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  1. Hello everyone, just dropping by to thank you all for the updates i really appreciate all your hardwork to make all her internatinal fans uodated! I really like her ongoing drama and her chemistry to Jung hae in... Jung hae in is not the first described hjm as an angel the leader of Beast/Highlight Yoon doo joon also described hjm like an angel the interviewed happened in 2014 on their show ( i forget the title) The member ask who are their ideal type and ydj said hjm and described her like an angel the two are good friend since they work together @danbi a reality tv show when jimin as the guest! You can see the link of the interviewed on the 1st page of this thread
  2. https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Light_in_Your_Eyes/Episode_Ratings
  3. https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Light_in_Your_Eyes/Episode_Ratings
  4. Congratulation Han ji min! You made me cry while watching your acceptance speech.. So proud of you..your long timte loyal fan!
  5. Chinggus here is the Guerilla Date with engsub at 29:00 https://ondramanice.co/entertainment-weekly/watch-entertainment-weekly-episode-1732-online video credit to the owner!
  6. Guerilla Date! credit to the owner! credit to the owner
  7. Han ji Min in White dress in BIFF opening Ceremony!
  8. And this one I love title of this video "WHY HAN JI MIN IS LOVE BY EVERYONE!"
  9. I found out this video while searching for Han ji min interviewed with engsub! Happy Together Ep.557 - Ji Sang Ryeol bluffing in front of Han Ji Min
  10. [Showbiz Korea] Kim Nam-gil & Han Ji-min will host the opening ceremony of BIFF
  11. Hello to all! Here's Han Ji min last week interviewed for Miss Baek on Entertainment weekly with eng. sub at 37:44 https://ondramanice.tv/entertainment-weekly/watch-entertainment-weekly-episode-1730-online
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