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  1. Anyeong to everyone here It's been a while ..for me at least....a very, very,very long while before I am able to post here again. Well, work is not something I can ignore. Tho' I do check and read from time to time (when I have the chance). Welcome to all the new PPC shippers and supporters. And to my old friends who are still here, Hello to all of you, too. Hoping everyone is okay wherever you are despite the still ongoing COVID19 pandemic. I won't say anything much for now but our PPC or their eyes are reading and checking here as proven from before. Believe it or not, they do read and check . Most of the things I've read here are stating coincidences which our PPC are doing ...oh! they're just coincidences lolsss About Unnie Minyoung ... always private yet showing her true heart. (something removed but won't say what and where) Oh, I always look at that Unnie but recently, it's gone or shall I say, for many months now, right Unnie? " So, when something is deleted, it no longer mean important as it never deserve to be important anyway... and as for you, Dear Seo Joon, salute ! Patiently .... in due time ... Take care everyone P.S. It usually never happens in Korean drama which is the re-teaming-up of lead characters, but I really hope and pray, PPC will be an exemption to that norm. A sequel to WWWSK or another drama but a series one lolsssss #fingerscrossed
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