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[Official] HONEY COUPLE: Song Seung Hun & Kim Tae Hee

Guest cofioca

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Dear HeonHee...


Despite the post of the article that SH oppa said he is not going out with KTH...I still couldn't make myself to believe that actually the HeonHee couple got ntg between them as it is really hard for me to believe after watching all the chemistry they have between them, both on- and off-screen...

Although I might not know SH oppa as well as those who have been his fans since long ago or maybe since his debut, but based on the BTS I have seen between him and Yeon Hee shi during EOE is so different from now when he is with KTH!!!

Although he used to be like a big kids, fooling around, cracking jokes off-screen, but then, somehow I fel something is different which it could hardly be explain by words...Just for a very simple example, during the last shooting scene, SH oppa was busy thanking the staffs of MP once the shooting finished and KTH who has left the dining table in the scene and wore her jacket, still waiting patiently at the side for him, just for the sake to waved goodbye to him. And when SH oppa saw and realised she was waiting there for him, he quickly went to her and did like a small massage on her shoulders..If there s nothing between them, why would a actor dare to do that to another actress?? That scene was like- KTH: Oppa, goodbye..I will go first..Cya...

SSH: Ok, goodbye. You have really worked hard. Relax!!!

For my opinion, I think maybe they haven start yet, but then they might have developed some good feeling or affection towards one another but yet to confirm between themselves...They just enjoy each other companion as what KTH said in one of her interview that she feels comfortable to be by his side, have lunch with him (which she nvr do with other co-star b4), talked throught he phone and etc...She enjoyed his jokes.. and agreed with him that she got 'poisoned' by his jokes.. SH even can joked that shall we do a kiss during the practise of the breathing scene of MP to KTH..During the BTS, I guess everyone noticed that once off-screen, they kinda always have some light body contact with one another like touching the arm, leanind against etc...

Maybe know they acknowledge one another as good friends since things have not been confirmed yet and they don't wanna spoilt it seeing that both of them are big star and have great influence in the Korea entertainment world...Maybe when things are confirm or settle, we might get a better hint of it????Love always blossom from friendship or good friends status...And up-to-date, we have yet to hear any comments from KTH yet...There is still chance... :w00t:

But truly, I would have the rumours between them are true...

Both of them are being very compatible and acknowledge each other unique characteristic...

They have good chemistry and just like what LS said both of them 'have reach the age to get married'...

I cant wait for their good news and also to see them to walked down the aisle since we miss the one in MP, we will be more thrill if we can see the real one!!!

And then, we get to see how pretty and cutes are their little ones!!!

Can't wait till the moment...Seriously, need someone to spark up their current status of relationship....

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hello everyone! ^^

I ADORE THIS FORUM! i have been a silent reader so far! sorry! but all of you guys write what i think, so i thought, why repeat? lol.

i am also a heonhee shipper! love their MP chemistry!

i really hope they unite in real life! ^^

there is really no need to get upset over ssh's insistence that his ideal woman is hgi.

ssh always talks about hgi whenever they ask about his love life. haven't you noticed? ^^

over the years, i've noticed this pattern in him to always bring in hgi whenever they ask him whether he is dating.

so, it is just a deflection tactic lol.

given that hgi and ssh will never unite, we really have nothing to worry right? ^^

and also imagine what will happen if ssh should speak of kth in intimate terms right after all those hot kisses???

it is like inviting the media circus to his own personal life!

and even in the interview, there are descrepancies in the way he answered.

notice, in this latest interview he said, kth is not first choice and LS supposed to be played by some ugly woman etc.

but in MP conference he admitted he took on this project because kth is in it.

i also read somewhere else that both actors were actually very busy but they coordinated to act in this project together.

then obviously it can't be tt ssh coordinated his schedule for some ugly actress to act LS role right? HAHAHAHAHAHA

i say, ssh is very shrewed when it comes to handling media. so, there is no need to get upset over hgi matter.

i am so used to reading him mention hgi all the time tt i find her a joke in his interviews. lol. sorry. mean me.

and given tt ssh's best buddies are ksw, sjs, lbh, jdg etc. (you saw how ksw and jdg simply announce their marriage one fine day!),

i can totally see ssh doing the same thing.

i think he'd never admit when he is dating.

even if he is not dating kth, at least we know they've been in constant contact ever since andre kim show.

it's not like ssh/kth would have revealed their friendship to us if not for MP! ^^

personally, i am just like you guys! the bts interaction just shows an extreme level of comfort between both stars!

one of my fave bts moment is www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1G9yvIfc1w esp from 1:25.

at 1:29 ssh notices the camera is rolling. but when he sees kth awake from her slumber, his eyes really soften.

kth is really sleepy so she doesn't really get what's happening. but ssh is like a super sweet (boy)friend/co-actor, he tells her not to sleep!

1:34 to 1:42 they are like stuck in their own world talking. ^^ kth even slightly taps his shoulder. and both their faces is full of ahem, secret happiness!


i definitely think they share a good bond off screen.

there is chance it will translate to love.

at least i know for sure, this is the closest i have ever seen ssh with an actress!

i don't know about kth (i heard she is very close with her love story in harvard co-star as well but i can't/don't want to confirm.

i didn't have the heart to go around finding out about them cos my heart will break if i found out things like, "oh kth calls him oppa too" or that kind of crap lol. i need to maintain my heonhee dream! lol

ssh certainly wasn't like this with lyh in EOE.

i remember he would keep a distance and in their kissing ngs, he looked more uncomfortable rather than excited to kiss.

at all times, ssh is considerate as a co-artist. but i never saw him giving lyh mini-massages LOL.

whereas with kth, he can even joke on set, "i am bored, shall we kiss?" TA-DAH: THE DIFFERENCE!

i don't know if this is relevant, but ksw and ssh once did an interview together for their movie fate on kbs. in tt, ksw said ssh is the type who likes to keep talking to his gf without limit. like he gets excited and must keep talking.

to show the extend of ssh's excitement in front of his gf, ksw said ssh must remember that even in phones they have limited talking time. lol.

in reply, ssh said ksw always like to be touchy with his gf. then he added, ksw is liked that with all of his 10 000 gfs! (you can again see ssh is very careful in front of the media though he is only doing interview with his close buddy!)

don't ask me why ksw talked so casually about ssh's reaction to gf. i still don't know why. but they are close buddies, so they talk like that, i guess?

when i saw tt clip recently after mp, i thought, maybe kth and ssh already together for some time given that they always talk on the phone (yes, supposedly for work matter) and go out for dinner together??

and there is NO DENYING that ssh always looks for kth's reaction whenever he says some jokes. it's like he wants to always have her attention!

and as some of you guys mentioned, he always turns up to support her movie premieres. she did the same for his "ghost" movie premiere too! and have you guys read this:


it is quite exciting! they are friends eating dinner together. but still, exciting for us heon-hee shippers! and i find something fishy here cos ssh and kth are always helpful and friendly towards the crew in their bts (we did see ssh bowing to everyone in the last schedule, kth bought coffee, pizza for crew!)!

so it can't be that they are snobs and what to stay away from the crew, R-I-G-H-T, my fellow shippers?

so so sorry for lengthy comment! >_< apologies!

love you all, heonhee shippers.

i wonder what is ssh's  next project? ghost is done and over. so what's next?

i can't bear to see kth kiss lbh in iris 2. haiz.

and i just saw this now: ssh actually instinctively opens kth's water bottle at 0:37 www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gSKzV2TOIQ and look at the other side, prof nam and yoon joo: they are also friends what but it's not like prof name went around opening yoon joo's bottle. lol. i say, ssh is very discreet in his affections! :)

Hi ato2c, could you re-link again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gSKzV2TOIQ. 'cus it said that the video you have requested is not available.

thanks... :)

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Guest xbeybidollx

welcome..welcome my dear..good to hear that we are all in the same boat....I think before this thread reaches 100 our Heonhee will eventually confess....Fighting!!


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"51 readers are reading this topic"

Our thread is becoming so popular now...hehe...Tks to soju for keeping us updated !

Thank you ato for nice observations! Especially how SSH opened the bottle of water for KTH...." what a stable and reliable gentleman" LOL


I just want to add one more thing. Few days ago, I watched SSH and his co-star in EOE in MBC awards ceremony. I noticed that SSH sat quite far from her and almost did not pay attention to her. When it was announced that he won the deasang award, he didn't even turn to her, he was so aloof to her the whole evening....Not like with KTH on press conference.

I'm very confident that they are secretly dating, it just not right time to announce.

By the way, has anyone posted question to the American girl, who met SSH & KTH ? I was thinking to write to her asking if she noticed any special behaviour between KTH & SSH....LOL...

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Guest deekutudrama

Are you still accepting new member? I'm so in!! :)

I'm just curious.. when do they make promotion in japan or other countries for my princess? If they promote the drama, is it usually for two actors come together? 

If they are, it could be a blast!! Thank you for keeping mp alive.. 

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Guest Lecor

SSH open KTH water bottle 0:37 :) hope you can see it! :)

Ato2c thank you thank you very much...please accept my hugs and kisses...muahhhhhh...yes, SSH did open the water bottle of KTH...if she's not that close with KTH why would he do that...right...as if it's an automatic gesture from him...OMG!!! that's super super cute....waahahhhhhh...

and guys please do not forget that Jang Dong-gun had not confirmed that he is in a relationship until they were planning to marry...and to think they are dating for 2 years...in previous interviews of JDG ( prior to his confirmation ) he never confirms that he had a GF....and Ko So Young ( his wife now ) is his friend for a long time.....Celebrity ( especially with the status of KTH and SSH ) will not easily confirm their relationship especially if they have a lot to think of..and maybe they don't want the public to know their relationship because it will complicate their lives...right...it's hard to date if both of you are celebrities and is under the scrutiny of the public....KTH and SSH are top celebrities of Korea and every move they will do will be under public scrutiny so they are keeping their relationship a very very low profile...let's just pray that their relationship will grew deeper and deeper until they will eventually get MARRIED!!!!!!

let's be happy guys...a lot of pictures are coming out about this two...I just hope that it will not jeopardize their privacy..you know..hehhehe..we don't want them to feel pressured about their relationship...let them savor the moment now... :)

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Guest kenokenopi

hello guys... honey shipper here ^^ right now i still cant get enough of this couple. i'm re-watching my princess and yet, as the episode goes, i'm totally loving this couple more and more. and because of that, i'm sure the third time i watch it, i'll surely fall in love more with this couple.

oh, anyway, good to see you all here, let's have great time talking about HONEY couple :D

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76 users!!! i'm so happy that there are so many shippers!

To all silent readers!

Pls share your thoughts, comments & observations! We love to hear more from you!

Welcome on our board, deekutudrama!

@rocel: yes, let's hope that their relationship is growing deeper and deeeeper ;) And SORRY rocel, I clicked thumbs up, but I clicked wrongly so it came out -1....so sorry blush.gif

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Guest yuvaleria

hi, it's my first time to post opinions here, just say hi ~~

actually i feel very lucky to know these two great actors deeply through my princess, and i were moved by the love story performed by them

now i really hope these two people that being together in real life, but i don't wanna give stress on them, giving them space and time, you know, it is very hard for two top stars to be together in their real life, they need to consider and overcome a lot of difficulties. i  hope they can be together under a simple and warm circumstance

 best wishes to them

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Hello fellow Royal Honeys, HeonHee lovers, princesses, & princes!!!

I hope everyone is doing well, except for the slump of our Wednesday/Thursday evenings without My Princess. It has been bumming me out for the past week since it ended, but never fear I created a fan mv in honor of our lovely couple. :w00t: It’s a compilation of their press conference, ngs, bts, some scenes from my princess, and more. Mind you, this is my first ever fan mv, so don’t be too harsh! It’s not the best and a bit choppy, could use better editing. I hope I didn’t miss anything. I was inspired after my princess ended and because of the abundance of bts and ngs they had. Plus their crazy awesome loveable chemistry! I know nnai mentioned earlier about wanting someone to make a video of all song sung hun and kim tae hee’s ngs and bts together, I hope this video does justice! It is extremely long, but jam packed with love lol. :wub:

It turns out that making fan mvs isn’t as easy as it looks, some parts were hard, but I enjoyed it! Hope you guys enjoy this video and continue to support Heonhee couple! They are officially my favorite tandem!

In the Philippine entertainment world, they have what you call “loveteams”, which are basically couple pairings that the entertainment business put out for the fans. These so called loveteams become popular and are put on a number of dramas, variety shows, sitcoms, music channels, etc. depending on their popularity with the fans. In a way it’s kind of nice because you get to see your favorite loveteam a lot and pretty much all the time, plus sometimes the pairings tend to date in real life because they are with each other a lot. The disadvantage is that because of so much pressure on these loveteams to get together in real life and being in the media and limelight, their team up tends to fall out and almost always they break up, which truly ends their relationship and loveteam altogether. With that being said, although I would like to see more of our Heonhee couple together and in more dramas, I think it’s best that they don’t have too much limelight on them because that would totally ruin their relationship and diminish their chances of getting together in real life. I do hope that they realize their feelings for each other because there is no denying that they have amazing chemistry and have some sort of feeling for each other. Hopefully song seung hun will make an effort to pursue a relationship with kim tae hee and maybe they’ll get married and we’ll find out in the distant future. Anyways I said too much already, but I hope you enjoy this video:

My link

Btw, I enjoy reading everyone’s comments abt their love for this couple and news or insights abt both of them!


OMG BUSTED!!! lol thanks so much for the pictures and insight! wish there were more!

grrrr...i lost my first post..grrr..

i juz wanna say thank u for the MV! love it :wub: ..i love that u started the MV with their Andre Kim stint. THey really exuded too much chemistry and they even kiss, right, which was not common in fashion show. my heonhee heart wanna believe that the ending of My Princess was their Andre Kim stint!!! :lol: i think they mustve gotten pretty close after that coz they were able to attend each others premiere. :wub: thanks again..my fave part were the bedscene where mom interrupted them and their pillowfight!!! :w00t:

btw, what happened first, ssh's guesting in a show (where he picked HGI over KTH) or the premiere?

like ATO, im also used to SSH mentioning HGI in his interview for his ideal woman. He was even intrigued at that time coz it might create misunderstanding from HGI's hubbyy. but there were no issues and intrigues after. i guess, HGI is STILL happily married to her husband, right? i think the husband is SSH's buddy as well. so, i wonder why he mentioned HGI again? ;)






i think they are now talking to their managers to delete those pics and posts. just like in My Princess! :wub:

lucy :P

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Guest forbidden_015

If i'm not mistaken Han Ga In's husband is the one who portrayed as SSH's brother in EOE right? And he also worked with KTH before.

This is HGI's husband right?



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Guest forbidden_015

I think there's no tension between them eventhough SSH really likes his wife.


I remember this guy he's also the one with KTH's brother (Lee Wan) and Kim Jung Hwa's korean drama Snow White Taste Sweet Love?


Idk know his name but i have seen him in several dramas like EOE with SSH,  A Problem at My Younger Brother's House with KTH, and Snow White with Lee Wan and KJH.

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