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  1. I knew it!!Glad she is sporting a long hair for her new drama..Cant wait to see how her character is for this drama that made her convince to take it. I always trust her choices...so please drama gods..make this one awesome too
  2. Another confirmed drama from SHK Not familiar with Jang Ki Yong but I'm planning to watch his previous works while waiting for this drama. Hello everyone..Hope this thread would be a fun and peaceful one Song Hye Kyo confirmed to star opposite of Jang Ki Yong in new drama series Published March 11, 2021 12:43pm Song Hye Kyo will star opposite of Jang Ki Yong in the upcoming romance drama series "Now, We Are Breaking Up." According to a Soompi report, the actress was confirmed to star in the new series on Wednesday along with other act
  3. Wow!!That was a surprise.. When was the last time we get a back to back drama comeback from unni?????2021 is getting better already!!
  4. Thank you for creating this thread Search is on for her next male lead...Please let it be Won Bin!!Praying for that Autumn tale reunion ever since!!Please drama gods make it happen!
  5. I hope its Won Bin...I've been waiting for a reunion drama ever since Autumn Tale.......or Gong Yoo....Hopefully, if not older than her, within unni's age range..Cant wait
  6. Woaw!!There have been a lot of drama comeback rumor from uri queen but a Kim Eun Sook reunion drama, I was not expecting I still dont know what to feel about this reunion but I always trust unni with her decisions/projects... Say what????probably 1st half of 2022????2021 just got started!!!!Such a long wait then Anyways hope it hits another daebak project!! Excuse me while I do my happy dance!!
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