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[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

Guest Q_Park

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Guest jerryyan

Q_Park: really? that's awesome, is it part of filming or just they hanging out together off camera?

anyway, I trust this is a reliable source b/c yeah, his fans are always stalking him, so not a big surprise that

they would know this kind of stuff. And thanks for the bonghae date translation.

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Not a filming scene, but they were just hanging out with each other . . . which makes it even better. A real life YunRa date!! <33333 YunRa fans were pretty darn happy when they found out about this. It makes me wonder if they are going out in real life . . .

News Link: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200910160009351020

Heading to the Ground's Yunho and Ara's Kiss Scene Preview


MBC's Wednesday/Thursday drama, "Heading to the Ground's" main couple, Cha Bong Goon (Jung Yunho) and Kang Hae Bin (Go Ara) have brought in a lot of interest from viewers.

On the 15th, in episode 11, we were able to see Bong Goon and Hae Bin growing closer to each other.

Bong Goon received a present from Ae Ja (Yoon Yeon Jung) saying, "Take a girl that you like out for dinner." Hae Bin, after seeing Bong Goon dressed up handsomely in a suit, burst out in laughter. Bong Goon replied by saying, "There is nothing saying that I always have to wear training wear. We can see that Bong Goon was trying his best to impress Hae Bin.

Bong Goon already thinks of Hae Bin as a girl who likes guys who wear suits, drive nice cars, have a lot of money and take her out to good restaurants. But Hae Bin replies with a, "Just make a goal. Making a goal is better than going to a restaurant 100 times. Lots of guys can take her out to a restaurant but only a soccer player can make a goal and do a ceremony." She gives Bong Goon some hope.

Bong Goon, thinking about what Hae Bin said, used all his might to make a goal and immediately after he makes one, he looks for Hae Bin and gives her a thumbs up. This is a scene where we can see Bong Goon's heart filled with thoughts of Hae Bin.

In the preview for next week, we see Bong Goon and Hae Bin's first kiss and viewers are anticipating the next episode a lot.

- Kyu

PS. Bong Goon takes Hae Bin out to a fancy restaurant and it looks like Hae Bin takes him out to a little neighborhood place. Haha, Hae Bin feeding him, I bet Bong Goon secretly likes it. He always does.

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Guest jerryyan

thanks for confirmation Q_Park, makes me squealing right now, it's so nice to know that they are

comfortable enough to become close like friends hanging out together & having fun outside of work.

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I know! I hope we continue to get more YunRa moments. (Call me Kyu!) ;)

I was trying to image how the kiss scene would come about and maybe this is what it is. In the written preview for episode 12, it said that Bong Goon was offered a chance to go to the J-League and I think Hae Bin found out about it. In the picture, it looks like Hae Bin was crying because I think she is going to encourage him to go but she is going to miss him. Then I think Bong Goon is kiss her.

^ That's just my imagination running wild. LOL

- Kyu

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Guest thasaranaki

Thanks for the translation Kyu..

So are they REALLY going to kiss???

I hope so.. because I think its time for it..

we need some romance scenes lol..

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^ I really really really really hope so.

First there was that Netizen that dropped a hint that there was a kiss in the 12th episode and in the preview for episode 12 there's that picture. Then we have reporters writing about it. They didn't write about the almost kiss in the 10 episode because there was no kiss but I think we are going to have one in the 12th.

I was just a little surprised that they actually showed us in the preview. And since we have pictures, I'm assuming that they already filmed it. O_O !!!

- Kyu

PS. Are there any scene that anyone wants me to translate? (Done with exam week and it's time to party! LOL)

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Thanks so much for the spot translations, Kyu! I love all the BG-HB moments after watching ep. 11 tonight. ^^ He looked sooo suave in the suit!! And I'm glad HB finally wore the sneakers. Heehee~ HB definitely doesn't just like guys who wear suits, have money, etc. etc. She's already got all that. XD I saw the kiss scene in the previews and squealed! Can't wait for the next ep! :P Even though the ratings are poor and this drama is up against strong competition, I'm still enjoying it. Hope Yunnie is doing ok and getting proper rest. <3

I worked on two more English versions of songs from the OST since I enjoyed it so much. My copy's on its way to me. Heehee~

Park Sang Woo - Always [English Version]

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang



I see the tears shining in your eyes

I can feel how much you care about me

Always there for me

I know I'm the one

Deep inside your heart

I'm sorry that I can't return your love

*Please don't think you don't mean anything

You are like family

You are the one I can always turn to

I love you; you are my closest friend

Forever by my side

I'm so thankful you've been here all along


I know it's been hard on you

I just want you to know

There's always a place for

The "Oh Gam Ja" in my heart

I'll do all I can

To make you smile again

No matter what, I'll keep fighting; I will show the world

I promise you

Repeat *, Chorus minus last line, Chorus

(NOTE: I decided to make this song like a thank-you message from Bong Goon to Yeon Yi <3)


Lee Hyun Wook - Naega... (I...) [English Version]

Lyrics by: Lisa Tang



When I look in your eyes

You are the one I want

I know that I'll do all I can, do all I can

To be the best in your eyes

When I see you've been hurt

I want to hold you tight

I know that I'll do anything, do anything

To protect you from all the pain

Please trust in me


On that one rainy night, you came into my life

I'll never forget the way you look and your warm smile

When you told me that I can play soccer again

I was filled with so much joy that I could not hide how I felt

*No matter how they see me

No matter how hard it'd be

You believe in me, so I can do anything

Let us run towards our dream together now

Repeat Chorus


When I want to give up, you refuse to let me

You made me realize just how precious I am to you

I just want you to know I'd risk my life for you

'Cause my heart tells me you are the one that I've been searching for

Repeat *, Chorus


Out of this whole wide world, I have found the one

I'll love you all my life

Repeat Chorus

(NOTE: I decided to make this song like a confession of love from Bong Goon to Hae Bin <3)

CREDITS: http://wackycashew.wordpress.com / Please do not post elsewhere without my permission. Thanks. ^^

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Guest thasaranaki

Yes, thinking about it.. Netizens are always right with their hinting btw..

I hope this will attract a lot of viewers too...

Seriously, who would not wanna know how good kisser Yunho is since its his first time kissing on the screen? :lol:

But I hope the kissing wont be lame like some drama lol.. :P

Thanks for the translation of the OST..

Really love these songs so much.

Especially "Always".. the lyrics and the song just so heart breaking..

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dreamweaver: Thanks for the lyrics! Gah~ HTTG's OST is really good. I have it on repeat on my mp3 player. HB to BG is It's Love and BG to HB is I . . . (I . . . is such a sweet song, so touching!)

jerryyan: Thanks. (takes a bow) Haha, I wonder how their kiss is going to be . . . please be Wednesday already!!

tha: Please no dead fish kissing!! I hope HaeBin keeps her mouth open like that. rofl

- Kyu

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Guest thasaranaki

Kyu: Me too.. I hope they dont just stand there and kiss without moving their mouth or head lol.. I remember I was disappointed at the kissing scene between Rain and Song HyeKyo in Fullhouse.. hehehe..

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Guest jerryyan

I think I would like it best if they had a sweet kiss scene which I think will be appropriate for their first time,

there's passionate yet not too over the top.

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Guest withoutadoubt2

*keke* you guys are having fun and a good-ole time speculating how the kiss scene is gonna go, whether the kiss goes good or bad its still gonna be a kiss that I'm going to be envious and squeal about haha. I'm sure once the scene is shown, we'll have 1000x spasm comments about it. First time I'm wishing the weekend would pass faster... lol.

Thought I post a pic of YunRa, which I find adorable.


They still look like their young selves.

Don't you feel a similar posing vibe? *Their signature hand on chin pose* :P

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Guest thasaranaki

Of course, we do have fun in spazzing about the long wait kissing scene here.. hehehe..

Well, I dont think the director will make it as a deep or intense kissing either..

because according to BG and HB's characters.. they are more to shy and sweet ones...

and I am sure the director also think of how cassies gonna react to it too lol..

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A nice sweet kiss scene FTW!

Some movement but not too much.

withoutadoubt: Thanks for the pictures, those are so adorable! Now and Then . . . YunRa was so cute as kids.

- Kyu

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Haha... Looks like everyone is anticipating the kissing scene. :P I hope they do a sweet kiss. But it seems that some PDs tend to film awkward kisses (e.g., Jihoo-Jandi kiss XD). And like some of you said, I don't care about ratings as long as I enjoy it. I just hope the cast and crew don't feel too bummed for all their hard work. >.<

Kyu: Oh, you read my It's Love? Haha~ That's my fave from the OST. Actually, all the ballads are really good on the OST. I like the instrumentals as well. Oh Joon Sung really has a feel for the drama when he writes the songs. I loved his stuff on BOF's OST, so I'm glad he did HTTG, too. ^^ (Feel free to call me Lisa.)

thasaranaki: Just to clarify, those aren't translations. I don't know enough Korean to translate. *lol* I write English lyrics to the music. ^^

withoutadoubt2: Such a cute pic!!! :D *saves*

I really like how Aeja-ssi took BG to shop for a suit and let him take someone out for a nice dinner. He even gave her money early. I wonder when he would find out about all the money Aeja-ssi really has. =P

Anyone noticed how HB had a brown jacket on before leaving the house, but then it's a pink sweater when she meets BG? XD

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Guest yiyi0312

^serious ? dint notice ...

Rushes of to watch again :)

i just saw it ... lol .... i tink its becos she wanna better match her canvas shoes? tt's why she chose another jacket tt is more casual? tt's wat i think ^^

hahaa u guys are funny discussing how the kiss scene should be like :)

kekeee~ right I too don't thing it will be a VERY PASSIONATE KIND but rather some movements too ....

(Our hearts can't take it right? lolz)

I also heard about the stalker news tt both YunRa + managers went to karaoke :) they look so good together anw :D

both faces are small too ~ ARghhh if got stalkerish news on Yunho n co please post:) cos there are like another 4 days before we get to see the drama again T_T

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Guest yoyo_yoyo

I forget that kiss scene ..^^

Oh my God I totally can't wait ...

Thanks Kyu for translation and information ...happy when know that Yunra have fun time together ... ^^

Dreamweaver: Thank you for sharing ...I love OST of HTTG , warm and sweet ..

withoutadoubt2:thank you for photos ... wow YunRa kid looks absolutely adorable >Y< ..and now They look really beautiful together Yunra <333

Thanks everyone for sharing pics...

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Lisa: I noticed that too! She had on a brown leather jacket like Bong Goon's then when she meets him, she is wearing that pink jacket. I like OJS's I Will Run. It's a nice song to listen to when you want to just think. (For me. haha)

yiyi: I hope we get some stalker pictures of YunRa filming to keep us going on. Part of me wishes that Yunho's guard and manager weren't there. LOL

yoyo: You're welcome. I enjoy doing those translations. Feel free to ask for another scene! ^^

Episode 10: BongGoon Confronts KyungRae:

BG: Hong Kyung Rae, aren't you going to apologize? Thats, right. I went to prison, I got in here because I was a package set with Lee Dong Ho and I even have a hit and run incident. But I have never done anything that I was ashamed of! No matter what other people think of me, I'm not embarrassed. People can step in sh!t and I don't have the time or energy to explain it to you but I've just stepped in dirty sh!t. Just leave it alone with honor. Soccer players are supposed to fight with soccer balls, cheap b@stard.

- Kyu

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