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Lee Jong Suk 이종석 ||[on MS]Upcoming - |Unreleased C-Drama - Jade Lover

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In May 2016 Jong Suk was already filming  first episodes of W...

4 years has passed ...

Time is just flowing..


GIF credit  https://twitter.com/LASTSTAR_2

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2020.05.30 #LeeJongSuk Reached 15.8 M Followers on IG  :love:




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Selected by Fans, These are the Eight Most Beautiful Korean Drama Actors in 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020 13:44Author: Dhia Amira

Kapanlagi.com - Currently Korean drama is one of the most sought-after entertainment by the public, especially the people of Indonesia. There are so many applications that can be chosen to search for a Korean drama, and of course this makes it very easy for drama lovers to watch Korean dramas. Because of this, many Korean actors and actresses have many fans. It has always been a dream of Korean drama fans in every action.


And because of this there are some truest Korean drama actors chosen by fans. This is because so many Korean drama actors have played many dramas, but only a few actors can fascinate fans with their visuals and talents. For that, it was reported from Koreaboo, here are 8 Korean drama actors traced by fans' choices made through the King Choice Voting Website.


1. Lee Jong Suk



The first position of fan choice for the best Korean drama actor in 2020 is actor Lee Jong Suk . You fans of Korean dramas surely know about the actor who has the characteristic of this big and sweet smile. Actors who were active in 2005 as this model have played many famous dramas such as, SCHOOL 2013 (2012), I HEAR YOUR VOICE (2013), PINOCCHIO (2014), WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (2017), and many more. Not only that, Lee Jong Suk also plays a lot on feature films, variety shows, and also music videos.


Starting his career as a model, Lee Jong Suk has been trusted by many well-known brands such as beauty products SK-II to The Body Shop. Lee Jong suk is also believed to bring famous fashion brands such as Levi's, TBJ Fashion, and many more. Not only that, he also did a lot of photoshoots for famous magazines such as Vogue, NYLON, BAZAAR, Marie Claire, and many more. That is why Lee Jong Suk was chosen as one of the best Korean drama actors in the first place in the eyes of the fans.


1. #LeeJongsuk
2. #LeeMinho
3. #SongJoongki
4. #LeeDongWook
5. #ParkBogum
6. #HyunBin
7. #JiChangWook
8. #ParkSeoJoon


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Hard Worker, These 10 Korean Actors Always Play Drama Every Year

Saturday, May 30, 2020 21:22Author: Dhia Amira

Kapanlagi.com - Korean Drama has always been widely spread, not only in South Korea but also to Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries. Over the years, South Korea has increasingly demonstrated its presence in music and film, one of which is Korean drama. The success of Korean drama is also not spared from the greatness of the actors and actresses who struggle to bring a story with epic. There are even some Korean actors who work hard with their work to provide the best for fans.


And their efforts are to provide the best acting, and try to always be on the screen to entertain. And here are some Korean actors who work hard by always appearing on the screen every year, and always giving the best performance in every drama that is played. Who are they? Reporting from Koreaboo, here are 10 hardworking Korean actors that you really must know. Who knows there is your favorite oppa there.


3. Lee Jong Suk



Being one of the best Korean actors in 2020 fans' choices and also one of the actors of a million people, it is only natural that Lee Jong Suk often appears on screen and works hard for his fans. Lee Jong Suk started his career in 2005 as a model, and plunged into the world of acting in 2010 in the drama PROSECUTOR PRINCES .


And began to be known by many people when playing in the 2013 SCHOOL drama until now. And here is the list of dramas that Lee Jong Suk played from 2012 until now.


SCHOOL 2013 (2012)








W TWO WORLD (2016)










Military Service (2019 - until now)


The above list does not include widescreen movies, music videos, variety shows, to commercial stars and photo shoots. Lee Jong Suk is one of the actors who shoot a lot of famous brands, he also became a lot of commercials for beauty products, fashion, to famous food.





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