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[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

Guest Q_Park

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Guest thasaranaki

thasaranaki: Just to clarify, those aren't translations. I don't know enough Korean to translate. *lol* I write English lyrics to the music. ^^

I really like how Aeja-ssi took BG to shop for a suit and let him take someone out for a nice dinner. He even gave her money early. I wonder when he would find out about all the money Aeja-ssi really has. =P

Anyone noticed how HB had a brown jacket on before leaving the house, but then it's a pink sweater when she meets BG? XD

Yes, I knew that esp when I read the part "OH Gam Ja".. its so sweet.. very well done.

Btw, I noticed that too.. I think she was supposed to wore that brown jacket with the high heels, but when she saw the sneakers which BG gave to her, I think she decides to change her clothes and wore that along with the sneakers instead..

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Guest jerryyan

withoutadoubt2: thanks for sharing yunra pics as a child and them now, both are such cuties as a child

but now yunho is handsome and ara is pretty, both haven't change all that much.

And you can said that again, without much stalking/filming pics to discuss over,

we are all spazzing over the much anticipated 1st kiss scene between our bonghae.

I didn't noticed about the changing of jacket colors, thanks so much for pointing that out.

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Though we don't have a lot of SeungHae fans . . .

Episode 11: Hae Bin and Seung Woo Convo

SW: Have you ever met that kind of person?

HB: What kind?

SW: A person where you wonder, "Why did they come into my life?"

HB: What does that mean?

SW: Why did you come into my life?

HB: We went on a blind date, remember? (laughs)

SW: (smiles) Thank you . . . for teaching me how to ride a bike.

HB: I was surprised that there was something that you couldn't do.

SW: Actually, there are a lot of things I can't do.

HB: Like what?

SW: Singing.

HB: Singing?! I can't sing either!

SW: Really?

HB: You have so many things that you are good at so you not being able to sing or ride a bike just adds to your charm.

SW: Not being able to do something is a charm?

HB: Yep!

SW: So, if I made a mistake or did something bad, is it okay?

HB: Hmm . . . mistake . . . something bad? . . . It's okay. Next time, sing for me.

SW: But I'm tone deaf . . .

HB: It's okay because I'm tone deaf too. I want to hear how badly you sing.

SW: (laughs)

- Kyu

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Guest jerryyan

Kyu, I must admit I am not one of the few seunghae fans, but I really appreciate all your translations, including seunghae conversation, helps me understand the drama as a whole better.

Question: am a lil confused, did yunra go out together to karoake or bowling with the manager?

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YunRa, Yunho's guard and manager all went out bowling and after bowling all of them went out to the karaoke place.

So it was four of them (sadly) but hey, any YunRa moment is precious. LOL

- Kyu

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Guest jerryyan

Kyu: thanks for the answer and I think it was better with the manager and guard going with them b/c otherwise, if only just yunra, would stir up lots of speculations/rumors that I don't think yunho needs right now, not with dbsk lawsuit stuff going on and everything. Anyway, it's 1 am where I live so goodnight Kyu.

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Guest thasaranaki

Right, let's drop the rating out.. and enjoy spazzing lol..

Anyway, speaking about YunRa, Yunho's guard and manager went to Karaoke after the bowling,

I remember there were stalking pics of Yunho at the bowling a few weeks a go too..

I wonder whether Yunho went with them last time as well?

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Kyu: Thanks for translating that SeungHae convo. I thought it was kinda amusing to see SW not being able to ride a bike. So, that's what he said towards the end... I guess he's trying to lay the ground for if he ever tells her about the "big mistake" he made with BG. =X Oh yeah, would you mind translating that convo between BG and YY towards the end? Did she confess to him or something?

I actually like HB's casual outfit a lot. BG also teases her and treats her kinda mean. But I guess that's what some guys do when they like a girl. XD I like the bathroom scenes when BG was checking himself out to make sure he looks ok, and HB was jumping up and down in those sneakers. *lol* When HB didn't agree to meet up with SW for coffee, I was so happy... Take that! Haha~ I like how BG always looks towards HB for support when he's playing. The "ajusshi" agent is so funny, too. I love him and his facial expressions!

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fine. fine. my fault. my fault. @.@

sigh. i guess it isnt that good to share my thoughts. :/

how come people made it seems that my comment is about bashing the drama?

never mind.

lol, hey there. =)

sorry for the confusions but i'm not even directing my post to you. lol.

i meant those people who stopped watching it after the first episode. and i read your post, i really

did. lol. i was just agreeing on kinkie_lass' post, that's it. your post are far from bashing anyways. :lol:

please do come here, this is just a misunderstanding. teehee. i'm okay i hope you're too. =)

Heading to the Ground's Yunho and Ara's Kiss Scene Preview

zomfg, a kiss scene! finally!

i hope the kiss would be more to the sweet ones. this is BG's first kiss with HB afterall! :lol:

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wonder if this was what the netizens said.

Yunra going out with their manager and Yunho's bodyguard? but which one is Ara? lol.



This was Friday night according to the fan account who took the pic.

Yunra going out on bowling was Thursday night.

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Guest jerryyan

thanks for posting up the pics of yunho going out bowling, but how come I don't see ara in the pic?

anyway, this bowling event was recent right, he also went bowling some time back.

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^ That was Friday night and YunRa went out Thursday night.

Pictures from the OST booklet?

(So colorful and cute!! ><)







Lisa: I translated YY's confession to BG.

YY: Cha Bong Goon . . . I think I love you.

BG: What? What did you just say?

YY: It's so embarrassing, he makes me say it twice.

YY: I think I love you . . . as a man. Can you live without me? When you were gone, I thought the world was going to end. A feeling like you can't live without the other person. That's love. You even know that I like strawberry milk and that's love.

BG: Yeon Yi.

YY: Think about it. Think about it again and again then give me an answer.

- Kyu

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Guest jerryyan

Kyu: thanks for posting the pictures from ost booklet, indeed it looks so colorful and nice.

I really love the design of the backgrounds and the pictures used.

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Thanks for the pictures. I wonder why we aren't getting any recent filming pictures . . .

There has been a rumor saying that Heading to the Ground can even be shortened to 14 episodes. I really hope that MBC does not shorten HTTG. >=(

Episode 11: After BongGoon Pays for Dinner

Lady: It's going to be $150.

Lady: Thank you, have a nice evening.

HB: Dinner was delicious.

BG: Next time you buy it.

HB: What?

BG: What? You're going to be a freeloader?

HB: It's not like I asked you to buy it . . . alright, fine. Ah, my idiot player makes me do all sorts of things.

BG: What?

HB: Let's go.

- Kyu

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