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[Official] TaNyang (Empress Ki) Ji ChangWook and Ha JiWon - EK Guidebook pics p 1499-1500


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1. when did you start shipping them?

when I saw them together in ep 1..(no wonder, they looked just gorgeous LOL!)
and every scene with them after that, I started to ship them more and more and
by far, i've become completely crazy about them! It's funny because before
I started watching EK, I never in the world thought I could come this
obsessed with them haha
;)  ^:)^

2. Name your top 5 favorite scenes

these are in no particular order because I love all of them so much:

♡ In ep 16, when TH carried SN to his bed after they were drinking,
and he said "I will never let you go, never." though SN couldn't
hear him I just died, his words were so sincere and his voice.
He really doesn't want to let her go, ever.
After that I've named this otp as
 "I will never let you go."

♡ every scene where TH challanges SN,
 like the horse riding scene and this:


I love these scenes because SN is smiling and it's beautiful!
TH has always the urge to win SN, show her that he's
 better! he's always so sure to win,
and then he loses.
:P <3

♡ One of my absolutely favorite scenes is this one where TH is teasing SN a little,
trying to make her smile and he is so happy to be with her. Look at his face!
   And then, when SN is not behind him anymore, he is completely lost. 
  I think this scene describes perfectly how TH doesn't know what
 to do without SN..Even if it was just a short moment, his
voice started to shake when he called for SN and his
 face went from a giggly, happy to Scared...
*sigh* SN is everything to him


gif credit: seouldramas

♡ Like every TaNyang shipper, I loved the cpr kiss also.
I agree with @cacazeel it is the most beautiful
scene in any drama i've ever seen.
:-*  :x   :-*


♡  Lastly, in ep 19... where SN remembers TH calling her his mother bird
and she starts crying.. it's was such a heartbreaking scene for
 me too, I was in tears with SN. But the reason I still love
this scene much is because in that scene the viewers
can see that TH does, indeed, have a place in
SN's heart (even though he himself
 doesn't know that).

:\"> :x :\"> :x

3. Why do you ship them?

oh well... for a thouasands of reasons!
8->  I love the contrast between these two.
SN is strong, independent woman and TH is weak and sensitive. yet they
 both are each other strenght. And as they say "behind every great man,
 there's a great woman."
that goes with TaNyang as well. I think that
 without SN, TH wouldn't have come this far. He lacks in so many
 things, he has never fought once in his life, he doesn't know
what being a true leader means..But SN has helped him
becoming stronger and has made him realize what he
has to fight for to live and I think now, he is really
trying himself too.. He wants to show SN that he
can make her happy and I believe that he can.
Though they're very different, they complete
each other perfectly. And it is true that
opposites do ATTRACT! from the very
beginning, in every scene with
these two, sparks fly!

our imperial couple <3


8-> 8-> :x :x :-* :-* 8-> 8->

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Guest sogongx3

This thread is moving fast ;)

Hope tomorrow's episode will have a lot of TH-SN scenes. I want him to take care of her....maybe this will make her respect and appreciate him a little.

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yea... guess tomorrow we gonna c our paeha getting mad and sad at the same time knowing sn gt poisoned.....and sorri to  say..i really wished wy not appearing in front of sn soon..cos other than it will made sn regretted her decision of becoming concubine/coming back to yuan  for revenge.. whenever the time sn might develop more love towards th(or the chances their love might blossom further)....with sudden  appearance of wy..then again sn will be in denial state n abandoning th feeling/care again...tsk tsk tsk...writers please x made our heart broken again... ^:)^
tats why i m hoping at least sn  knw th is making his own effort of studying..learning...to be a great empreror ..to achieve the absolute power....and she will fall in love with him..and then goes for the olala ..and baby making hahaha...then wy is welcomed to appear back in front of th and sn...hahaha.... 8-> but i guess the writers like some makjang ....so dunno how long th gonna suffer...

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@kenneth123 I agree with you! I've seen a lot of complaining about TH in the Empress Ki thread, but I have to say it's mainly from the WY fans...
It's no wonder though...They're even calling TH brat emperor...Weeelll, no comment on that.
As for me, I'm not in the WY-SN ship at all, do you hear me calling names on WY? NO. I have nothing against him, it's the shippers.. they're
the worst! And I don't mean all of them, no no no..absolutely not! some people ship both couples, that is so fine with me.. but what I don't understand
is the endless bashing on TH on the main thread and that's the reason I don't go there much because there WY is so great and TH is just a brat. Correct me if i'm wrong but that is the way I see it.

I don't go much for ship wars cause I'm a person who respects the fact that people ship what they want..I've always thought that
even though it doesn't make sense to me that someone is shipping something, it does not matter. They can ship all they want.
And then there's people who think the exact opposite and bash on others' ships because they don't ship the same ship. I find it very hard
to get along with people like that.

okay this was just a dark rant, now it's over. I just wanted tell you my fellow shippers, these feelings, because
I know you wouldn't judge me :)

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Guest zarazor

@sarsu you are not wrong. Me as a shipper of the both ships have noticed that Some of the fans are being very rude but there's nothing we can do about that. So let's just enjoy the TaNyang moments we have on this thread and try our best to stay in good tearms with other members :)

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At lasts, there is TanYang thread. Thank you @CheseaS for making this thread. At least I can post my POV here without hesitation and I already read all of  your posts here, and we all have the same thoughts about why and how we shipped this couple and I'm not different from all of you. We all share the same, just like one happy family. Perhaps, I can also invite others to join in this thread. I really like this couple (TH/SN). They make me laugh and giggle.

I hope and pray that this couple will end up together in EK.

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@sarsu and @kenneth123
You're right, although I'm a non- shipper or others call it both shipper whichever you want :D
The bratty emperor, childish, immature, selfish and so on (the list goes on) name calling is really frustrating and I'm not a TH hard-core shipper so I can understand when a TH shipper reads this and gets frustrated too ...Same goes for WY anti posts that others post as well and people consistently expressing their hate whether to WY or to TH.
If people would just keep their hatred for the characters to themselves as you said and not post it in the thread to be considerate of other shippers, that would be really thoughtful and nice  ... Members wouldn't feel the need to have threads to express their opinions,  now I feel lost where to go lol The main thread is awesome but SOME and I mean only SOME like to stir up trouble in both ships from time to time and it has driven me away too cause they sure aren't nice opinions to read ... It happens to WY and TH ship as well, and it's tiring to keep trying to talk to them cause it won't do, So I just skip such comment all together  ... Anyway I'm sorry for bringing this up but you've mentioned something that I was talking about with a friend just a while ago  LOL

Anyway, heard you are in the paradise contest ... good luck and hope you guys win [-O<
I give you guys my full support :D >:D<

Best of luck to you :)

love this pic for TH, like a kid playing Hide and Seek, so cute

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Speaking of the bashing of TH in the EK thread, sometimes I feel my blood is boiling whenever I come across rude posts there. But I've learned to ignore and I will skip the post whenever I see the avatar, hahaha. Yes, I remember their avatar, lol. Anyway, let's stay cool and I hope we won't have any bashing of other characters in our beautiful thread here. (Don't think so because we are as nice as Paeha and Mama nim)

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I've been a silent reader for a long time but finally I decided to make a new account to join the discussion in this forum. I used to have another account but I realized I forgot what my username and password were so I had to make a new one. xD Anyway, I'm really thankful that you guys took time to create a thread to TH-SN shippers. ^-^ At least all the TaNyang fans can discuss here without hate and bashing. All the bashing does get on my nerves too but I guess everyone has her own opinion. For me Ta Hwan is the most interesting character in Empress Ki and he has had (and will have) more character development than most of the characters in this drama which made me like his character even more.

I'm currently working on another MV for TH-SN and once I finish it I will surely share it with you guys later! Let's spread the TaNyang love!! <3 Oh, and I can't wait for Monday's episode!! Too bad they're only airing one episode this time...

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Guest sogongx3

Guys if you see a comment you don't like just ignore it.

Also remember that it's just a drama there's no need to get angry at stuff like that.

Each person has the right to express his opinion, we are humans we don't have to agree on everything.

Just enjoy the drama and the couple you ship, don't get into pointless arguments ;)

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