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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~


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Ywackquote class="Quote" rel="marie67">@sarskinz yeah me too. Long hair suits her so good.

Can you please not quote pictures please? We have been warned before by the moderators. Else, they will close this thread. Thanx

Yeah short hair makes her look older. But if she kept her long hair then I'd think the drama would be too similar to City Hunter.

Oops sorry I wasn't aware, thanks for letting me know!

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He is like: "Where are you going Noona? Come into my arms, I will embrace you warmly".She is like: "Ehm..the camera's are rolling and everybody is looking".JCW: "Don't pay attention to them, just look at me".


PMY closes her eyes and leans in: "Ok, if you say so".JCW closes his eyes: "Yeah...."

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Guest blossomnagr

January 2, 2015

[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young share a long kiss in the snow
The production team of “Healer” has released behind-the-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young filming their romantic “snow kiss”.

In the pictures released on 2 Jan, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, whose eyes are not covered by her hat, are shown rehearsing for their kiss. The loving and romantic kiss where her eyes were covered was filmed in a different atmosphere. With white snow falling on them and their bright smiles, their lovey dovey relationship on the film set and the two actors who are full of jokes can be seen.

In order to create a perfect kissing scene, Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young were focused and worked on grasping the feeling just before filming began, but they were unable to hide the surge of embarrassment and joked around to relieve the awkwardness, drawing laughter from the staff. In order to capture the kissing scene with the matching snow through various camera angles, the kissing scene was repeatedly filmed over more than two hours.

The “Healer” production team said, “Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young got closer to each other over the long period of filming and made the atmosphere at film set very friendly, and they will steadily show a better chemistry. So the kiss scene this time turned out more beautifully. Episode 9 will show what kind of reaction Jung Hu and Young Shin will have after the kiss, so please look forward to it.”

The first kiss between Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young shown in episode 8 that was aired on 30 December drew explosive reaction from viewers. The scene was dubbed as “snow kiss”, “hat kiss”, “Spiderman kiss”, “thief’s kiss”, “rooftop kiss” etc, making the audiences excited.

Osen, TV Daily


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Guest AnneVarattha

To our lovely ChangMin shippers

This is their reaction after KBS: the best couple awards part has just ended and other couples were seen bended down and thank you the audience.

BUT! what was our Chang-Min did is different hehe ! They are the only one didn't bend down but just turn around and chitchat with each other instead kekekeke.

AND  our always-shy-JCW even escorted PMY with his left hand embraced her back well well well, Something is fishy hereeeee 
:\"> :P
Credit: me




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ah finally, ChangMin couple thread !
annyeong :)>-

Healer stop seeing Young-shin as a job and now looks at her as a leopard err woman, and from his loving gazes JCW ssi doing same with PMY omo!
When Seo in Guk ask their thoughts about being Best Couple, i think PMY answer is more about asking continued support as a Healer couple, but JCW ssi answer for me has nothing to do with drama whatsoever :))
Ji Chang Wook : "Ya, we will be more lovely in the future. Heh.Really. Please look forward to it!"
- seems youre looking forward to it alot more than we do.  ;;)

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Guest AnneVarattha

The first part of KBS awards ceremony.Chang-min moments

-5.50 When PMY introduces herself as MC and I don't know why the camera has to switch to JCW LOL. Just get crazy a bit hehehehehe. -7.25 When PMY says hi to her partner JCW and then laugh so giddy, so cuteeee <3 <3 <3 <3
Here's the second part of KBS awards ceremony.  Chang-min moments


-9.00 When Gook joo interview JCW and he mentioned PMY.
-17.15 When Male MC mocking the couple that last night episode 8 JCW and PMY just have a hat kiss/ snowy kiss
-23.00 Acceptance speech of Chang-min couple
-32.20 Seo ii gook mentioned about JCW PMY's Drama (and What's with the family drama couple too) that's still on-air and is yet to know what will the couple be in the future how will their love story grow (i guess)
-32.50 When they finished couple award

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