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^i hope that the ratings will pick up too and that more positive comments will come as the drama airs

i dont know with others but the chemistry is already there

we are only on episode 2

its something that will grow on you as you watched

i want binmin to be comfortable so they can show more of their amazing chemistry as the show progresses

if it will be translate into real life romance

thats a big bonus

i want ji min to get married already lol

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Past life, grandmother and paternal grandchild
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Annyeong BinMin shippers, its my first time to visit this thread but I've been secretly shipping. Already watched the 2 episodes and read articles about them and all I can say this couple's chemistry is explosive lol. Done scanning all the pages here and I'm grinning like an idiot rn and screaming at the top my lungs with all their interactions haha. I have a lot of things to say but I'm not so good in expressing myself hihi

First, I both love hyun bin and han ji min individually, both are very good looking, great actors and seemed to be kind. When I heard about them starring on a movie though they are enemy in the story I thought they will make a good couple both onscreen and offscreen :smiley: I'm not so new to shipping couples and I know i can be delulu sometimes but I think if they will show more interactions and good chemistry in the drama, BinMin will be my most fave/biggest ship. Cuz of their age, if ever are really single and will start to date, they'll marry sooner than younger couples that I ship.

Secondly, them pairing in HJI excites me that I started to watch videos and articles about them and there are many stuffs to spazz. HB first movie and drama after military service are both with hjm. My guts tell me that he likes to work with her again after the movie. He mentioned after the movie that he thinks hjm is one of the prettiest actress and confirmed recently that he still thinks the same. They only have few screentime in the movie but their interaction on fatal encounter press conference is something. The way they look and smile to each other, there are times that they would unconciously look each other and then immediately lookaway, so cute awkwardness. In HJI press con. HB is so caring and his gaze is so different and this time HJM seemed to be shy to him. Hihi I know I'm over analyzing but I cant help it there is some kind of warmth about them. I'll be sharing an old article that is so spazz worthy :)

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Han Ji Min Almost Ran Hyun Bin Over with Her Car When They First Met

Even before they met together for their new movie, Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin had a special run-in with each other.

On April 2, Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin gathered at the press conference for the new movie The King’s Wrath at the Lotte Cinema near Konkuk University.

During the press conference, Han Ji Min admitted that due to the plot of the story, in which they play rivals, she hasn’t talked to Hyun Bin a lot.

However, the director mentioned that the two actors actually have a very interesting first encounter.

“I was late while driving somewhere so I was hurrying, when someone popped up. I hit the brakes, and it was Hyun Bin,” explained Han Ji Min. “I was so surprised. That was how we first met.”

“I actually didn’t really know,” Hyun Bin added, “It was something that happened when I was headed to my office, which was nearby.”

Director Lee Jae Gyu joked that the two always started out with an ill-fated relationship.

The King’s Wrath will premiere on April 30.

source: mwave

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This couple is so confusing!!!

On the SBS website, most of the comments (out of 7 lol) for the ice-dancing BTS video are telling HB and HJM to date. After their King's Wrath movie promotion rounds, a few people thought they had a "some" relationship, and after this BTS, a few others think so too. I don't know if fans/we are delusional or if the two really are something. You can obviously tell they're good friends (probably due to their same age), but it's so hard to tell if they're more than that. I wouldn't be surprised if HJM had a little crush on HB, but HB is harder to read. HB is usually a gentleman with all his female acting partners so I try not to read too much into his caring actions to HJM. Sometimes, his little actions show interest but other times they show that he isn't interested, so it's confusing. For one, he's constantly staring at her. During the SBS awards promo, he was looking at her when she started speaking, which isn't abnormal, but he quickly looked away, like he had been caught or something. But for the most part, his words/actions don't show great interest, which is sad because I've been shipping them since even before King's Wrath. I've shipped HJM with almost every male actor she's acted with (KJH, SJS, PYC), so it's no surprise that I ship her with HB now, but I really want them to just get married because they're so similar.

Fun fact: Some of HB's friends married same-aged women, like Jang Dong Gun and Cha Tae Hyun. JDG is HB's best hyung, so when I saw the Amore concert and HJM and Go So Young were standing together I got so excited, but then found out they were both presenters. But then HJM wore at least two clothing pieces designed by GSY (maybe just coincidence?). BTW, I also noticed they had uploaded ALS videos around the same time with similar scenery, but I think it was just a coincidence because I think they were nominated around the same time by different people and Korea has a lot of shrubbery.

This is rather unrelated, but I always thought HJM and Lee Bo Young were similar because they're both so bright and down-to-earth and always make their dramas' sets good environments. Then I found out they went to the same school, Seoul Women's University (HJM - social welfare undergrad, LBY - classic literature grad). So I hope there's no animosity between JS-LBY and HB-HJM due to the competition/comparisons of their dramas.

Anyway, looking at this as objectively as possible, I don't think they're dating and part of me is worried HB may start to resent HJM for both his movie and drama failures and their friendship will be damaged. But hopefully I'm just being paranoid and they stay good friends or better yet become lovers. But at the end of the day, I need a life. LOL

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Hyun Bin is mature and responsible enough to assume the consequences that come with his decisions. Perhaps Hyde, Jekyll, and I's dismal ratings might dampen his spirit, but he's not one to shift the blame to Han Ji Min or to others.

BinMin's dedication and committment are commendable, so ratings shouldn't mean much.

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I just hope hyun bin is not that immature to blame han ji min on his comeback drama and movie

on his movie han ji min only has a few scenes lol

and its the story that is the main problem but still it managed to draw 3million plus viewers

and for the drama

its too early to tell

i hope it will have decent ratings and it will not affect whatever friendship they have

for me it will be a bonus of they date in real life

im a han ji min fan

i just want her to have fun, live life and get married with the guy that will love her :x

it will be perfect if it will be hyun bin =))

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