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Binkyo - Won Bin And Song Hye Kyo


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@jjeennyy19, I know what you mean.

HYE GYO sshi, you need time, an appropriate moment when both of you, WON BIN oppa and Hye Gyo can be together as a couple.

We should not only ship them, but matchmake them. I wish I could. pfuf....just wait and see.

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Guest ginachan

jjeennyy19 said: @chichi: That is an awesome question and something we can discuss in here..thanks dear.. :-bd
For me, they are perfect together but as we know, Knetizens are very protective of Won Bin and no woman is good enough for them. I'm sure they'd quickly point out that SHK dated two of her co-stars which I cant see any wrong in that..She is 30+ something for Pete's sake but they are in the Kentertainment and in their industry, even the tiniest dust gets notice.Know what I mean??SHK is well loved and her image has reach another level after TWTWB but in Knets, no one is good enough for their Won Bin.. :-?? :-?? :-?? I want them to be real but I'm scared for SHK. She already went through a lot and if Won Bin is the man, He needs a lot of effort to protect her. He should say something since netizens take Won Bin's every action and word with respect..

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^^ chichi: thanks for sharing that with us...interesting question and replies,and iv asked that ques to myself a million times already ever since i clapped eyes on these two in AIMH  :D

Before i state my opinion,i would like to rant and express my excitement over the realization that there are lot more BINKYO fans than i ever imagined i would see,let alone have discussion with!! i used to think i was the only fan who ever supported WB & SHG...coz both were not the official pair,and there was zero news or gossip about them together...just handful of pictures,that too taken during the shoot etc etc...so its really kinda cool to know there are still many binkyo fans like you,who fantasize about this couple and ship them just like you do  :x :D

so regarding the question...i agree with jenny,what im most scared about is the netizens reaction...No,i mean absolutely no woman is good enough for WB acc to the nets...they are obsessed with him,and in their eyes hes something like GOD...i personally think they want WB to remain single lol..newas i also agree with one of the commenters..after TWTWB,the netz have really warmed up to our girl and she is back to being well loved...tats wat i feel...so there wouldnt be much of negativity from them if ever BINKYO dated...but even there is,i dont think thatl change anything...its their life after all and Wonbin is a strong minded guy from what i know...if he really loves a woman,he would not let go,and im sure he would protect her till his last breath...and needless to say i would be over the moon if they ever hooked up in real life but i just dont dwell too much on it..all comes down to fate,if ever WB & SHK are destined for each other they will unite against all odds...i believe in destiny...so lets all just keep our fingers crossed  ;;) 

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I read a post somewhere that WB even could not type 'smiley' face in his e-device for his fan. I am wondering what kind of a guy he is. while, Somewhere here in this thread also said that Hye Gyo would call WB when got a spider in her room. I was so excited reading the post. Imagining that SHG's ideal type is WB. Yet, there was not any rumors on both. They are just described as friends, good friends only.
:(  As said by @jjeenny, they are good at playing HIDE AND SEEK with media. And I guess SHG learns to cope with media from WB. So, what kind of relationship do they really have?

I also notice that Shin Min Ah* (other girl that cud be WB' ideal type is a kind of 'an introvert' woman, she is also good at playing that game WB and SHG did play). So, which one WB will choose? Ottoke?
--*sorry for mentioning another woman

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YunRa said: Rumors are afloat that she's dating KDW. A lot of people have spotted them having dinner together, the most recent in Jeju island. Also they went to COLD EYES premier together but didn't take pics with the press.

What??? SONG HYE GYO and KANG DONG WON. Though I said that I let SHG choose whoever her Mr Right is, I cannot deny that my heart breaks into pieces.

^#(^ (:| :((

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Guest kangmin

@chicci, i dont believe it.. there is no concrete evidence to believe that ..:) just rumours.. if the rumors were true, so far revealed..
sweet couple binkyo... :\"> why we can not see them side by side any where?:-S I wonder, we will see them together in the future ? 8->


p.s.  oops, Why doesn't seem the video screen? 8-|

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Although Won Bin is a taken man, there's still a possibility that he may collaborate with Song Hye Kyo in a future project. No matter how slim the possibility is, let's keep up the positive spirit!

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OMGGGGG another ship sank! :(( first JIS, now WB...... maybe it's time to go back to SSH or HB ?

*deep sigh*


The day the WonBin fangirls and Binkyo fans collapses *sigh again* (let's all just group hug here and wish him the best)

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