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Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee


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Guest chibikko

So happy that the LBH thread is up. Hello hunnie pandas....nice that my comfort zone is back. For a while there I was wondering what happened to it.

Welcome to the hunny forest Chibikko and Knyczxsh to the thread. We hope you enjoy your stay. Our common denominator here, is our undying love and support for LBH.

Hi to all the hunnie pandas all over the globe. Let's have a group hug....

Thanks for the welcome. Heehee, hunny forest? Sounds cool ^_^

Update : Oct 5, 2005 KST 16:27

Lee Byung-hun to set up fan club in Japan


Actor Lee Byung-hun, nicknamed “Byonsama” in Japan, will soon launch a fan club in that country in a joint effort with Hakuhodo DY, a subsidiary of the influential Japanese advertisement agency, Hakuhodo. The firm has agreed to provide active support to set up a fan club for Lee, who is often described as “a hallyu blue chip.”

The club, entitled “Lee Byung Hun Japan Official,” will be unveiled in November. Hakuhodo DY, which highly regards the actor’s popularity in Japan, will take charge of the club’s founding and overall management by capitalizing on its extensive marketing knowledge.

Although the operation of Lee’s unofficial fan Web site has been suspended ahead of the club’s launch, the number of its visitors has exceeded 10 million recently, attesting to the actor’s skyrocketing popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, Hakuhodo DY has staged various pre-launch marketing events recently, such as posting advertisement banners on Tokyo’s downtown buses and running ads in the press in a bid to publicize the creation of Lee’s official fan club. ”

Source: KBS Global


Thanks for the news!! Wow, over 10 million visitors, that's a heck of alot of hits for one site. Amazing the server doesnt crash :lol:

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World Walker



News update

Lee Byung Hun Signed New Cf Contract of One Billion won with Samansatabasa

The Lee Byung Hun 100,000 yen jewelry is designed

Source: bhjwlove.com, reposted at http://www.sokorean.com/forum/viewtopic.ph...er=asc&start=15

Update : Sep 30, 2005 KST 17:02

Lee Byung-heon debuts as jewelry designer in Japan

Source: KBS Global http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/enterta...3603_11692.html










The pendants (hers & his)




YTN Star news



A must-have: Samantha Thavasa event + tea ceremony, etc



TV TOKYO Clip: Photoshooting & discussion of Samantha Thavasa jewelry CF


TBC SBS clip - thanks to Angel 70/lovelbh.com


The Samantha Tiara his & hers pendants combined as one; clip from 3asian.com


Samantha Tiara Promotion Clip


The Samantha Tiara by Lee Byunghun CM CLIP


Source & credits:

YTN media, TV Tokyo Lucy, Landy, Cynthia & Fujiko (LBH.SG), Admin-Angel 70-Japan Angel (lovelbh.com), Hyc-Ping-beday (bhjwlove.com) & Fiona for the clips and images

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Guest summer0323

Hello, I'm back here!!

Last nite cannot login & this morning when I came in, was shocked to find tat all data gone!! :o

I used back my old ID.......actually this coming 18 will be my 1st anniversary here... :( too bad, haven't get the chance to celebrate, have to start all over again~~ nx yr, this date many of us can celebrate our 1st yr here!! :lol:

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Interview with LBH on "Three Monster" (Sports Seoul Article) 

Source: LBH.Com Board/Posted by: Neul Pulreun Namu (Evergreen Tree)
Article from: Sports Seoul /Journalist: Lee Young Kyu / 

Credits: Neul Pulreun Namu of LBH.Com & Journalist Lee Young Kyu of Sports Seoul

Translation by Splash

Will there be Many Screams at Lee Byung Hun's First Horror Movie?
-- An Interview of Lee Byung Hun by Lee Young Kyu (Sports Seoul)

"Really? Are you sure that wasn't for publicity purposes?" 

The movie production company spokesperson shook his head in disbelief and suddenly raised his right fist jubilantly in the air. 

The truth was that fans had voted him as the King of Horror this summer. He joked, "this means that everyone is slowly getting to appreciate my acting," and the bright smile he flashed, showing all his pearly whites, described his feelings perfectly.

To movie star Lee Byung Hun (34), this year will be an extremely important one in his filmography as he has managed to accomplish all at once, those genres that seemed to be out of his reach previously, such as romantic comedy, horror, and noire, etc.

Over the years, he has been involved mainly in works of the drama genre e.g. "Harmonium in My Memory," "JSA," "Bungee Jumping of Their Own," etc. 

However, this year, the romantic comedy "Everyone Has a Secret" (Director Jang Hyeon Su / Produced by Taewon Entertainment) has already been presented last month and his first horror movie "Three Monster" (Director Park Chan Wook / Produced by Bom (Spring) Movie Company) is awaiting its premiere this 20th. Currently, he is planning to give his best action acting in the noire movie "The Sweet Life" (Produced by Bom (Spring) Movie Company), which has just began filming.

In Director Park Chan Wook's "Cut" in the omnibus movie "Three Monster," a collaboration among the directors of China, Japan and Korea, he portrays the complex emotions of a popular movie director who has to kill a young child taken from the streets in order to save his wife's life.

At a cafe in Seoul's Samchong-dong, I met up with Lee Byung Hun who is facing a great challenge in the 10th year of his acting career since his screen debut in "Who Drives Me Crazy" in 1995.

Q: In the ten years that you have been acting, this is the first time that you are appearing in a horror movie. Is there a special reason for that?

A: I do not insist on certain genres when I am choosing my work. I have always thought that I should be open-minded and attempt everything. However, before coming across this work, I personally had no interest in working in horror movies because I was concerned whether I would be convincing in a horror role. However, now that I have finished working on this movie, I am feeling really anxious. I am already curious about whether the audience would be scared after watching my movie, how they would react, etc.

Q: In the movie, you are a movie director. Is that your own dream?

A: When I was in high school, I dreamed of being a movie director. I really loved movies. From the time I was four years old, I followed my cousin everywhere to watch movies, so all the imagination and dreams of my childhood originated from the theater. That's why it was easier for me, compared to others, to dream of being a movie director; even now, I sometimes relive those emotions, especially when I look at Director Park Chan Wook. His style is such that he agonizes every moment and makes choices while he directs. I think that it is beautiful how the color and feeling of a movie changes dramatically according to the choice made at a particular moment. However, I feel that I have to focus and work hard on what I am doing now.

Q: This is the second time you are working with Director Park Chan Wook since "JSA." Do you have a special affinity with Director Park?

A: Actually, Producer Park had approached me at the special preview of "Their Own World" (1996) and suggested that we work on a movie together. Although I could not work with him at that time due to circumstances then, I met Producer Park four years later in "JSA" and enjoyed a close working relationship with him.

Q: Everyone is curious over your working in this movie without a guaranteed mininum payment amount. Is that because of your relationship with Director Park?

A: I really liked that Director Park worked along the lines of a family concept during the casting process and said, "let's work on a movie together." He suggested that it would be great to work together in this movie and also to meet again as family in a different one. Rather than the single-dimensional relationship between director and actor, I felt that it would feel like a relationship between friends, so I liked that. To put it simply, it meant something like "you and I are on such great terms, so why bother about trivial stuff?"

Q: How is your character, who is forced to make difficult decisions with his own life at risk, different from the characters and scenarios you have handled so far?

A: An actor delivers realistic acting by drawing similarities between the scenarios and his own life experiences or similar ones he has come across. However, I find it challenging and even risky each time I have to portray emotions or characters I have not encountered before. I found it really difficult acting in this movie as I had to deal with a situation that was virtually impossible in life. While acting, I asked myself countless times what I would do if it were me, but I could only answer honestly that I myself would not know what to do. What the movie is trying to say is simply that evil exists within, no matter how good a person may be.

Q: Are you feeling exhausted after starring in three works, each belonging to different genres, within the span of a year?

A: I had decided long ago to appear in these three works. I could not rest for even a day in more than one month. Although "Everyone Has A Secret" premiered first, "Three Monster" began filming before "Everyone Has a Secret." On the day I completed filming of "Three Monster," I went into filming immediately on the set of "Everyone Has a Secret," which was right beside the set of "Three Monster," even though I had not slept the night before. Perhaps that was how I got the look of the movie director from "Three Monster" when appearing in "Everyone Has a Secret (laughter)! Moreover, I recently started exercising in an action school in order to prepare for my role in the new noire action movie, "The Sweet life," so I have not had any time to rest. I am pushing myself really hard with all my strength and putting in my all as acting is a career I love. 



Captures courtesy byunghunzzang.com

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October 1, 2003

Chasecult F/W 2003 with Choi Jung Won


Captures: Chasecult & leebyunghun.com, thanks to Rudy0729 & summer0323 

Actress Choi Jung Won was Lee Byung Hun's co-star in the 2003 drama series, All In. She played the role of Jeong Ae, one of the childhood friends of Kim Inha.


014cjw6.jpg 015cjw7.jpg

012cjw4.jpg 013cjw5.jpg

009cjw1.jpg 010cjw2.jpg


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March 31, 2003 

Call me for a date


Lee Byung Hun, star of Korean drama serial All In, is willing to dine with fans or catch a movie with them, thanks to a lack of paparazzi culture in Korea

By Samuel Lee The Straits Times thanks to wenyi // straitstimes.asia1.com.sg // All In promo pics Jan 5, 2003 from newsbankimage thanks to roger-bhjwlove

allin7.jpg allin10.jpg

IF KOREAN actor Brian Lee Byung Hun has any regrets, it is the fact that his Asian fans will not get to hear his deep and manly voice when his latest TV show is exported. 

Lee, one of the hottest heartthrobs from the Land Of The Morning Calm, has been keeping South Koreans glued to their television sets with his understated performance as a gambler with a dark past in the immensely popular Korean drama serial, All In. 

'It's a pity all the efforts I put into my breathing techniques and my speaking parts will be lost because everything will be dubbed in Chinese,' he lamented in Korean during a press conference earlier this month at Jeju island, where much of All In was filmed. The 24-parter co-stars the beautiful Song Hae Gyo (Autumn In My Heart) as his star-crossed lover. 

Since its debut on Jan 15 on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) TV network, All In has been one of the most watched prime-time programmes on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 pm, with viewership reaching as high as 40 per cent across Korea. 

Riding high on the so-called Korean wave of TV dramas, movies and pop music which has been sweeping across China, Hongkong, Taiwan and South-east Asia since the late-1990s, All In will premiere in Taiwan on the GTV network early next month. Other TV stations across the region, including both MediaCorp's Channel 8 and SPH MediaWorks' Channel U, are still in negotiations with the distributor. 

The ripples generated by the wave have also upped the popularity of Korean stars across Asia. Where the likes of Song and Lee only had a domestic following previously, they are now practically mobbed whenever they go on promotional tours in cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei and even Ho Chih Min City . 

allin5.jpg allin6.jpg

Boyish-looking and tanned, Lee's sexiness combines the Sensitive New Age Guy (Snag) of Autumn In My Heart's Song Seung Hun and the bespectacled Bae Yong Jun (Winter Sonata), with the rough-and-ready appeal of Shin Hyun Joon (Guns & Talk) and Jang Hyuk (Volcano High). 

Candid and upfront, Lee, 32, admitted to being a narcissist when he was younger. 'I used to think I was very good-looking. But after so many years of looking at myself, I've got bored and don't think so any more,' he told journalists from Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore through a translator, before breaking into laughter. 

Spotted in 1991 after taking part in a nation-wide acting audition organised by the government-owned Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) TV station, he won acting awards at KBS but never quite made it big. 

His luck changed in 1998 when he was cast in a music video for K-pop singer Cho Sung Mo called To Heaven. From then, audiences sat up and paid attention whenever he appeared on the big screen (Harmonium In My Memory and Joint Security Area) and on television (Happy Together and Beautiful Days). 

Critics also singled him out for his versatility in tackling sensitive new age roles such as those in Harmonium and Beautiful Days, as well as macho ones in Joint Security Area. He also won praise for the sense of sophisticated masculinity in his acting. 

Fans all over Asia are also smitten with him because, unlike stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Hollywood, he is quite an open book, thanks to the absence of a paparazzi culture in Korea. He is fine with them using his manager's mobile phone number, which he leaves on his website, to arrange dates with him. Describing it as 'a great honour', he said he would oblige when time permitted. 

'I've had dinners with fans from Singapore. In fact, members of my Singapore fan club also came to Seoul last year to watch my movie, Addicted, with me,' he said. Alas for his fans, he has had no time for anything like that lately due to the filming of All In. The schedule during one period was so intense, he had to film for four days on end, followed by a trip to the United States for a location shoot. 

'It was so bad I had to ask my mother to pack my bags and pass them to me at the airport,' says the filial son who still lives in Seoul with his widowed mother, grandparents and a younger sister, who was first runner up in the Miss Korea beauty pageant in 1996. 

Surprisingly, he makes no bones about the fact that he drinks and smokes and that his favourite brand of cigarettes is Dunhill. Furthermore, despite rumours that he wears a foundation colour darker than his skin tone to make him look more tanned, he openly spoke with journalists while getting his makeup touched up in their presence. 

In fact, he was so comfortable with the media, he sat down readily to have a quick bite with them before starting the press conference. 'Just don't take pictures of me eating. I want to enjoy my food,' he said as he cut into his steak. 

allin9.jpg allin8.jpg

life02.jpg life03.jpg life04.jpg 


th_life01.jpg < click for a larger capture


1 - A MAJOR in French literature, theatre and cinematography at the Hanyang and Joongang universities, both in Seoul, Brian Lee Byung Hun speaks French, English and a bit of Mandarin though he prefers to use a translator when meeting foreign media. 

2 - His deep, rich bass voice has lent itself to an animation feature, and theme songs for KBS drama Tomorrow Love and the movie, Who Is Making Me Crazy. 

3 - Though swamped with recording offers, he turned them down to focus on acting until 1999, when he released the album, Tears. (edit the title of the album is To Me)

4 - Similarly, he is flooded with more product endorsement deals than he can handle and his face has launched everything from furniture to cologne. 

5 - His best buddy is another popular actor, Song Seung Hun, whom he met on the set of Beautiful Days in 2001. (edit the reporter made a mistake here since SSH was never in BD but actually debuted in Beautiful My Lady in 1997)

6 - According to a recent readers' poll by Screen magazine, a Korean version of Britain's Screen International, Lee ranks No. 4 in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Korean Actors - after Sol Kyung Gu, Han Suk Kyu and Jung Woo Sung. 

7 - The 12 years he spent in show business have earned him a string of nicknames. The more memorable ones include 'The celebrity who smokes in style', 'Possibly the best kisser', 'A VIP hotel staff love most to serve' and alternately, 'A star most likely to be a playboy' and 'A star least likely to be a playboy'. 

8 - Still single, he is looking for 'someone who'd feel like a long-time friend, yet can evoke that first-time feeling of freshness'. 

9 - Given his fluent English, Lee is eyeing Hollywood, but is giving himself more time to 'brush up and refine' his acting. 

10 - Eight hours in the making, his bedroom scene with Song Hae Gyo in SBS drama serial All In sets a new record in Korean TV production.

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Helloooooooo Everyone.....paying a curtesy visit to my chingu at Panda Forest.... and thanks Chula for starting the thread.....

Rubie you never fail to amaze me with your resources. With so many supporters in this thread, I'm sure in no time LBH thread will be back to where it was......slowly but surely......... :) Aja! Aja! Fighting!!! :P

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Thanks to serendipity at Timeless LBH, SoKorean.com for sharing these.

source: innolife.net


LBH 2006 calendar


Note: size: 230mm X 150mm

Date of release: 2005-10-20

any idea how much this calendar cost?

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Screen Quota Meeting 2003




This is the photo taken in 2003 related to the annual Screen Quota Cut protest-meeting of actors, directors and film producers in Korea. BH had been active in the cause since early 2000 and he had especially participated in the 2006 major protests & rallies. Among those in the pic are Dir. Kim Ji Woon, actor Ahn Sung Ki, actress Jang Jin Young and LBH.


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I'm back!!! I'm back!!! Greetings to ALL the Hunnie pandas...*waving frantically*

THANKS to ALL the dedicated pandas for the effort in creating back our "Everything Lee Byung Hun" thread. :wub: *huggingallhunniepandastightly*


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Guest Mrs. Lee

wanna share some of my fave papalicious, yummylicious pics of our HUN-nie! :wub:





and some of the gifs I made! :D



whew! Coffee anyone??? I need some heart shaped coffee after doing some digging for these yummylicious pics! :lol:


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September 22, 2003 

Mr. Kim Jung Soo (Fantom Ent.) & actress Shim Eun Kyung's wedding

LBH as Master of Ceremony


Capture credits as stated, copied from GBW-cafe.daum




sharing the photos of the day


th_104_15620_wa1.jpg th_104_15574_sin.jpg







October 2003 - Actress Shin Eun Kyung's wedding


weddingnov03.jpg 104_15574_sin.jpg 

top_1.jpg 20040614_301420.jpg





104_15620_wa1.jpg 104_15620_wa6.jpg




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GOSH!! I just read...registered....reinstore in banner and avatar and had to come running back to the forest. I want to make this my first post!!!! (Not that I am a regular Soompier now)

But if there is anything that I can help....Rubie...you know where I am right?

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  • rubie changed the title to Lee Byung Hun 이병헌 Byunghun Lee :: THE MAN STANDING NEXT ::

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