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  1. Im not sure, maybe it was Suma with her hair style. I just watched nonchallantly and I thought I saw her. When I saw Suma alive they can let her live too... no one has permanent death in this show it seems
  2. Altho I am so confused with what is happening in the drama now and asking what is the logic of all of it, I dont think I can drop it. I am so invested in this drams right now, enough to resurrect this account. I cannot let Asule go and I need to know what will happen to him. This feels like Tribes and Empires again, it really has a good start but towards the end it just a big whole mess!
  3. The older girl during the first ep. Asule's first love, Qin-jiejie
  4. Most people in Weibo are not happy with what has happened in the drama so far. I have seen post saying they are abandoning the drama. Ugh i really want to watch it with subs now. Sorry if you guys find mw annoying. I have no other venue to rant and express my thoughts and feelings regarding this drama
  5. WTF is happening!!! Suma and Qin are Alive!??! SUMA CAN SPEAK? I am soo confused. I'll drop this drama first them comeback after all the eps are subbed (if I can, its actually driving me mad! Lol I want to watch it subbed now) I thought it will be a happy ending, my hopes are up!! Now future seems bleak!
  6. He does and I am pretty happy with all the gifs and screencaps i've seen in weibo today. I have finally let go of my delulu ship! Lol I really hope we get 56 eps! It cant end at 50! It feels like its the plot is starting to move again at 46 lol
  7. This is connected with Tribes and EMpires right? Tribes and EMpires had a really good beginning nut we were all left hanging at the end. Novoland Eagle FLag has a really good start too.... it was fast paced during the earlier eps but its starting to drag now..... maybe bcos my ship has sunk that's why im feeling like this but i really hope it has a good ending
  8. With everything that is happening.... and its ep 44. I'll drop my Asule-YuRan Ship!
  9. I dont know why but I dont like it when Asule holds Xiao ZHou's hands these eps.,...... and we are having many of those these latest eps. so hmmm.........
  10. let me applaud you!! Yes. Ji Ye is so selfish and so self centered. ugh the Romance part of this drama is too frustrating! We still have 1 princess in the picture Ying Yu.
  11. Great Drama, fast paced, amazing actors, not boring! Plot is great. Liu Haoran is AMAZING!
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