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  1. Now you make me curious to see how actually the original author wrote the novel ending... May I know, where did you read the full novel? Is there any translated version of the novel that I can access to? Anyway, since I've already watch the second episode, my question about what is the original So-Yong personality has been answered. Her character may look like your typical villainess character in other drama, but I guess she still have her vulnerable side. Like one of the soompier here said, that original So-Yong might probably really fallen in love with the King, but I don't think
  2. In The Eternal Love, when both original host and the FL share the body, their souls take turns using the body. Like once the original host go to sleep/faints/unconscious, the FL leads soul took over the body. If this happen, the only way for them to communicate is only by writing letters to each other (just imagine how Hyun Bin act as Robin and Goo Seo Jin in Hyde, Jekyll and Me, it will be somewhat like this...) I can imagine how Shin Hye Sun act if the original So Yong is a soft-spoken, well-mannered kind of person (probably a combination of her character in Oh My Ghost & My
  3. It will be crazy if the writer choose to make both original So-Yong soul and Bong-Hwan soul share the same body like what happen in The Eternal Love S1 (C-drama). The people at the palace might think that the Queen has gone totally crazy if this happen Anyway, I read that this drama is actually inspired by a Chinese novel, (also adapted in drama as Go Princess Go). But the drama has few alternate endings tho... I saw Go Princess Go poster,and man, the emperor's face there seriously reminded me of our king here in Mr. Queen
  4. Man, it's been a while since a kdrama makes me laugh out loud like this during its premier (a plus also because it makes me crawl out from my cave and dropping out a comment here) Hisashiburi everybody! Shin Hye Sun is awesome as always. Looking forward to see how the writer develop the plot. Hopefully if there is any romance in it, they could deliver it in a good way. For now, am going to enjoy the ride (hopefully could stick until the end, which I rarely do these days )
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