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  1. WOW knowing that JCW himself wrote this song makes it even more delightful to watch healer and the power of this OTP! Can never be compared to any other OTP! Hands down, the best couple
  2. Our girl has been spamming the IG today! Good girl and wonderful promotion for your upcoming drama! Not to worry dear, we are equally excited and waiting for it! Your posts dear have influenced some of your fans, mua included so I had to post some of the creations on IGs. Have fun while working in Milan, return safe back home soon! Love love!
  3. Both of our couple posted today! Happy Valentine Day! One playing a piano and the other on a motorcycle! Wow! Going on a date to meet someone? Please spend your valentine with joy and love! The greatest thing is love!
  4. Not that we are surprised by this write up! One of the reasons I still like Kdrama! I prefer stories with life in it not fluffy kind nor stereotypical ones! Healer is the best and so are our OTP. Keep up the good PMY, keeping in touch with your fans and promoting your up coming drama well! I am one of those looking forward to seeing you on the screen again! Fighting!!!
  5. WOW! Our girl is promoting her new drama nicely and wants everyone to pay attention! Not to worry dear we are waiting patiently! Wookie is not lagging behind himself! We are lucky to have our OTP putting all of their efforts into their work! We love them for that! We will continue to support you in all of your work because we trust you and you guys know yourself best! So JCW, I am looking forward to your next drama too!
  6. Balance! That’s what our guy posted on his IG and our girl also posted! Lol https://www.instagram.com/p/B7k0w3tlU4_/?igshid=1iipplouvow4f https://www.instagram.com/p/B7lZyTrAVyQ/?igshid=gf0l1wfru20h let’s balance our lives, as much as we ship there are basic principles of respect we must follow! Our OTP don’t always appreciate silly comments on their IGs they are inappropriate and nonproductive. We should be a shipper careful and respectful because we don’t know them personally and what we write will NOT make them change their decisions, so let’s balance our shipping with reality.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7cM0O8ngXh/?igshid=vvyst87sk1wo https://www.instagram.com/p/B7cMnESnhgd/?igshid=y4vvg8nirkxm https://www.instagram.com/p/B7cMEeonvb_/?igshid=48ax5sb5yqx1
  8. WOW it’s been almost a week since my last post, it is still Thursday, the 16 here in my part of the world. A lot has happened today for our couple and in the past few days as a matter of fact. JCW now has two projects lined up and also a phot shoot with Calvin Kline! Wow I am happy for them! PMY is happily shooting her upcoming drama! Just love our couple, living their lives and promoting their upcoming projects.
  9. Happy New Year! WOW lots of wonderful things are happening in the lives of our couple! I have been away from the forum because of real life happenings! First I returned from vacation and have to start teaching new term with new books! If you teach, you know that means new syllabus and materials! I am still very busy, but I have to come back to this forum to post something and write few things. WOW our guy has started his 2020 tour and the news has it that our girl will have a fan meet in Seoul soon! I am happy for both of them! I read that PMY was ill few days ago, that usually happens to the best of us in this season, I pray for a complete recovery for her. I saw IG post of JCW going to Japan, he really protected his voice with the coverings, happy to see that he was taking good care of himself. There are so many posts of his fan meeting, I will wait to post such now, I have to go back to work. Wonderful year for all of us!
  10. As the year ends, happy changminers and Healerrites! What a wonderful ride with our couple! The highlights for us in 2019 was AAA award nights. We were given a wonderful gift by our couple after 5 years! We are happy for them because they were together on a very important day of their lives. They have given us so much happiness in their work and in watching them interact! We pray that both of your next projects will be better than all your previous ones! We never want you to glory in past projects, but to continue to grow and master your craft in new dimensions! I wish for you all the happiness that you want and deserve! Happy New year! My vacation here ends today, so I should be back in my base! Welcome all, to the New decade! I am excited for all the wonderful things that will happen in our lives.
  11. It’s Boxing Day! As it should, opening of gifts is the order of today! Our guy and our girl have not disappointed us! One posted of lush green grass of Miami landscapes while the other posted of wearing sweats shirts and pants wanting the weather to change! Lol these two! Love their philosophical of expressions
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to our OTP and all who love them out there! May we all enjoy the season’s blessings
  13. These two have posting constantly, especially JCW in the past few days! Are you comparing notes?!
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/B6THNeuJTnO/?igshid=purvqigepqxk For people who didn’t know about him, he’s been on magazine covers smoking and no one criticize him then, so he posted himself smoking and it became an issue, double standard, I would say!
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