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  1. January 15, 2021 Lee Byung-hun donated 100 million won → Lee Byung-hun's fan club contribution of 20 million won Actor Lee Byung-hun's fan club "Rubeurs" shared their will with Actor Lee Byung-hun. On the 14th, Lee Byung-hun's fan club "Rubeurs" donated 20 million won to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation for low-income children suffering from the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The decision was made after hearing that Actor Lee Byung Hun donated 100 million won at the end of last year to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation for
  2. January 11, 2021 Thanks to @IOxOIa for highlighting on Twitter about a little description of LBH's character in Emergency Declaration, as described by Director Han Jae rim on his latest interview with cine 21. He said, "Faced with a situation that cannot be solved Byung-hun sunbaenim is a scaredy-cat and, in a way, a pure ( a child like) and innocent father. I think you will be able to see the unique, fun, serious, and sincere image of Byung Hun sunbaenim." LBH nails these kind of roles and and manage to make it look both funny and endearing at the same ti
  3. January 11, 2021 According to an interview with director Han Jae-rim in the new issue of Cine21, released today. 1. The edited version was completed at the end of last year 2. The filming is 100% Handheld 3. Comic, Sinpa element (catering to certain audiences?) 4. The destination of the plane in the movie is Hawaii. Source: Extmcommunity The way our pdnim has been keeping so hush hush about this movie that we know nothing more, not even the name of their characters.
  4. January 6, 2021 The depressing year 2020 passed, and 2021, a new year came up. The best film directors and actors of 2020 selected by the Sports Today film team delivered New Year's blessings for those who were having a hard time. Lee Byung Hun celebrates his 30th Debut anniversary. Lee Byung-hun, wearing a slick back hair and suit, completely captivated the audience in January and February. He made his debut in 1995 with the film "Who Drives Me Crazy," then "The Harmonium in My Memory," "Joint Security Area JSA," "Bungee Jumping of Their Own," "A Bit
  5. January 3, 2021 Congratulations to LMJ for winning Top Excellence Award at the KBS drama awards for her drama "Once Again." On her speech, she thanked her family, her parents and also mentioned how Joon-hoo had asked her to mention his name. She said, “My son, Joon-Ho, I love you." So cute. Also, she updated her IG today taking part in a #IamSorryJungInah challenge, with the message from both her and Joon Hoo. She wrote, "I hope you stay healthy and happy there. I am sorry for those adults who couldn't protect you."
  6. WeJanuary 1, 2021 NEW YEAR GREETINGS OF LBH POSTED BY BH ENTERTAINMENT. "The new year 2021 has dawned, I hope all of you keep your health in mind and be happy."
  7. I imagined there will be a party here today. Just saw the news guys and what a new year to all BinJin Nation.. Congratulations to the lovely couple and to all of you! Have a Happy New Year 2021! Stay safe and take care. ~
  8. December 31, 2020 Guys, I wish you all a very Happy New year in advance. This year has been extremely challenging for all of us in all aspects. What a tough year it was. I wish and pray that 2021 would bring that peace and happiness back in our lives. Here’s wishing everyone the best of health and happiness this year. Thank you so much and love you. On the bright side, this year has been very meaningful to LBH. Starting with The Man Standing next and receiving accolades for his performance in the movie, his 30th Debut Anniversary and becoming the first ever Korean Actor t
  9. Lee Byung Hun Makes Donation To Help Children From Low-Income Families Through Pandemic Lee Byung Hun recently made a meaningful donation to help children from lower-income families. On December 30, the actor’s agency BH Entertainment shared that Lee Byung Hun had donated 100 million won (approximately $91,800) to Child Fund Korea to aid children from low-income families enduring hardships due to COVID-19. After hearing about the difficulties some children were facing because of the pandemic including education inequalities and other le
  10. December 30, 2020 Actor Lee Byung-hun has donated 100 million won for children from low-income families. According to his agency BH Entertainment on the 30th, Lee Byung-hun donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation to help low-income children suffering from the new surge of coronavirus infection. Lee Byung-hun expressed his affection after hearing that children who do not have a proper residential environment are experiencing learning gaps and educational inequality as Covid 19 situation becomes serious. The donation will be
  11. December 29, 2020 Official trailer for re-release of “Joint Security Area”
  12. December 28, 2020 Campaign poster of The Man Standing next for the 93rd Academy Awards (Best International Feature Film) and the 78th Golden Globe Awards (Best Foreign Language Film), posted by Showbox.
  13. December 28,2020 LBH and KTR ranked #1 Best Actor and Actress that will lead Korean Video Content Industry in 2021 at Cine 21’s survey with 55 film experts in the industry including Drama and film producers, investment distributors, OTT and management companies. My Eushin heart is so happy! source: Cine21 ______________________________ Also, on today’s edition of Adorkable Eugene Choi, we have this amazing edit thanks to @Blancheneige on twitter to make your day. Enjoy! ___________________________ Campaign
  14. December 25, 2020 LBH's message for Christmas posted by Alvolo Pizza team. "Merry Christmas!! I wish you have a joyous and enjoyable time together with your families, and with a delicious pizzas." https://youtu.be/UODGyu8g_ok
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