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[Variety] Shinhwa Broadcast

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Guest harumi_chikamatsu

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#01: http://www.mediafire.com/?5dnpgskfa12le

#02: http://www.mediafire.com/?yy550cu474fwy

#03: http://www.mediafire.com/?cpbps9z9h9d68

I've seen ep03 three times already. It's so hilarious I can't help watching it again and again :D

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Guest rose_liana

@crystalis @lhjj Prince and the Paupers lol i love the idea..you should summit your suggestion to jtbc HAHA

by the way, some of gif, not made by me but other fans.

Crediit to Minsera @twitter and as tagged:

Dongwan hitting Minwoo's butt!! LOL i remebered Minwoo's facial expression after that HAHA


Childish Minwoo after defeat Eric.so cute!


Junjin's hilarious chair race XD


needs to find more gifs! ep 3 just can't get out of my mind. XD

@ontheroad new fans is always welcome with open arms!

i'm glad there's new people who's starting enjoying Shinhwa! bet their songs or their personalities (in variety show) XD

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Finished ep 3 :w00t: !!! Ok...ep 1 and 2 were awesome, but ep 3 is even better :D, and it is definitely NOT because I'm into sports haha. From the very beginning with leader~nim's gymnast pose and Junjin's weird entrance I was like this already --> :lol::lol: ! Oh man, Minwoo, I'm wordless; he was so hilarious! Like I mentioned in the Shinhwa thread, I personally think he stole this weeks show! All his moves were just :lol: . Poor Dongwan he always hurts himself! Haha. It looked painful, but I can't stop laughing! Someone hit me! Dongwan: I hope you fully recovered from that because it was a pretty dangerous...*bounce*...hm...unless the floor was soft...then that should be okay. Ok, I'll stop because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it ^_^ .

Here's just a little something something that I came up with :D . Sorry about the bad quality.


The Gymnast


The Street Fighter


The Clumsy Guy


The Karate Kid


The Scorpion King


The Kissing Victim

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@crystalis @lhjj Prince and the Paupers lol i love the idea..you should summit your suggestion to jtbc HAHA

Haha, if I could even possibly do that I would flood jtbc with a bunch of suggestions hehe...it's too sad I don't even know how to do it :sweatingbullets: .

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Guest battleuphoria

^I know! At the end, the way Eric came out of that battle was hilarious and pitiful-looking. The poking butt reminds me of the Shinhwa X-Man Germany with KHD. Minwoo plays dirty all the time LOL and he's always doing body gags. I felt so sorry for the shorties team. On the last relay, I was like "no way are they gonna beat RicJinSyung" They did their best though haha. I wonder what they will do for episode 5 as well, and what kind of ideas kfans have been pitching for in the suggestion forum.

What would you guys like to see on the show since it varies weekly? I know it's old, but I kind of want to see the return of the "of course" game with Shinhwa members or some kind of psychological warfare...though I'm not sure how that would work. They know each other too well that it's hard for subtlety lol.

i would love to see them do the 'of course' game again! this brings me back to x-man days when i am so excited to watch 'of course' game when two shinhwa members are matched against each other. i couldn't imagine their comfort with each other on camera and they even reveal secrets, utmost secrets! haha and one would always lose when the topic about them watching porn videos would come out as part of the 'of course' game.

and i remember clearly the shinhwa x-man germany with kang ho dong. if i am not mistaken, that was a 3-week special! the competitiveness of junjin and eric, dongwan's wit, minwoo's dirty tactics. i have to dig up my shinhwa dvd-rs collection and start retwaching the clips. oh i hope i would have a long holiday ahead! haha

i do not want to try and watch unsubbed episodes of shinhwa broadcast, i want to laugh so much with the subtitles. but with all the posts i have been reading, it might be difficult for me to control my excitement and patience in waiting for subtitles!! it's very nice knowing their statistics is getting higher and higher every week. i hope the day comes when all of korea watches shinhwa and their fandom increases to include those young ones. haha age doesn't matter, i've been a fan of shinhwa for far too long now and i don't care about age, when i see them, i feel like i am back to 10 years ago. haha

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Yeah...hope so...this show will be subbed regularly. Pleeassseee....

It's hilarious! w00t.gif Love RicSung even more. w00t.gifw00t.gif

Hope HS and Andy get well soon so they can fully enjoy the show too. After 4 year hiatus, I bet they also wanna be part of Shinhwa in every show or promo.

From the pic posted on twitter, seems next week they'll have 'weird' costume. I wonder what's the topic :D

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I just finished watching ep 2 & 3. Gawwwddd. I am dying because of too much laughter and I don't understand a thing! What more if it has subs already?? Lol. Shinhwa is really the best when it comes to variety shows like these. Watching Shinhwa Broadcast makes me feel like watching their old variety show guesting again. Hehe. :D

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Haha, battleuphoria I tried to hold back too, but I couldn't anymore so I had to watch them RAW. When subs do come out I'll be watching them again and be laughing again hehe.

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Guest ontheroad

jus heard that there are gonna b kids in shinhwa broadcast from twitter.... I can already imagine how epic that episode is gonna be!!! cannot wait.... 

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jus heard that there are gonna b kids in shinhwa broadcast from twitter.... I can already imagine how epic that episode is gonna be!!! cannot wait.... 

KIDS!? ACK!! Haven't seen Shinhwa interact with kids since that babysitting show in 2001...speaking of which, check these out!

Junjin and Minwoo: 1,2,3

This was the very first show I saw of Shinhwa. I thought Minwoo was gorgeously cute, and Junjin...let's just say my eyes were on Minwoo, but my heart was secretly admiring those lipsss of the guy with long hair ;) .

Eric, Donwan and Hyesung: 1,2

Dongwan really looks like dad if you ask me.

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Guest rose_liana

jus heard that there are gonna b kids in shinhwa broadcast from twitter.... I can already imagine how epic that episode is gonna be!!! cannot wait.... 

yeah i heard that too!! and Minwoo seem posted some hint about what's going up on next week episode..kids and Papa Shinhwa..LOL

this totally remind me of Shinhwa old variety show! XD

What is the most popular character that kids like??


Lee Jang Eon: Shinhwa

Eric: Madonna.

MinWoo: Do you want me to strangle you~!??^^

Eric: Brooks Shield

Eric: Lee Sun Jae.

MinWoo: This guy is such a measly!!

AND the reason for this post is that some fans mention that Shinhwa Broadcast next theme will be kids!!!


A few pics of the kids!


credit: Allaboutshinhwa+minu fb + naver + on pic

AWWW!! those kids are so cuteee!!! i think its gonna be a another interesting episode. Shinhwa become appa?kekeke~ i wonder how they would handle the kids. i know Jinnie will be great in this episode since he seem very good with kids and Minwoo too (watch Minwoo in SNSD's Hello Baby), but i dont know the other... i remember one of Shinhwa old clip, a kid didnt like Eric lol really looking forward to this episode! ^^

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Guest rose_liana

More gifs of episode 3!!









Eric-->Hyesung SARANGHAE!! <3

Credit orenge-empress @ ericmun.tumblr.com

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Guest ontheroad

Minwoo mentioned about kids in FB!!!! hehe...  so, some fans are his frens  on FB??? jealous!!!! luks like I will hab to make a FB account as well n try to add him even though he will not accept it!! those GIF makes me wanna watch the third episode again and i hab already watched it like three times without understanding anything... rofl.....  i am waiting for those subs so bad....

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