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Name: 현빈 / Hyun Bin (Hyeon Bin)
Real Name: 김태평 / Kim Tae Pyung (Gim Tae Pyeong)
Profession: Actor - Model

Birthdate: 1982-Sep-25
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
Star Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Family: Older Brother
Talent Agency: O&Entertainment
Education: Jungang University (Acting Major)
Hobbies: Swimming - Playing Basketball - Watching Plays



» TV Series

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (SBS, 2015)

Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)

Friend, Our Legend (2009)

The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008)

The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006)

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005)

Ireland (MBC, 2004)

Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003)

Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003)

» Movies

The King's Wrath (2014)

Late Autumn (2010)

I’m very Happy (2008)

A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

Daddy Long Legs (2005)

Spin Kick (2004)

Shower (2002)



cr: minnie91

Name: 한지민 / Han Ji Min
Profession: Actress - Model
Birthdate: 1982-Nov-05
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Star Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Family: Grandmother - Parents - Older Sister
Education: Suh Moon Girl’s Middle School & Seoul Women’s University (Social Science Major)


 » TV Series

Hyde, Jekyll, Me (SBS, 2015)

Rooftop Prince (SBS, 2012)

Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (jTBC, 2011)

Cain and Abel (SBS, 2009)

Yi San – King Jeong Jo (MBC, 2007)

Capital Scandal (KBS2, 2007)

Invincible Parachute Agent (SBS, 2006)

Great Inheritance (KBS, 2006)

Wolf (MBC, 2006)

Resurrection (KBS, 2005)

Dae Jang Geum (MBC, 2004)

All In (SBS, 2003)

Good Person (MBC, 2003)

» Movies

The King's Wrath (2014)

The Plan Man (2014)

Detective K (2011)

The Cut (2007)

Blue Swallow (2005)

Credits: KoreanDrama


cr: the-color-of-the-sun

skz2F8t.png(cr @matahari123).

  • HJM almost hit HB with her car (love at first sight Lol) before shooting FTE.
  • FTE start shooting Sept 2013.
  • Japan Fan Meeting 15 Feb 2014  ( HB watched Plan Man and booked all tickets).
  • FTE press conference 2 April 2014.
  • HJM is the prettiest (HB guerilla Date)  12 April 2014.
  • HB Highcut Magazine interview released on 17 April 2014 (where he defend HJM’s role).
  • FTE stage greetings   30 April – 14 May 2014 ( FTE premiere 30 April 2014..he stares at her  a lot during the stage greetings).
  • For the Emperor premiere 9 June 2014 (where they sat side by side).
  • Upload ice bucket challenge on the same date  22 Aug 2014.
  • HB confirmed casting for Hajina Oct 8, 2014.
  • HJM confirmed casting for Hajina Oct 17, 2014.
  • Hajina script reading  2 Dec 2014.
  • Hajina aired  jan – march 2015.
  • SBS midnight interview 25 Jan 2015.
  • KBS entertainment weekly 6 Feb 2015 (HJM said she is learning to cook ..For HB probably Lol).


» Part 1.
(cr @amberster)


Part 1

Hi all friends, I know some of you who have joined this thread from the beginning have been asking me on my very first post on "Something Fishy". From the beginning of the drama I find sth fishy between this dimple couple but I will have to say that all the my analysis are mostly on my opinions or guess base on the sources I have given including news, magazine,video,interview and even some information I gather from our thread. Most of you might agree to my post and some of you might not and I understand different people have different views but my analysis are base on the facts that I or we all know. But,I will say that my analysis are logical and I try to be rational with certain evidence and proof for backup.

(In some case I would need help from friend here  who understand korean to translate)

And I am throwing it in now, since I have time to post long post and mainly the drama 'Hajina' had also ended. The reason I haven't post right away, is because the drama is still airing so I want all of us to focus and enjoy watching drama as our OTP will also want fans to focus on their devoted work 'Hajina' than their private life. Secondly, as I am going to give analysis on person's relationship,so I am taking a safe side, I know I am thinking too much but then I should also act as a good fanclub. I am afraid if we or I do alot of digging on the two and any k fans come in and read must cause a gossip or rumour on online,coz nowadays the social media is wild spreading. I won't be a good affect on our OTP and the drama itself,because I believe both the actors and staffs didn't want this kind of scandal especially during the drama is airing. HB and Ji min are professional actors, they want people to watch and focus the drama because of their acting and drama itself, they won't probably want people to say they are breaking scandal during drama airing to gain viewer rating since the drama has low rating. They will just rather prefer low rating without scandal or rumour.

Before starting, let me explain how I ship this couple. I like both HB and Ji min but I haven't follow up their news much. When I knew this two will pair up together, and I read Hajina Press conference and the moment I saw HB helps Ji min photo with her coat. I find HB very gentle, suddenly I am like this two looks good together, same age pairing , isn't both are single, woww I want them to be real couple(which I never did with other drama before), And I started to find out abt this two and find many interesting coincidence/incidents.

The moment I started to ship this couple, here



( Tough it's just a small gesture but the way he help and look at her is so gentle,cute and caring)

Surprisingly, as I started to search and dig about them, I was unexpected, I found many coincidences and fishy things which could tell that they might have sth in real life.

Part 1 (Analysis 1)

( I am naming in Part to make it easy to reference back)

Let's start from the beginning. I assume both are single during the time they first met and worked at TFE around October 2013. Hyun Bin making headline news by breaking up with ex and entered military.Since then, there wasn't any dating news from Hyun Bin after he discharged from Marine crops in early 2013. And Ji min also gave interview somehow like her last relationship was in 2010 and we knew it hurt her a while so I think she become very careful in choosing someone to date. Plus during the 'Plan Man' MBC interview JJY mentioned that he felt pity how the goddess and good criteria person is not dating and he encouraged these kind of people to start dating.(JJY mention in MBC, this information I haven't know before, I knew this from our thread. So, it is nice that each and every one in our thread got different information of our OTP and when I combine it, it's very useful).

I watched TFE press conference(formal for media) and several stage greetings (causal for fans). I find HB acted a bit weird during the press conference especially when the MC asked how Ji min and him worked together for the first time. Ji min said normally like she and Hyun Bin shi was not that close coz only a few scene and playing rival role. Then he just looked weird is like hot and cold, .He looked awkward when he make eyes contact with Ji min and try to avoid sometime. So, I find him Ohh maybe he likes her but I am not sure I try to be rational maybe he is not close to her yet, but though you not close doesn't need to  act weird and kind of blush? Everyone was acting normal only HB I find him a bit  uncomfortable and yes is like only he is single in the whole group of male cast, and Ji min is also single.



And from this press conference, we can see
1. HB and Ji min were not that close, couldn't have much conversation
2. Esp HB looked uncomfortable, weired and he kept looking down and shy and dazed when Ji min mention him
3. What is more funny is they had first encounter first sight like in a series/drama( Ji Min said she almost run over her car into HB, and HB looks shy abt it) and I think the two themselve must feel special for that too
4. TFE director seem to  tease them as ill-fated relationship because he insist Ji min to tell their interesting first encounter which Ji min was embarrassed to tell at first, and the MC also tease them 'DEBAK'
5. JJY reaction seem sth, he laughed and shake his hand as if he feel sth special ( maybe he might think  this two looks good together, I better match this two later and he is close to both of them and encourage Ji Min to date since Plan Man promotion in december 2013)
6. Both HB and Ji min seem shy towards each other.

» Part 2.
(cr @amberster)


Part 2

( I am coming up with certain topic or aspect, since it is impossible to talk about every aspect upon our OTP in just one post. And posting on certain topic on each part post, we can see deep analysis and clear understanding. I am trying to be rational and logical as much as I could with some proofs)

Part 2/ Analysis/Hint 2

Those who read my part 1 analysis with evidence/proofs ( at page 144) during TFE press conference(the beginning of sth going on btw these two), we would know

1) HB and Ji min were both single during their TFE filming

2) Both were not close much, shy towards each other

3) Esp HB, he looked weird,hot n cold, shy when Ji Min talked and looked at him, he avoid eye contact.Which we can only conclude that HB seen to initially crush on Ji min

From Part 1 where I find HB seem to likes Ji Min but I need more proofs to confirm this which I will be doing in Part 2.

Part 2 (So what happen short before and after TFE press conference?)

**This is just the portion of certain period before TFE stage greeting on how HB approach and kind of express his view of Ji min through media but haven't met Ji min again yet, but this part also shows sth a lot ** this part is just clear analysis on  how HB feel,observe, express and approach Ji Min**

Cr. to @matahari123

matahari123 said:

I have made a revision as advised


HJM almost hit HB with her car (love at first sight Lol) before shooting FTE

FTE start shooting Sept 2013

Japan Fan Meeting 15 Feb 2014  ( HB watched Plan Man and booked all tickets)

FTE press conference 2 April 2014

HJM is the prettiest (HB guerilla Date)  12 April 2014

HB Highcut Magazine interview released on 17 April 2014 (where he defend HJM’s role)

FTE stage greetings   30 April – 14 May 2014 ( FTE premiere 30 April 2014..he stares at her  a lot during the stage greetings)

For the Emperor premiere 9 June 2014 (where they sat side by side)

Upload ice bucket challenge on the same date  22 Aug 2014

HB confirmed casting for Hajina Oct 8, 2014

HJM confirmed casting for Hajina Oct 17, 2014

Hajina script reading  2 Dec 2014

Hajina aired  jan – march 2015

SBS midnight interview 25 Jan 2015

KBS entertainment weekly 6 Feb 2015 (HJM said she is learning to cook ..For HB probably Lol)

HJM has the same bodyguard HB had some years ago - May 2015


Until FTE press conference 2 April 2014, it is highly obvious that HB was the one who crush on Ji min first and Han Ji Min likely didn't realize about it as they both said during press conference that they were not that close. 

This time HB who said we only know 10% abt him ( but HAHAHA Hyun bin shii pls don't underestimate me) but  his interview is truly useful this time:

It's not your fault that you're handsome, but as handsome as you are, are you active or passive in love?

HB: It can be said that I'm very practical, even shy. When I like a girl, I usually wouldn't confess right away; instead, I will slowly observe if she's suitable for me, and then think about what to do next 
so I can understand her better. 
I'll tell you a secret: until today, I still hope for the chance encounter that you see in movies--I would see a girl I fall in love with at first sight, and go up to her and say, "I 
like you! Let's date!" But this is purely my imagination; I don't have this kind of luck in reality! Haha.


Would you give up your acting career one day? Because of love?

HB: I think, this is inevitable, and may happen in the future. It's not a matter of my love and relationship; instead it depends on if  audiences still want to see me, so this is decided by my fans!

Do you have plans to get married?
HB: One day I will, but not right now, I don't have plans to get married just yet.

What kind of women attracts you?
HB: Lots of women like but don't understand my job; I want to find someone who is understanding.

ME: You have met her. She is just standing near you ...just open your heart.

How many children do you want?
HB: Two, one boy and one girl.

ME: Don’t worry, she likes children. You can have as many as you want Lol. You both are going to be a great parent because you both love children.

Are you a perfectionist?
HB: I think I am.

Credit: Weibo (lingshadow)
reposted from fuyukimio 

From HB interview, I know he is not the type that will rush into the girl and ask her out suddenly. Though if he likes someone he will still do a lot of observing before deciding to ask her out!

HB : I'm very practical, even shy. When I like a girl, I usually wouldn't confess right away; instead, I will slowly observe if she's suitable for me,


The process of observing Ji min slowly whether she is suitable for him:

Starting from the beginning of the TFE filming to press conference, it had being around 7 months(sept-oct 2013 to April 2014) that they know each other in person. 7 months is a long time for HB to obverse Ji min before he decided how he really feel and what kind of relation he want from her.

Then how does Hyun Bin observe Ji min? (WELL MANY WAYS FROM HIM in the 7 months)
I would say he indeed observe Ji min a lot.

1) During the TEF filming  was a great chance from him to observe though the two had a few scenes and even during the dinner with casts and crew HB observed JI MIN a lot.MAN this shows hOW MUCH HE IS INTEREST IN HER. He even observe Ji min drinking habit and how many glass she used to drink.Definitely Hyunbintail


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

2) JJY would be a great helper, I believe JJY would share many good things abt Ji min to Hyun Bin coz JJY wanted Ji min to start dating,and JJY is close to both. The period JJY finished filming Plan Man with Ji Min he started filming TFE with HB. Plus Park Sang Woo who he knew Ji Min for a long time from filming Cain and Abel is  strong shipper too.

JJY is very close to HB and Ji min, a great match maker

(JJY was surprised that pretty and good criteria like Ji min is still single and encourage these people to date / ***these people probably include HB***hahaha


JJY likes to tease and close to HB also. (4:00 - 4:20)

3) HB went to watch Plan Man despite his busy schedule is a big deal for me. He didn't even mention Ha Ji won's movie, a close and successful OTP from SEGA,  which was available on the movie theater at that time too. He even brought one whole cinema slot not to be disturbed by other is show ow much he determined to watch and  obverse Ji min. 
Some might oppose this saying HB wanted to cheer JJY and Ji min as same cast from TFE. My explanation, seriously do you think HB will watch Plan Man despite his hectic schedule, this genre which is just a hilarious comedy movie with nothing particular, not the type like professional actor HB will care and learn acting skill. And do you still think he will pay great attention to watch Plan Man despite his hectic schedule  if Han Ji Min wasn't starred in it? Definitely nope. HAHAHAHA

4) Since both are working or meeting the same in group of actors the showbiz industry, is is very easy and convincing for HB to know how she is from those actors friends around him. Ji min used to be in tha same agency as Jang Dong Kang( who is the big closest bro to HB) thought at that time HB was in military. She has worked with Uhm Tae Woong who had played in Resurrection ,Shin Hyun Joon who had acted in Cain and Abel. These all hyung take care and give a lot of advise to HB and I think including love advise or even might telling abt Ji min.


Plus JDK's wife KSY also know Ji min well, can see from this video
(KSY and HJM stand alongside and enjoy the show together). So I think KSY would also cheer this too, who wouldn't like HJM, she is very kind and give respect esp to her senior.


5) Even the ex mangers of HB before entered Marine crops used to be Ji Min's manager when she was same agency as JDK. Just a ring phone call to the manager he can know more abt Ji min alr.He would probably hear good things about Ji min from those actors and workmate around him. 

6) He himself can observe her alr, either from online search click in a second he can know all her works, news, past article all abt Ji min like how she did charity and help other and how her fan think abt her. Some ppl might say I am fool on this, but come on, everyone did this online search before other things nowadays if we want to know anything and HB is also human being though he is a superstar,and he are not 24/7 with so anything can happen. Even us the international fans know and appreciate her devotion to help other like so many years of charity. Wouldn't HB will know? Of course, he is in the showbiz and Hyunbintail nickname, so going to look everything in detail.
After a while through a process of observing until the TFE press conference.I think is clear for me that he indeed has an interest in her and want to know her more for a possible deeper relationship. So, what steps did HB choose and do next.

***Again I am being rational and logical,not being delusional, and I got many proofs throughout my post****

After passing observing period and he seem to decided to go for her.  Since HB was not close to Ji MIN.I can see that HB is trying to signal to Ji min that he has special feeling to her and trying to approach Ji min sincerely and politely by:

HB : I will slowly observe if she's suitable for me
, and then think about what to do next 
so I can understand her better. 

After observing Ji min slowly HB probably find Ji min is suitable for him and now thinking what to do/how to approach Ji min by:

(A) HJM is the prettiest (HB guerilla Date)  12 April 2014



During Guerilla Date, I can see HB has changed and in a good way, you know. I was surprised to know HB answered  Ji Min shii straight away as the most beautiful actress without hesitating much
(1) I appreciate him that he has courage and honest to answer without thinking it would affect his reputation and bothering him with scandal. Instead of fooling around the answer like other actors do like for example: every actresses are beautiful/ depending on who I am playing along with or like before actress A was but now Actress B and blah blah blah.Although HB is an quiet and introvert person, he is straightforward and honest in giving his answer and opinions.

(2) This kind of answer, we won't hear in HB older day of Secret Garden. If he doesn't like her indeed,he won't risk for rumor to answer Ji Min as the prettiest. Even his close friend actress OTP who I am very sure of no off screen chemistry, only a a good term costar, Ha Ji Won is surprised to know HB chose to say Ji Min is the prettiest actress he worked with. 

(When the MC asks like how do you feel that HB said HJM is the prettiest  actress he worked with. HJW looked surprised and say no, cannot and burst out. She doesn't look jealous but laugh a lot, somehow HJW startled as she didn't expect HB, a hot and secretive, reserved bachelor, dare to give this kind of answer. HJW probably think what is going on to HB this man these days,don't he scare of scandal or does he crush on Ji min. HAHA)
(3:00 -3:16)


(3) Some knetizen might think HB is just trying to promote TFE for choosing Ji Min as the prettiest, to be honest, Ji min is his enemy not his lover in the movie, so he doesn't need to promote things like that. He is more of a hater to promote professional work by circulating personal issue. Remember, HB broke up with his ex during his movie at that time or can be even during SEGA, but he kept it secret and delaying the break up announcement in early 2011, coz he didn't want it to affect his movie and drama at that time.

(4) Thought he has worked with almost all the TOP ACTRESSES in South Korea around his ages either through drama, movie, CF or photo shoots, that it easier to name or count who among the top actresses that HB haven't worked with. But he didn't worry abt those other  actresses' fan and firmly chose Han Ji Min is the prettiest and need to keep confirming that in following interviews.

Translated parts of a magazine interview of HB from Singapore... just the parts that deal with his views on love and marriage. Keep in mind this interview is likely a compilation of things he had said in several past occasions, including recent fan meetings and other interviews.


You revealed that you think Han Ji Min is the most beautiful out of all your co-stars in a previous TV interview. Do you still think so?
HB: Yes, I did say that, and I still think Han Ji Min is the most beautiful!

What about Ha Ji Won?
HB: Ha Ji Won is very pure, and according to my observations, she is also someone very kind. As a Korean actress, she has her own colour and charisma that other actresses don't have. I think she's a wonderful actress.

Would you give up your acting career one day? Because of love?
HB: I think, this is inevitable, and may happen in the future. It's not a matter of my love and relationship; instead it depends on if audiences still want to see me, so this is decided by my fans!

Do you have plans to get married?
HB: One day I will, but not right now, I don't have plans to get married just yet.

What kind of women attracts you?
HB: Lots of women like but don't understand my job; I want to find someone who is understanding.

How many children do you want?
HB: Two, one boy and one girl.

Are you a perfectionist?
HB: I think I am.

Credit: Weibo (lingshadow)
reposted from fuyukimi

Cr : Hyun bin Soompi thread

Another confirmation: MAN he will be shy as he need to confirm she is the prettiest in front of her


(B) HB Highcut Magazine interview released on 17 April 2014 (where he defend HJM’s role)


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

I guess HB had fallen for Ji min for her beauty and personality after observing for quite a long time.   
As they two play enemy role and have a few scenes together, and the situation wasn't let them be close together. I think after the movie end
,HB is kind of signalling to Han Ji Min that he feel sorry for her and is kind like he is longing to be close to her. We highly think right when a single man want to be close to a single pretty same age lady, he probably see her as a woman more than a friends. For HB, if he doesn't fall for Ji min he doesn't need to give this kind of interview to be risk for scandal, he wanted to close to her but I don't think just for pure friend relationship because he got a lot of female actress friends alr like HJW , Shin Min ah and more so no need to declare for risking for scandals .

(C) HB protect Ji min again in another interview May 12 2014

     Hyun Bin sat down for an interview with OSEN, wherein he said


While female fans may have swooned over Hyun Bin's bulked-up bod on his latest film "The Fatal Encounter", Hyun Bin himself expressed his disappointment at the majority of the audience's reactions to the film.

On May 12, Hyun Bin sat down for an interview with OSEN, wherein he said, "I am a bit upset by how the audience reacted to the film. I think there's a difference in perspective.there were already bad reviews but I haven't seen the movie at the time so I didn't know how I'd respond [to the comments]. 

But after I watched the movie, I thought there was some sort of misunderstanding. I'm not saying this just because it's my movie. I just think the audience [and I] has a difference in perspective."

"Different people have different points of views. I think the movie might make people feel betrayed, especially those who closely followed the character of Jung Jo in the drama series and other portrayals. But since the beginning, the director's intention was to show the character himself to the people. That's why the movie needed so many flashbacks."

"After the movie was released, I became a bit upset because I  thought the movie should have put a little basic information on the storyline since there were fictional aspects that were added onto [something based on a] historical event. But because there wasn't [an introduction of sorts], I think that's why people got disappointed. For instance, people might say, 'Why is the grandmother so young?' and it would pose a complete difference in perspective. I think the director is upset about that, too.

Cr: http://uk.kpopstarz.com/articles/3964/20140513/hyun-bin-disappointed-audiences-reactions-fatal-encounter.htm

What I see:
HB cares about Ji min though he wasn't close to Ji min at that time, and ppl didn't criticize HB acting part but more on the storyline and the Queen too young and Ji min's accent.Actually, it is not his duty or no need for him to protect if he doesn't want because it is totally not his part and not his fault.Most actors would just quiet and say Ohh I have done my best, we had pass to hard time pls support me for my return from military discharged. But he tried to protect her instead. What is more, Ji min is a very positive person thought her role and accent got criticize in term of young age but she tried to cheer Director and cast by collecting the positive feedback from viewers and fanclub. Well, I can sense HB will appreciate and fall for her more.

Another point, as he dare to mention as Ji min the prettiest, feel sorry that he couldn't to her much and protecting her for TFE, he is 
kinda if showing his sincerity. Because his past love scandal with SHK was a hot issue and he didn't Ji Min to view him as fooling and dating around costar actress and  if maybe want Ji Min to know that he is sincere and serious about things happening on her.

Conclusion:  I find HB would attract to Ji Min appearance first but after the period of observing and knowing Ji min he find Ji Min is the right one for him,then  HB tired to signal and approach Ji min by telling her the prettiest actress, declaring that he feel sorry and regret for not close with her  and wanted to be close and keep protecting her for her role and play in TFE in interviews and articles. In shortly, I feel like isn't the indirect and well manner  way of courting a girl like: girl I find you are the prettiest, I want to know you more and get close to you and just give me a chance if you also think the way I am.

*HB never do and gave this kind of interview to any of his previous actresses. I guess, HB treats Ji Min quite special.*

**I don't understand  why some shipper said HB is hard to read on how he feel for Ji min. I will say for me this is more than enough alr that he feel special for Ji min and kind of starting to approach and courting her .IF HB shows more than this, media will just make scandal of the two , which both don't want and not ready at this moment. HB kept mentioning, prasing her beauty, confessing he is sorry and wanted to be cose and treat her well and protecting her through media which he is brave to tell all this things through media which will be make known to everyone and this articles will be forever cannot be disappear, wouldn't you think Ji Min will appreciate or fall for  and touch by HB's action. That's why I understand why Ji min care and treat HB well and special from other costar and HAHAHA touchy touchy to HB because HB, an introvert shy and quiet person,is the one who care, treat her nicely, protect  and approach her first. HB is kind of gentleman towards Ji Min.


(And I am glad for Ji Min unnie that HB take care of her a lot! I hope the two continue to click well like this and give us good news soon.)

**This is just the portion of certain period on how HB approach and kind of express his view of Ji min through media but haven't met Ji min yet** So m this part is just how HB feel,observe, express and approach Ji Min**

» Midnight SBS Interview.
cr: @Adwina Oltariani


The famous Midnight SBS interview (or, when BinMin shows off their dynamic for the first time ever. I should've suspected them dating since watching this, to be honest. So. much. telling)


1. The way HB said "It is fate." when the interviewer asked him if it's fate that brought him and Jimin to be working together again after TFE. The way he said it is.. fully accepting that it's indeed fate. If you look at his interview in 2013, He was quite doubtful if fate can change his life



2. He's looking at her way too long here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in other interviews with his previous costars, he NEVER staring at them intently, and certainly not this much. And the interviewer isnt even asking him question..





okay, either he likes her too much, or he just likes seeing her face.


3. aah, the constant teasing

and look at her, avoiding his sharp gaze.. (cute!)



4. again, with the staring

and smiling like a.. proud boyfriend after she said something?





"yeah, it makes me dizzy." lol.



6. His face when he saw her childhood photos, like a kid in a candy store!!



7. This is too cute. his reaction when the interviewer asked Jimin "which your body parts that hasnt changed like a vampire?"

what, Binnie? do you KNOW something?


"ear?" lol



8. Sliiiiighthly awkward moment when Jimin said "of course you know how to please a lady" why, Jimin? do you KNOW something? (HB's face is priceless! xD)


and when she makes him giggle because she snorted after he said he's just an ordinary guy. lol.



9. Gah, he looks so happy, isnt he?



» Midnight SBS Interview by Baidu.
cr: @fuyukimi for summarizing it.

Those who understands Chinese can go take a look: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3548802484


They've concluded that HB looked at JM 19 times in total during the interview, and made all sorts of analysis of the psychology behind their body posture and facial expressions, as well as what they said. An additional thing I'd like to point out: I've read in a book on relationship psychology before that if a couple is sitting beside each other and their legs are pointed towards their partner, it's an indication they care about each other.


It's quite obvious with JM. Her feet were pointed towards HB the entire time. Their feet were nearly touching each others' at this particular moment. If they weren't close, they'd naturally keep their feet apart more. Feet are a very sensitive part of the body, and even among friends, you wouldn't be placing your feet so close to theirs.



HB's leg inclined towards JM around halfway through the interview. It'd make more sense if he inclined the other way instead if he wants to look at the photos more comfortably.



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- Hyun Bin helps Han Ji Min offering his hand multiple times.

- Hyun Bin holding Han Ji Min's arm (2:20).

Whispering at 3:56
» Other.

Minnie talking about the ear game with bf? From 22:30 - 23:20



» Hyun Bin's KNTV Guide Interview.
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Please tell us what compelled you to act in "Hyde Jekyll, Me."

HB: After my previous work, the movie "The King's Tears - Yi San's Determination" (The Fatal Encounter), it's been a long time and as my drama comeback I wanted to select cheerful content rather than darker content. I was attracted by the part of dual personality. When everyone sees this drama, I think they'll be seeing a drama with various appearances.


Please introduce your character Ku Sojin (GSJ) and Robin.

HB: The character GSJ is the director of Wonderland, the largest theme park in Korea. He lives in a world with himself only, having erected a wall between him and others; in this sense, he is a character who lives in solitude even though he possesses many things. Robin is a character opposite to GSJ, the other personality within GSJ and his complete opposite. Robin is always cheerful, meeting others pleasantly; I think viewers will find the two extreme characters interesting.

About Seojin and Robin, what are the similarities, differences, and points of empathy with the real Hyun Bin?

HB: I see. I'll probably have no one around me if I acted like Seojin (laugh). However, I'm not as cheerful as Robin. No matter who it is, there are probably times when we may not stand out and have various appearances. If presented more extremely, some will say it is dissociative identity disorder, but I think everyone has a side in them that even they don't know.

You have co-starred with Han Ji Min in the movie "The King's Tears - Yi San's Determination," how does it feel to work again with Han Ji Min as your partner?

HB: Because we acted as the head of opposing factions, we hardly had any chance to talk on site. During filming it was always filled with tension, and I had very few scenes with Jimin-san. We met on the site about 3, 4 times. Just when I thought it'd be good if we could meet in a different project some time, we are able to co-star in this project, and now we are filming in a completely different atmosphere.


Hypnotherapist Yoon Tae Joo, acted by Sung Joon, is your junior in the same agency, but in the drama you act in a confrontational relationship. How does it feel to perform together for the first time?

HB: I was fairly concerned. I was worried as young as he is, how he would display the character of YTJ who has concealed many parts of him, but I was needlessly worried. It should have been difficult on site, but he had taken up and completed the mission enthusiastically and silently, without any worried expressions, and I am happy as his co-star.

Lastly, please tell the Japanese viewers who will be watching "Hyde Jekyll, Me" what to watch for and leave a message.

HB: "Hyde Jekyll, Me" will be airing in Japan for the first time. This is a project which describes a romance between a man with two completely different personalities, one haggard and one endlessly kind and pure, and a woman. It may be interesting to see two personalities, and this is a genre unique in drama until now. I believe it'll be enjoyable, so please take interest.


» Han Ji Min's KNTV Guide Interview.
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Please tell us what compelled you to act in "Hyde Jekyll, Me."

HJM: There are lots of love entanglements with a good man and a bad man in real life; I was attracted with the set up of a female character being loved by a man with dual personalities of a good side and a bad side, so I decided to participate.

Please introduce your character as Jang Hana.

HJM: Jang Hana was originally from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, and later became the ringmaster of Wonderland Circus. She is a career woman with a strong sense of responsibility who wants to watch over the circus, and she is a woman who sticks to her words. She is a determined and noticeable character.

The profession of a circus ringmaster in a theme park is rare; what are some things to watch for when performing, and what do you use as reference?

HJM: The drama began with [a scene where I was] ziplining between buildings. So I had to learn ziplining, coin magic, fire magic, etc. In the latter half of the drama, the romance became the main feature rather than professional content; I had wanted to perform more [as circus ringmaster] but was unable to, regrettably.

It was said you performed an underwater scene with Hyun Bin in December... It must be tough to film underwater during the middle of winter. Can you tell us more about it?

HJM: That scene was filmed in the first day. There were two location shoots, then we went underwater to film; I had to first encounter Hyun Bin and then jump into the water because the scenario was very scary. It was filmed in a 5 meter deep swimming pool, and we had prior training, but the water was very cold, so the scary feeling engulfed my heart once more. However, Hyun Bin was from the marines, so I felt very safe beside him. In reality, Hyun Bin was filming and directing at the same time; when I was not ready to film, he was waiting at the side and watching over warmly, and it felt very reliable. At first, it was very difficult because we had to hold onto each other and jump into the water, but the two of us had good chemistry and didn't waste any time.

Lastly, please tell the Japanese viewers who will be watching "Hyde Jekyll, Me" what to watch for and leave a message.

HJM: Hello everyone, I am Han Ji Min who acts as Jang Hana. This is a a character who falls in love with a man with dual personalities; please anticipate this fantastical love triangle and how it will develop. This is a project to be viewed with tension because the love story is injected with mystery and thriller elements. Please look forward and enjoy it.


» Han Ji Min's SINA Interview.
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Firstly, let's greet our netizens at Sina!

HJM: Hello, Sina netizens, it's been a long time. I'm Han Ji Min, it's good to see everyone!

How does it feel upon completing "Hyde Jekyll, Me"?

HJM: Because my body was exhausted while filming the drama, upon its completion, I felt very relaxed, very good, and I was finally able to sleep well. At first I was very happy, but after a few days I started missing the filming set, and I miss it very much.

When facing your partner with dual personalities in "Hyde Jekyll, Me," are there any parts that was particularly diffcult or requires special notice?

HJM: At first I felt that even though there were two personalities, it was still the same man, so I had to think if I should act as if they were different people or as the same man. After much thought, when I knew that the two men were one, I deliberated for a long time how to act. First, I saw him as a different man when acting, then I looked for Robin's shadow in Seojin, and after I found out about his DID I started treating him as one man. Actually, it was very hard for me to act under these considerations.

Your crying scenes were very real and moving every time; do you have any special methods to bring forth tears?

HJM: Every scene is different; the best affirmation is to think of that particular scene and cry, but it is very hard to cry and think of those scenes when there are lots of crying scenes in the project. This time, the emotional scenes are basically towards the end. At that time, my emotions towards the character has deepened a lot, and it was very natural to be sad when facing Robin who I loved and he was gradually disappearing. These scenes were around episodes 17 and 18, it's lucky that my emotional build up was already heightened at that time, when I read the script I cried, and many times, in that scenario, I cried as I felt sad.

Having worked with Hyun Bin twice, do you feel any changes with him?

HJM: I've said it several times before. We were rivals in the movie before, so on set we basically didn't talk much because it helps our feelings (as political rivals in TFE), and we deliberately stayed away from each other. However, now that we are lovers in the drama, it's important to cooperate and understand each other, and it felt very fresh, like working with another person. In TFE, Hyun Bin was a different person, without any similarities to the Hyun Bin who I know now. In the movie he held the image of a serious king, and it was like he was a completely different person. In the drama, when acting with Seojin and Robin, there are differences in appearances and acting, and the atmosphere is very different too. Seojin has always been a very sensitive and prickly person, when filming that scene, Hyun Bin is even quieter than usual. The image of a king in TFE, Seojin and Robin, all three are different.

Which of Goo Seojin and Robin is closer to your ideal type?

HJM: Personally, for ideal types, I can't understand why [other people] like bad guys. I prefer guys who are kind, gentle, and emotionally rich, so I've said many times it'd be the type like Robin. However, while filming, I've come to understand Seojin's past, and knowing the reason why he acted like that had triggered my sympathy. I thought it's rather cute how he expresses himself in his own way, so one of my lines was that it'd be good if Seojin and Robin were the same person. With that line, I feel that a person's desire is really endless. Both [Robin and Seojin] are very good people.


» Hyun Bin's interview after KSS drama.
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"My ideal type is a kind person, eats well and could understand the fact that I'm an actor.

Hyun Bin: The girl I like, she'd have to understand the nature of my job, and she'd have to have a healthy appetite. Age doesn't matter, as long as she's not older than my mother.  
Would you fall in love with a 30-year-old woman in reality?  
Hyun Bin's answer "If I really like her, if my mother doesn't disagree, why not?"  
When I set the first look on a girl, and when I'm speaking to them, I do not look at her face. The first thing I'd look is her hands. I think I could see whether a girl is capable of becoming a good wife through her hands. He said, "Actually, I don't care much about the appearance, the most important thing is having a kind heart."  

My thought :  Hohoho…did HB fall in love when he look and touch Jimin’s hands in TFENo wonder I felt that he likes the queen because it was obviously seen from his eyes Lol....He must be thinking its the hands of his future wife :P
When filming a commercial with Kim Tae Hee, he was asked whether there was any chemistry between them. He answered precisely, "Whether in the past, the present, or the future, Kim Tae Hee was, is, and will only be my senior. 
Until today, the girls Hyun Bin dated are either the same age as him or older. He said, "Love and age are unrelated." He sees himself as a guy who places more importance on a girl's inner beauty rather than her looks, and his only requirement is that she must be a matured woman. In order to capture his heart, she'd only have to act herself. It doesn't matter even if she eats a lot and laughs hard. But she can't be spoiled, and she should be able to accompany him when he's working

My thought : Jimin has all those qualities. She likes to eat a lot ( I bet after Hajina she was little bit chubby because she ate all the food, cookies and gifts from her fans), she always smiles and able to make a  serious HB smile and laugh a lot during Hajina, inner beauty like what HB said she always has positive mind like a saint. Another important thing, she is an A list actress ..surely when having any kind of conversation with HB she could easily connect with him and make him relax and comfortable. 
If I really like a girl, I'd want to be a man who could understand her and take care of her. Don't all girls like this type of guys? Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO. Actually, I'm the MOST realistic person ever.

My thought: well..that explain why he always take care of her so much starting from the TFE stage greetings, Hajina and Fan Meeting.

Because Jimin is also a family type of person and has warm and close relationship with her family, no doubt  HB  parents will adore her.

Regarding what kind of husband he'd want to be, Hyun Bin already has a very specific thought, "Whether a woman is considered pretty depends on her cooking skill, the way she dresses and her husband. Which means, when a woman cooks well, wears sexy clothes, and there is a charming husband standing beside her, she'd look exceptionally pretty. I hope I could satisfy one of the three requirements in order to make my woman prettier. The first two requirements she'd have to work hard on her own, I'd be responsible for the last one." 

My thought : definitely Jimin look sexy in any clothes.  He must be impressed when she shows her beautiful and sexy back at TFE :P.  Cooking skill?? No worry..she is a fast learner, she will work so hard  on her cooking skill to impress him. She mentioned she start learning to cook in a TV interview that sounded like she was trying to convey a message to him…hihihi
Pretty boy Hyun Bin admired football star Ahn Jung Hwan's life after marriage very much, and expressed that he wants to get married soon.

I hope my wife would be proud of me. Most people spent their lives earning money to assure their life after retirement, but I think I should enjoy all I could at this age. Indeed, I learned a lot in university, but there are lots of things I could only learn practically. I put in a lot of effort in order to enter university (Chung-Ang University, film studies), but because I'm involved in acting, I couldn't go to school most of the time. Even so, I still think I have to get a certificate, which is why I insisted to finish my studies. I think of my future children. Don't the kids have to fill in forms of family survey in primary school? I wish my kids could fill in the words "university graduate" in the "father's qualification" field. Of course, this is not the only reason I went to university, but it's at least one of the reasons. (Not only does he think of getting a wife, he thinks of having children too. How matured......)  
After the filming of this movie ended, I'd like to get a girlfriend. I have to. Because I'm at the suitable age. As a man, it's only normal that I love a woman.  

He said, "I don't remember when I met my first love, and I didn't spend a lot of time with her too. I kinda misunderstood her or something and I never even got the chance to figure out the truth before I realised I already lost her. I only realized how much I loved her after the loss! But things that you lost are difficult to search for. This painful loss of his first love made him understand one thing, "Breaking up is not something you could simply say to your lover."
For the Chinese (original) version by Yi Soon

» SBS entertainment weekly interview with Han Ji Min.

MC ask about 
What kind of advertising she wants to do in the future ?
Ji Min said Juryu( like Soju) she done from the past 

( May be she should do for Hite next , lol)

How about your marriage plan ?
Ji Min said every women would like to get marry someday 
She would like to have 4 children and should be one is a girl is a must!!!
MC ask so daughter should resemble to father Do you have anyone in your mind ?
Ji Min said nobody appear ...


Cr: Fb Hyde Jekyll,Me -하이드지킬, 나


» Important bits from different interviews. - HJM.
matahari123, The Real CZ @ Hallyu Interview,

How do you spend time alone?
Ever since I was born, there hasn’t been a time where I have been alone in an empty house. My grandmother or another family member is always there. I’m not used to being alone, but I have been thinking about the idea of ‘independence’ lately.

Your grandmother must really be against that idea.
Yes. As soon as I say it, she hates hearing it. I think living alone before it becomes too late will be a great experience for me.

Looking at you, I figured the phrases to be “It’s good” and “Thank you”. What do you plan on doing once this interview is over?
I have to rest when I get home. However, once my mother sees my dolled up in makeup, she’ll ask why I came home looking this pretty and she’ll usher me to leave and go have some fun. Hmm, it seems like I need a secure a date with someone.

What is the most memorable scene?
When we had to do a scene in the water, which appeared in the first episode. I and Hyun Bin have to plunge into the water, he saved me and I had to act with open eyes in the water. It's hard enough. And although there is fear of drowning, I'm sure Hyun Bin can save me because of him, the draftee in the navy (laughs).

Hyun Bin portray her with a split personality. How do you cope with the character transition? Is it difficult to act with someone who has a split personality?
Not easy for me to treat the same person in different ways. But I am very grateful for Hyun Bin was able to bring both characters well, I am very comfortable working with him.

Where the characters in this series are the most comfortable for you? Seo Jin Gu figure or Robin?
Both of them had its own challenges. I am very grateful to have such a great opposite Hyun Bin, who can turn the character he played clearly. I am very proud of him. In real life, of course I would prefer a good man, so I would be more comfortable with Robin. But I do not know the direction of the story of this series so I can not reveal which one I choose.

Where the characters in this series are the most comfortable for you? Seo Jin Gu figure or Robin?
Both of them had its own challenges. I am very grateful to have such a great opposite Hyun Bin, who can turn the character he played clearly. I am very proud of him. In real life, of course I would prefer a good man, so I would be more comfortable with Robin. But I do not know the direction of the story of this series so I can not reveal which one I choose.


» Important bits from different interviews. - HB.

Actor Hyun Bin praised Han Ji-min's beauty.

Hyun Bin admitted that he had said that Han Ji-min is the prettiest among actresses in the past broadcast.

When the reporter asked, "Is it the present tense or past tense?" Hyun Bin answered, "It's the present tense," leaving Han Ji-min delighted.

The reporter mentioned Tang Wei, Ha Ji-won, and Kim Sun-ah, the actresses who worked with Hyun Bin, and asked, "Are they no match for Han Ji-min?" Hyun Bin responded, "Why did the broadcast become so harsh?"



» MVs.

» FanArt.
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I thought I was the only one who was sending this couple without having seen the drama. 
Although I have not seen the movie that starred together, I have great chemistry with only see these pictures. I'm waiting for this 2015! Great scenes with lots and lots of chemical !! 
Both are great, I'm sure that will give us scenes that we will long remember; and who knows, if while recording the drama comes the love between them - would be very nice - 
My new ship!

Credits : Pic - Mundo Fama 

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