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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~


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haii guys.. newbie here.. I have watch healer several times.. I love this drama.. but actually I don't active in healer thread.. I am just lurking there..
and now.. about this thread.. I decide to join you guys..

cuz so many question in my mind.. first of all I just watch their drama.. and till ep 6.. I got curious about this two.. and then I watch their press con interaction.. there is nothing special there.. min young call him "chang wook shii".. and JCW call PMY "noona" right? so there is nothing between them..

and I see this healer guy eyes when look at young shin.. Is that real or just act?

so I watch their interaction in KBS award.. what happen between them? they can not contact their eyes each other.. what those look LOVE BIRD eyes on JCW's.. and why PMY being so shy around him.. their body language lead me.. this two seems to be something happen..

and JCW no longer call her "noona" just stare at her with love..

wooww.. that stare and gaze eyes.. its love I could see that.. for PMY or CYS.. i couldn't sever it..

some one in this thread have same sense as me..

sorry.. if my comment too far.. and I decide to see them further.. maybe their BTS could approve that JCW no longer call PMY "noona" please..
:x :\">

I am not JCW fans.. and PMY fans either..
I just know JCW from his popular drama with HJW.. I even didn't watch that drama cuz its not my cup of tea..

and same as PMY.. sorry for PMY's fans.. I never watch her drama even her awesome drama with LMH... I just know that drama.. I didn't ship PMY and LMH either hehehee..

really2 sorry guys..
cuz I am being honest with you..

but I see different vibe here between JCW and PMY.. am I wrong?

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Hello .. everyone, not sure why I am here in the first place..... cause I don't like couple's thread for 1001 reasons hehehe, but I do love PMY and have checked all her works since SKKS.  When someone suggested to put up a couple's thread for JCW and PMY, I almost said oh please "NO" but thought it's impossible not to...  their chemistry on screen is explosive, they look good together, their acting collaboration is great and Healer is an awesome drama. 

Going back to the presscon.....don't know if anyone noticed... but find it cute that  JCW paused for a second and smile before calling her noona.   Contrary to what some are saying, I think they are more comfortable during the first presscon but acted a bit shy in the second interview where they were wearing same clothes they were wearing in episode 8. 

Following a line from Beauty and the Beast.... there's something there that wasn't there before and we are just half-way in this drama :x :x :x

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marie67 said: @tianashi please dont quote the videos or pictures/gifs or else we will get a warning from the moderators.
So I see some want to name our couple SooShin and others ChangMin. What will it be? I like them both :P.
Their kiss scene was uploaded yesterday on KBS channel on youtube and it already has almost reached 14.000views! They're getting more and more recognition so happy for them :)

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