private from even before WWWSK so .... let's keep it that way. Thank you for keeping this thread alive. Take care everyone!
  7. Annyeonghasaeyo everyone (hand waiving) It's been sometime since I visited this thread. Anyway, at last, PPC attended the Cosmo Event and that's really good. I tried to read back some pages and I've noticed there are new names I haven't seen before. That is also good meaning supporters of PPC are increasing in numbers. That's about all I want to say for now. Keep the thread going and just a personal piece of advice, let your comments be full of positivity remembering that we are only shippers and although, there maybe lots of speculations and delulus... still their private life is theirs. Take care everyone!!! Bye for now.
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