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@phikyl We found out a long time ago that Internet was going to be the next best thing so there were a lot of invesments in networks over the years. I guess what really made that engine purr was the fact that our cable network is really good. For ADSL to be able to keep up, investments in networks were required. It just became a duel for the hand of the customer: whoever had the best and fastest network, would gain the hand of the customer in marriage.
However, Dutch customers are fickle and they'll leave whenever a better option presents itsself. I know people who jump providers about each year. Just to get lower costs or faster speeds. It works :) 

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@phikyl actually, one of ours used to be one of yours. UPC (these days called Ziggo in the Netherlands but still UPC in many other countries) was founded and is owned by an American. He (John Malone) started with US cablecompanies but sold them and moved to Europe. He owns Liberty Global (also owner of Discovery Channel, amongst others). I used to work there :) 

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